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“WHAT?!” Jake exploded.

“And we didn’t kill them,” added Adam. “We kidnapped them.”

The room was silent but for the cheep of chicks.

You...kidnapped them?

Maya and Adam nodded and looked Pecky straight in the eye. “Yes. We kidnapped them to save them from more experimentation. We are working to build up enough proof that this group, the Poultrygeist, is breaking the law, so we can turn them in to the authorities.”

“But,” said Jake. “You’re just kids, how can you make a difference? Who would take you seriously?”

Maya smiled. “You’re right. We are “just” kids. That is our strength. That is what makes our job successful. Sure, no one takes us seriously, but no one notices us either.”

How did you get involved in all of this?

Adam cleared his throat. “We are members of a group--Freerange Fowl--and we work to make sure unscrupulous scientists and fanatics don’t harm poultry...or birds of any kind.”

“We normally work on protecting bigger birds. Eagles, swans, even penguins, but this Poultrygeist plot took precedence.”

“Jake,” Maya pleaded. “Do you see why we need to take Pecky right away? We have to get out of town before the Poultrygeist finds out what is happening. They are already suspicious. They could find us at any mom--.”

A loud crash rang down the hall. The cheeping of the chicks grew to and ear-piercing shriek.

“...ment.” Maya turned pale.

“Jake, we have to leave now!” Adam shouted. “Give Pecky to me!”

But it was too late. Already, members of the secret organization were swarming the hatchery. They’d been caught and there seemed to be no escape.

GO Jake! Pecky flapped his wings and scratched his feet.

“I c-can’t leave you Pecky!” Jake’s eyes filled with tears and fear.

“We have to leave!” yelled Maya, stuffing Pecky into a bag and running to the back of the chick room.

“HIDE!” Adam hissed.

With a final, sad look at Maya’s retreating figure, Jake raced to the emergency exit and pulled the fire alarm.

“I know what to do!” he shouted. “Gilbert, come on!”

He wasn’t going to run without giving Pecky, Adam and Maya every chance to escape.

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Chapters 1-11 originally published on A Pinch of Homestead


Suddenly, this took a turn to the Sci-Fi realm! Great story so far, @apinchofhome! :-)

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