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“Quick,” said Jake once they were outside. “Run through the parking lot and set off every car alarm you can!”

Beeps, honks and alarms rang out into the night as Gilbert and Jake raced through the parking lot.

Soon, security came racing to investigate, Jake's mom running behind. A wild and frantic look in her eyes.

“Hey kid!” a guard shouted. “What’s the big idea?”

“Call the cops!” Jake screamed.

“Do it!” yelled Gilbert when the guards hesitated.

But before they could reach for their phones, a helicopter flew low over the hatchery.

“Poultrygeist!” A rough voice boomed through the night. “You’re finished, come out with your hands up!”

It all happened so fast. Jake barely had time to really be afraid. Federal agents streamed from the helicopter. Sleek black cars squealed into the parking lot with more agents and soon, almost every member of the Poultrygeist was handcuffed and being put into cars.

“It’s not all of them, sir,” Adam told one of the agents. “But it’s a good number.”

“Well done you two. Without your efforts, we wouldn’t have caught any of the Poultrygeist.”

“We couldn’t have done it without Jake and Gilbert, sir,” Maya said. “It took fast thinking to run out setting off car alarms.”

The head agent turned to Jake, who was being hugged and fussed over by his very frazzled mom.

“Thank you, Jake,” he said, shaking his hand. “I understand that you were keeping Specimen 132 safe for us.”

“H-his name is Pecky and--”.

“And he will be missed,” finished Maya, shaking her head sadly. “He was such a brave bird.”

Jake looked at Maya in alarm. “B-but…”.

He couldn’t finish.

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Chapters 1-11 originally published on A Pinch of Homestead


Very cool. Can't wait to see what happens next! :-)

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