Long Distance In Relationship

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Hello my beautiful people, Thursday is here again and you all know what that means its another cool edition on relationship matters, today we are going to be talking about distance in relationships which is a hard one for anybody in love.

Long distance relationship is the type where both partners are separated geographically from each other its a process of this partners not being able to see each other as often as they please. In most cases it could be due to uncontrollable circumstances like school and work, in a long distance relationship it is quite hard to cope but thank God for technology it has made things a bit easy.they can call send texts messages, photos and even do video calls.
The increase in long distance relationship is matched by an increased rate of technologies that is made to support intimate lovers living apart, when they communicate through social media and calls they can make it lively make it feel like they are both together both of them can discuss about their feelings,reassuring one another of their love, and relying on others support that way the lonely feeling would be lessened. In a long distance relationship where lovers don't communicate often there is going to be a lot of complications, they would feel neglected, abandoned and unhappy.

So many negative thoughts will start running through their minds, in a relationship where love abides it shouldn't be so difficult to keep in touch. Some partners would come up with excuses that they are busy. Honestly, no matter how busy you may be you can spare a minute or few seconds to check up on your loved one because that frequent excuse of always being busy would make the relationship start crumbling, the other partner can't be the only one calling you all the time even if he or she is idle, it gets to a stage when they would start feeling bad and wondering if they are forcing themselves on you. They call but you never call back he or she won't always believe that your busy excuse, in a distant affair its suppose to be two sided not one sided, she calls and he calls too even if it is not frequent. Either party can text if busy.

Lovers needs reassurance love trust and communication to keep a distant relationship alive, either of them when opportuned can pay the other a visit every once in a while to keep the fire of love burning. I know of lovers who their relationship ended because of the distance between them, they could not fight for their love they gave up because they didn't trust each other and the worst of it is they never talked about it, it just ended like that.it would take both partners to keep a relationship in shape through the distance except if one of them is already tired and can't cope,there are people who can't handle long distance relationship that doesn't make them bad people its just who they are,before they go separate ways some might just say it and call it quits while others loose interest after they have left. One thing I know is distance gives us a reason to love harder.

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the honest relationship stay strong in difirent conditions

Thats true dear

You're definitely right relationship does make loving hard. It happened to me so i understand

Correct babe. Na true yarn you yarn so. Relationship wey nor carry communication nack untop body nor dey ever last. I salute baba God say you talk am as take be.


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