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Hello steemians, today we’re going to share with you all the latest updates and news about Daiesthai war.

  • Progression (Map + my set + new ark )

  • Marketplace

  • Information about the Gameplay

  • Social media

  • 2nd contest

  • 1st-week sales

Map under construction:

Our team has begun working on building a war arena

The pictures that you will see next are screenshots for parts of the map, of course, this is not the final version and we’ll be more than happy to hear your ideas and thoughts about it. Once we complete the work on the map we’ll be able to present more progression in game development.

Therefore this map will contain:

  • The launching bases

  • Planet of secrets

  • The holly pedestals

  • The war zone

  • The big base

  • The universe

the launching bases

launching bases.PNG

During the matchmaking, every ark will be placed in one of those bases waiting for the other members of the team.

planet of secrets



Once the team is ready The Planet of secrets will be activated to unleash the power of the arks.

The big base

big base.PNG

Everything is ready now, the arks will move to the big base and the war shall start.

The war zone

war zone.PNG

The war zone is still not yet finished as it's the most delicate part of the map and we wanted to take our time building it. of course, we'll be more than happy to hear your ideas and your thoughts on what we should put in it and how to make it more interesting.

The holly pedestals

they are two pedestals placed in the middle of the war zone and they have a specific function that's yet to be revealed.
These will be both protected by monsters.

For more information please read the gameplay.

The universe


It’s simply the atmosphere surrounding the map, we’re trying to create a new genre of the universe that is unique and combined between reality and imagination.

My set:

We’re working on setting an arrangement space that helps you to best manage between your arks, weapons, and spells, which will also give you the opportunity to trade better your items.

@arkmy had given us earlier a suggestion, Which is: To change our selling system by moving Arks into packs. Nothing is yet confirmed and it will be nice if we could hear more about this from all of you.


The work on the market has already begun since the release but we’ll be giving the priority for setting the arrangement space in "MySet", once we’re done with it we’ll certainly be able to set a specific time for the market release on our website.
The market will be an opportunity for players to trade Arks and weapons.

Our estimation for setting the countdown is within a week from now.


Each and every ark will start from the launching base waiting for the matchmaking, once all the 10 players are in, The planet of secrets will provide every player with the great power of the ark then both teams will automatically advance to the big base, from that moment it’s all up to you warriors to decide the fate of the battle.

Before entering the battle every player must choose his own weapons in his arranging space.

The planet of secrets contains the secrets of making the arks and it’s the one responsible for giving them the power that's why you’ll find the planet of secrets on both sides of the map.

Social media:

Social Media is the best way to track our work and our progression so please don’t hesitate to interact with us on:






Our official website

let the 2nd contest begin:

This week contest will be a posting contest 10 lucky steemians will win the new rare ark.

“The Alchemy”


“The Alchemy” will not be available for sale, It’s only a prize for people who participate in our contests.

Terms of the contest:

· Upvote and resteem this post.

· Write a post telling us your impressions, ideas, thoughts about DaieSthai War.

· The post should be informative and well written with daiesthaiwar as a tag.

Please comment your post’s URL in the comment section.

1st-week sales:

We made the 1st-week sales as an appreciation for the people who supported us from the very beginning, so we must let you know that the 1st-week sales are over.

Thank you for your support and greeting from all the DaieSthai War team.

logo 00_00_06-00_00_13~1.gif


You can also ask users (who can design) here for getting cool maps.

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We will consider letting the community more involved in the future with the designs. Thank you for the suggestion @aftabkhan10 .

My attempt. I don't know how strong the competition will be. Perhaps someone can write a more detailed post.


@martie7 thank you for participating. We really appreciate the efforts.

Good job guys realy looking good so far, i just learned about the game and iam very much exited.

Thank you @reviles. You are welcome to ask about anything on discord.

Hello, I really liked the progress of the maps, I really congratulate you, I am eager to try your game. Here I'll leave the post I've made for the contest: https://steemit.com/daiesthaiwar/@tamakisen/you-already-know-the-new-steem-game-daiesthai-war

Please don't be sorry, At the request of the community we decided that the contest ends tomorrow.

Saludos @daiesthaiwar espero que tu videojuego sea muy exitoso y quisiera algún día jugar tu creación

gracias @adrianmw32. Agradecemos su apoyo

This is very nice. I love the graphics. When is the contest closing?

This is very nice.
I love the graphics. When is
The contest closing?

                 - dtwo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Monday will be the last day of the contest. @dtwo .

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