DaieSthaiWar First Battle Map | Summary, Impressions and Ideas

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Hello Steemians and DSWarriors, in this post I'm going to share with you my impressions about DaieSthaiWar last post, it's plenty of new information about gameplay, the battle map and more...

DaieSthaiWar Post that I'll be talking about: DSW News, Map, Contest

What's DaieSthaiWar?: First 5vs5 Battle Arks Game on The Steem Blockchain

Note: From now on I'm going to write "DSW" to simplify the game's name.

My Impressions about...

The Battle Map and Gameplay

DSW have share with us the first battle map of the game with some images and a lot of information (Finally!)

When I was reading the info and watching the images I realized that it was difficult to imagine the whole map, so I drew it, just for you, to make it simple:

  • The launching bases (LB, small circles) Every player will be placed in one of those during the matchmaking.
  • Planets of secrets (PoS, red circle) When matchmaking is over the two planets will go into flames to unleash the power of the arks. It is not clear the kind of power. Spells? Weapons? Buffs?
  • The Big Base (BB, big circle) The arks will move automatically at the same time to a Big Base. When your ark is in there you can control it and start the war.
  • The holly pedestals (HP, yellow circles) No much info about it. Just 2 pedestals in the middle of the map with do something... It has to be something great because there will be monsters guarding the pedestals. I drew two green circles for monsters, but we don't know the number of type of monsters. What if the monsters are some kind of "neutral" arks?.
  • The war zone (WZ, the biggest circle) The battle zone, where the action takes place. It's under construction, you can tell DSW team what you want in the war zone or any ideas you may have.
  • The universe (brown lines in diagonal zone in the draw) It's the ambiance, they made an incredible atmosphere with elements between reality and imagination. For example they made a planet in form of skull. Before the game start you must choose your ark, weapons and spells. The objetive is to beat the enemy's team leader (chosen randomly)

My set

It's where you arrange your arks, spells and weapons, it's getting improved. I think you can sell them from here soon.


In more or less 1 week they will tell start the countdown for opening the marketplace, the place where users can buy and sell game items and arks, not only with steem/SBD but also with the "battle scars" (you can get those battle scars winning battles).

Ideas, suggestions

  1. Bring more players: You are doing great job with promotion, but it will be better when the official gameplay is out. My suggestion is to let a famous Steemian play the game before it's out for everyone. Maybe a demo. So he/she can share his/her impressions with the community. When gameplay is out, the promotion of your post will bring new players too.
  2. Name change: I like Daiesthai War as the game name but there's a big problem. Nobody knows what DaieSthai means, is it something from "Warhammer 40k"?. The name should be more easy to remember, more simple and very catchy. It isn't right now. I suggest names like... Battle Arks, Arks of War(This one is taken), Nitro Arks or something similar.
  3. New game mode: I think it's too soon to talk about new game modes, but remember this in the near future. Battle royale mode. Gamers loves battle royale games, this mode for this game will be dope. It's not necessary 100 participants, 10 for now it's fine.
  4. The logo: It's overloaded with elements, colors, etc. You should work on it. Needs to be eye-catchy. The logo I'm using in this post it's made by me, I did it just to attract atenttion.
  5. The team: Who is working on the game in the shadows. Everybody wants to know you, and it will build confidence with the users and investors. By the way, thank you for your hard work DSW's team. The designs are so cool and unique, the web is good, social management is really good too. I'm willing to see more.
  6. The War Zone: I know there's much more on the gameplay that you haven't tell yet. I want to help a bit and tell you some things I would like to see in the battlefield: Traps like lava, spikes, more ambience, nitro zones (but with less speed than the nitro weapon/spell) and bushes or zones with it's difficult to see an ark (bushes are too cliché, so maybe smoke or clouds)

Overall Opinion

DSW is a boomb. It's not avaible yet and it has already solved problems that other games in the steem blockchain has since the beginning. I love the designs, the arks, how its made, the social media management, the prices, the contest, etc.


There's a contest ongoing, the official info is in DSW's post

You have to upvote, resteem and make a post about your impressions about the game and new features or share ideas for the game. How would you finish the "War Zone"?.

The prize is a exclusive ark "the alchemy"

There will be 10 winners. Remember that "the alchemy" is not buyable, you can only win it in DSW's contests. So its price can be very high when the marketplace opens.

If I win one, I won't sell it even if it's worth 1000$ because it's a really good and exclusive ark. I love the color and design in general.

Social media

For more information and if you have any doubt or suggestion follow them. In my opinion, discord is where they give us more info, you can make good teammates there and talk with a daiesthaiwar representative directly.



DSW official website




The images are from DSW's Discord. The draw it's mine and the fake logo (the one with a red skull) its created by me too. That's it... For now.

Go heating up engines and see you in the arena soon!!!

Posteado desde mi blog de Wordpress SteemPress : https://arkmy.000webhostapp.com/2019/04/daiesthaiwar-first-battle-map-summary-impressions-and-ideas

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