Pecky Greenleg: Epilogue #dailychicken

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Jake dropped his pencil on the desk. He’d been trying to come up with the perfect ending for Pecky’s story for weeks.

"Hey sweetie," his mom said, interrupting his thoughts. "Stuck again?"

Jake smiled. “Nope! I finally figured it out!”

“Good!” said his mom. “Lunch is ready, why don’t you come down and eat. You can tell me all about it.”

"What are we having today?" asked Jake as he closed his notebook and put his pencil away.

"Scrambled eggs."

With a grin, Jake followed his mom down the stairs. “That’s perfect! You see, there’s this chicken named Pecky who’s really a rooster…”.


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Revisions in the works! What suggestions, critiques and/or feedback do you have?**

Chapters 1-11 originally published on A Pinch of Homestead

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