Daddy's Little Killer (Novel chapter 11)

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               Chapter Eleven

It had been close to a year since Kimmie had found the dead snake
in the yard, but she still refuses to go near that area alone. She had
nightmares for a few weeks and slept with Grandma Becky.

Marcus wasn't keen on that and after a few nights he said she should
be in her own bed.

"Honey," said Becky. "Remember when you were 9 years old and you
had nightmares for months? Not once did you want to be in your own
bed. Your father would carry you to bed after you'd fallen asleep only
to have you wake back up screaming."

"Yes I remember."

"Well after a couple nights we let you sleep on the floor, right by my
side of the bed. I would hang my hand down and you held on tight
until you fell back to sleep. Then you slowly worked your courage to
be back in your own bed. You said dad snored a lot and would wake
you up. You were ready to be a big boy again."

"Marcus, give Kimmie time ok? She will figure out when she is ready
just like you did," said Maddie. "It isn't hurting anyone to let her sleep
with grandma for comfort. She is just a scared 7 year old."

He put both hands up in surrender and said ok. As he walked out of
the room, Maddie and Becky both looked at each other and shook
their heads.

"Men can be stubborn as mules sometimes," said Becky.

Kimmie had only stayed in grandma Becky's room for 3 weeks. She
had learned how to control the nightmare with grandmas help.

Slowly, Marcus worked with Kimmie on going near the area, and
overcome her fear of seeing a snake, let alone a dead one.

Her birthday was only days away. The weather was supposed to be
great. With her not being afraid to approach that area, Maddie was
wanting to throw an extra special party for her. They found a place
that rents bounce houses, and they would set it up for them.
Kimmie was excited because she will get to invite lots of friends.

After the party was over and the kids were in bed, Maddie went to
start the cleaning up.

"Sweetheart, this can wait till morning. Relax and watch a movie
with me."

As much as she hates leaving messes over night, she knew he was
right. She was beat from watching the kids. It was nice to see them
all having lots of fun. Besides, if she waits till morning chances are
good, that Becky will be happy to help her.

Cuddled together on the couch and wrapped in his arms was her
favorite place to be. He always made her feel protected.

He kissed her on the head and whispered "I love you so much Maddie.
Turning back around all those years ago was the best decision I could
ever have made. You and those kids are my life."

With tears trickling down her cheeks she turned to face him. With so
much passion in those beautiful eyes, "I love you too" was all she
could muster. Then she cradled her nose into his neck as tears

He hugged her gently to him like he never wanted the moment to end.

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I see there's quite a lot of catching up to do, but I like the flow of it! So if the previous chapters are anything like this, I'm sure I'll like it :D
*bookmarks the post


That sure put a smile on my face. :-)


I'll be gone until at least the 21st, but expect me to read it when I get back home :D


That would be awesome. I could use some feed forward suggestions on what fellow writers think. I was lucky to have @arbitrarykitten help to improve too. :-)