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The naijapidgin account is a community account created on February, 2018 with a desire to impact and support Africans on steemit, promoting good contents, helping minnows grow and giving people the freedom to express themselves in their natural ways making a mark in our world and sharing love among us.

The naijapidgin account is operated in a unique language known as "Nigerian English pidgin" which is coined from English language and freely spoken by Africans and carribean. This has encouraged some people to make posts on the steemit platform in pidgin language and we hope to encourage more people to express themselves and make quality posts in pidgin. Below are links to some of the post made in pidgin Language:-

Furthermore, the naijapidgin community also has a curation project of curating unique and quality posts weekly with the best ones highlighted and rewarded. This helps to ensure the quality of the interactions on the steemit platform is preserved and empowering members to stay active and well rewarded. Below are few links of our weekly curation posts:-

The naijapidgin account did not stop at that. On our discord server, different programs are held on different days of the week where we broadcast live in English and pidgin teaching and impacting knowledge, counselling and building relationships and contests for exhibition of talents.

The various shows on the discord server are

  1. Real-life talk with @preciousimo every Tuesday

  2. Lectures on Block chain, steemit and cryptocurrencies every Wednesdays.

  3. Relationship talk with @rosyblessing every Thursdays.

  4. Variety night show with @itoroarchibong and @imbigdee every Sundays.

  5. Hotseat Special every Sundays where well grounded steemians and brought to talk about their journey so far on steemit.


We desire to be supported with up to 1000 steem per month for the two month period.


The community has mapped out a concrete plan on the judicious usage of the support to be recieved from #curiecommunitybuilding and @randomwanderings. 70% of the support shall be powered up to build the community SP. This will enable us to:-

  • Empower newbies and committed members of the community through curation and enhancing the quality of interactions on the steemit platform.

  • Reward posts which show exceptional quality and creativity.

The remaining 30% of the support shall be used for the variety night contest. Currently, we have a prize pool of 4 steem every week which is infinitesimal when compared to how much talent is displayed daily on the show. This would encourage creativity among members of the community. Each week, we plan to execute 75 steem for the show because talents are always beautiful and should be appreciated.


The community has over 400 members on her discord server. Here is a link to the discord server
Everyday, an average number of 30 original content posts are made using the naijapidgin tag. Also, for the variety night contest, an approximate number of 25 attendees turn up for the show with an average number of 18 participants.


Steemit community is all about rewarding good and original contents. Supporting our community will enable us to :

  • Reward more original contents thereby encouraging an output of originality and quality on the steemit community.

  • Ensure a continuity of the ecosystem as more newbies will be empowered and will stay committed to the platform while encourage an influx of more newbies knowing that there is already an established support system awaiting them.

  • Discover more talents on steemit and evangelizing an unpopular fact that steemit is more than just writing original content but also promotion of your talent and brand.

*Nigerians love pidgin and this would help integrate them more into the steam community if they are rewarded for expressing themselves in pidgin


Discord name is ogoowinner#3728


Naijapidgin really helped me a lot in my infant stage and she still is. I could write freely and create a solid pidgin content due to the fact that the project emerged.

And I can also testify to the variety of contest and giveaways they throw out every week. This is one big project that needs lots of support.

Thank you so much @afolwalex, naijapidgin is glad to be identified with your steemit success story.

Am one of the beneficiary of this great community, I can say it with alot of boldness that they have been of great help to newbies and have done so well in moving steemit to a greater height and have created a socializing avenue for steemians at large through their beautiful and educating shows and lectures both on discord and whatsap , I will be very glad if the community request as written up there can be granted... Thanks in anticipation

Thank you so much @sola3097. If granted, we shall surely do more . Keep supporting naijapidgin.

@nijapidgin as a community has tried and still trying all her effort in supporting newbies, with every tools they can use so as to ensure efficiency on the platform Steemit through @ogoowinner. More educative program conducted on discord and WhatsApp which has definitely help most of newbies in one way or the other. A lot of contest done just to ensure and keeping hope more on steemit, nijapidgin has been contributing her quota to move steemit to that greater place. It will be so nice to grant the community the request hoping for.


And we are other ready to stop @peakreal1. Thank you for always supporting naijapidgin

This is really nice as the community is even known to be one of the biggest helping community within Nigeria coasts down here.
I will really appreciate if their application can be granted because i believe they are always in the quest of helping all minnows and steemians of grown reputations.
Long live @naijapidgin

O yaaaaaa... @naijapidgin to sharprapraproproproperly... 😂
Seriously, my love for this invention and the brainchild behind it all is so high.
You'd know, you guys should know that one of the electronic reasons I am proud I am an African today is your existence in this ecosystem. This is so because you have tried and created avenues for those who don't have formal education and are talented alongside those who have both.

Kudos @naijapidgin.

@jodekss ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Naijapidgin all the way...
Naijapidgin is always fun to be in with its amazing shows especially the Naijapidgin variety show which holds every sunday....always one to look forward to.
Naijapidgin truly deserves this support and I'm sure it will go a long way in making Naijapidgin better

It sure will, thank you @julietisrael, we are looking forward to listening to your amazing voice again soon

As a beneficiary and a witness to others benefiting from this great community, I would love to join in appealing to you @curiecommunitybuilding to grant the request made by @Ogoowinner for the @naijapidgin community as it is a unique and wonderful community for Nigerians, Africans and every other pidgin speaker in the world. A community that has the growth of its members in mind, and effectively works for the betterment of everyone in the community is one that deserves all the support it can get.

It sure does @dawizy. Naijapidgin is proud to be identified with you.

This is one of the best sever on discord...When it comes to curation and entertainment....They keep us informed. @ogoowinner, @zyzymena, @roseblessing to mention a few...They all make this server as peaceful and entertaining as it can be...Home away from home...@naijapidgin all the way.

You make it better @ifeoluwa88. Naijapidgin loves you

I stand with Naijapidgin!

Naijapidgin stands with you @michaeljerry0

Naijapidgin is actively involved in supporting minnows and creativity. The various weekly shows has fostered unity among Steemians, thus the community needs this wonderful support.

Hmmm if i start to write about @naijapidgin i wont stop, this community has been the best ive joined so far on steemit the love, the care and the support is just amazing the admins the people everyone there is special and i would be glad and overjoyed if they win this.

Any day, any time, my vote goes to naijapidgin for outstanding work on the steem blockchain. The community building and newbie lecture is absolutely one of its class.

I stand with @naijapidgin always.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

With deep love in my heart, I write this to support @naijapidgin. I found my home and voice on their discord channel. The love showed to minors via their posts and shows, the interaction among everyone and most importantly, the Support via curation are all evident characteristics of @naijapidgin. I can remember a night I needed recharge card back then on Telegram, I won the card there with less stress. This is to show they deserve this support.
As a co-host of a show on the server, I have overcome the fear of talking to the public, I have learnt more through the quiz section I hold.

Thanks to @ogoowinner and @zyzymena for this opportunity. Good luck to us all.

Naijapidgin is proud to be identified with you @imbigdee. You are great ambassador of the community. Keep supporting naijapidgin, together we shall achieve great feat.

Well well apart from being part of the project I am a living testimony before I became a Big Guy in naijapidgin

Giveaway is our thing... And everyone knows not just steem and sbd we give airtime to contributors on our channels both on WhatsApp and discord

We do everything to make the Nigerian local language heard... @surpassinggoogle has been on our show before and guess what he can speak pidgin not to talk of other big guys we have featured.... I believe every Nigerian love what we do in our language and we deserve some accolades.

Writing in English is not easy then we came up with an idea where by everyone, both those that speak english very well and don't speak english very well can benefit from the good work the steem blockchain has to offer.

Our curation activity is going on well and supervised by one of the curators in Nigeria and don't really need to say too much because says it all

Thanks in advance for the support to this wonderful project.

naijapidgin all the way, you guys are dutiful helpers so you greatly deserve this

Naijapidgin all the way. This platform has enabled us discover alot of talents on steemit. Ranging from the spoken words of @eddie23 to the thrilling voices of @julietisrael and @uche-nna and the poetic words of @warpedpoetic and more more talent displayed that has encouraged others to venture into.
The Curation activities have been a reliable bedrock for some newbies on the platform and this has encouraged them to produce good posts with good contents.

My steemit journey has also been improved by this platform because the key of building relationships was actualized here too.

It will be a thing of joy and encouragement to us all if the request is granted. ❤💕💝

Naijapidgin is proud to be identified with you as one of her great members. Thank you for your amazing support.

Thank you for seeing me as one of the talents on the show @itoroarchibong

First of all hearty thanks @naijapidgin cause its a helpful community for all steemian, when i was start my steemit journey from since i always with @naijapidgin . I love this community and always with this community,

We love you too @ahmanik. Keep supporting naijapidgin.

One always have my support. Even though it’s not viable it is there. Thank you zee

Thanks @johnskotts, naijapidgin cares

Naijapidgin has been impartful. I am enjoyed every bit with my contact with naijapidgin. Its the first server i joined when i newly joined steemit and i know the platform will acheive a lot . thanks to @ogoowinner and the everblazing @itoroarchibong

We are happy to know naijapidgin has been impactful on your steemit journey. Keep supporting naijapidgin @sammiegold

This is a great opportunity to help more people grow and support originality and preserve creativity in the steem blockchain.
@naijapidgin is a living and vibrant community and would be glad to recieve this amazing support.
We are Naijapidgin.

Thank you @preciousimo, we are grateful for your support.

Don't have much to say though... Naijapidgin is just wonderful and deserve any great support they can get.

Naijapidgin appreciates you @morahn

@naijapidgin has been a good help to me especially as a newbie in this forum. I can attest to the fact that naijapidgin has helped the steemit life of many minnows.
Naijapidgin is truly one of the communities that promotes quality contents and also do giveaways to newbies

It will be a steem of joy and a great deed if the curie community building accept the request of naijapidgin

It surely would be @prechyrukky. Together we can achieve greatness.

I am a living witness to the wonderful work of this great community. @naijapidgin family you guys are the sure way of survival to many steemians. @ogoowinner and naijapidgin i say make una carry on

Thank you so much @lapb. Naijapidgin has got your back

I have nothing but words of appeeciation for this wonderful and selfless community who are having sleepless night for the well being of fellow steemians. @niajapidgin are among my reasons for joy in this steemit world

Continue riding to glory

Thank you @simplicitytech, looking forward to making your steemit journey more exciting.

Naijapidgin community is helping many steemians.

And we are not about to stop @minhaz007 u w I believe I

Naijapidgin came on board with different pattern and they have been able to stay on board coz of the love and unity That the community have for each other.

Am so impressed with what am seeing, it is a great privilege knowing this community

I just dey gbadun una since I don dey follow you..... No forget to upvote me oo... And if contest dey hala me on time

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