Curie Comment Contest Results & RULES UPDATE (November 4th - November 11th, 2018)

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  • In the spirit of Curie's commitment to building community and fostering engagement on the Steem blockchain, we are pleased to present a weekly comment contest administered from the @curie blog.
  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us on Discord:
  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a SteemAuto user, @curie is an available curation trail to follow.

Rules Update

Participation in the Curie comment contest has continued to grow, and we are very happy to see so many fun interactions in the comments. However, for the past several weeks the number of comments required to finish in the top 20 payout positions actually means that smaller plankton accounts literally cannot compete because of the resource credits required to comment that many times.

Introducing an OPTIONAL contest signup for a chance at RANDOM PRIZE PLACEMENTS

Click the Curie Contest Signup through SteemConnect link to register your Steem account for the Curie contest (select "continue" and then select your Steem account to register it for the contest):

Random Prize Placements - rules & eligibility

Up to five x 1 Steem prizes will be paid out to users who both sign up for the optional contest signup as described above and comment on at least five Curie upvoted posts in the contest week. Users who qualify for one of the 20 normal prize payout positions are not eligible for the random prize placements. If more than five users satisfy these criteria, the five winning placements will be chosen randomly.

Even a 15 SP brand new plankton account can leave five comments in a week, so this is a chance for everyone to participate and possibly win some Steem for engaging with the authors curated by Curie.

Curie Comment Contest

Earn Steem by leaving good comments on posts upvoted by @curie!*

*Only posts which receive a @curie vote through Curie curator/reviewer operations are eligible for this comment contest. PLEASE NOTE the @curie account casts many upvotes which are not part of Curie curator/reviewer operations. See below for two methods to tell what posts have been upvoted by Curie through curator/reviewer operations:

  • Visit to see a record of the most recent posts upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations and leave thoughtful comments on them for your chance to win!
  • @curie also leaves an automated comment on all posts upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations, so alternatively you can visit the @curie blog comments to find eligible upvoted posts to comment on.

How do I sign up?

There is no need to sign up to be eligible for the main contest prizes. Simply commenting on posting upvoted through Curie curator/reviewer operations makes you eligible for the Curie Comment Contest.

The contest week will run from Sunday 15:01 UTC through Sunday 15:00 UTC

Curie will use an algorithm that evaluates comments on both quantitative and qualitative metrics. This means that in addition to the number of Curie-upvoted posts that you comment on, the quality of your comments will also factor into the score. In addition we will look at other metrics designed to measure engagement with the authors that Curie upvotes.


That being said, for reference here are the top 20 commenters by # of posts commented on for this contest week, as well as the total character count of those comments and the replies generated.

Continued interaction with Curie upvoted authors beyond the initial post commented on is another factor. So remember to follow the authors and comment on their new posting as well to score the maximum number of points!

NEW PRIZE STRUCTURE - Win up to 12 Steem!

Curie Comment Contest winners will be announced in a weekly post. In addition to the prize payout structure outlined below, the weekly champion will receive an honorary role in the Curie Discord server of "Comment Champion". Bragging rights!

1st place (Curie Comment Champion): 12 Steem
2nd place: 10 Steem
3rd place: 8 Steem
4th & 5th places: 6 Steem each
6th & 7th places: 5 Steem each
8th & 9th places: 4 Steem each
Honorable Mentions (10th through 20th): 2 Steem each

Random Prize Placements (must have registered Steem account for Curie contest as described above under "Rules Update" and commented on minimum 5 Curie upvoted posts): 1 Steem

Total weekly prize pool: 87 Steem/ 20 payout positions + 5 random prize placements

Spam Comments will NOT be rewarded

The comment history of all winners will be manually reviewed for spam before any prizes are paid out. Short generic comments that could have been left without reading the post will not qualify for the Curie Comment Contest. Examples of spam comments include (but are not limited to): "Nice post"; "I like your post"; "Nice picture"; "Good song"; "Great story", etc.


A few words of advice on leaving good, thoughtful comments

- tell the post author what in specific you liked about the post, why you liked it and/or how it made you feel. If your comment is so generic that it could have been left without reading the post, it will not qualify for the Curie Comment Contest.

Weekly Winners!

For comments left during the contest week of November 4th - November 11th, 2018. All prize payouts will be sent out shortly from the @curie account. PLEASE NOTE this is the last week under the old prize structure, see above for the new prize structure going forward.

Comment Champion - 15 Steem prize! AND STILL the defending champion! Congrats @delishtreats

2nd place: 12 Steem - @jocqua with some monster scores in the engagement metrics actually made this a close race at the top this week - great interactions!

3rd place: 10 Steem - arrozymangophoto wow over 100 Curie upvoted posts commented on - great job!

4th & 5th places: 8 Steem each

@audreybits & @macoolette

6th & 7th places: 5 Steem each

@janton & @stef1

8th & 9th places: 3 Steem each

@ronel & @adamada

Honorable Mentions (10th through 20th): 2 Steem each

@coinsandchains, @oliviackl, @marblely, @iraidamatheus, @scrawly, @matkodurko, @nelsinho, @veryspider, @naideth, @fitinfun, @wisejg

Let the wild rumpus begin!

So what are you waiting for? Start reading those Curie-upvoted posts and leaving thoughtful comments already!


Thank you @curie! I like the idea of the optional contest sign up. I hope to see some small plankton accounts taking great prizes too :)

Congratulations everyone! It's been a great week and I enjoyed seeing so many of you all over the place, especially @jocqua, @arrozymangophoto, @audreybits and @macoolette :)

Congrats again! Yes I really hope this catches on with plankton accounts, really commenting on 5 curie upvoted posts a week is a great exercise for a new account :)

Yay, OMG! You're amazing! Need I say more? Congratulations!!! 😃

Thank you... 😊

Thank you!! You rock, girl! :)

But nothing close to you.... 😊

Good job!!! I think this is an awesome contest and it's good to see so many @pifc people involved!

Thxxx @curie! Btw my low replies count is caused cuz I've done most of comments yesterday evening in the train and now I'm stuck at work hah :D I'll get to those people back 100% ! :)

And @delishtreats is the GOAT! Will proably retire as undefeated & undisputed champ :D

Hahaha :D I'm on an engaging break for two weeks so go for the first place! :D Now is your chance :D

engaging break? What's that....Sounds like something with engagement :D But you're married already, soo I'm kinda puzzled now :D I know Arabs can have 4 wifes, is it the other way around in Switzerland? :O hhahah :D

Oh and I'm not interested in such fake place. To become the champ, you gotta beat the champ! In martial arts, the lineal champ is always people's champ as well, no matter who holds the belt.

Also, I don't want to have a target on my back once you come back thirsty to regain the throne :D You'd slay me publicly in front of all Steemit users' eyes hahaha :D

Hahaha :D Engaging in terms of engaging with the community :D Meaning, I will be busy with my real life :)

In that case you can win the contest and send me Steem that you get :D

Hahaha, oh no! I wouldn't do that!! :D

Ahahaha I wouldn't do that either! :DD

Oh ok, I get it now, I understood the word "break" like "spring break" or something...means that you travel someewhere - to engage :D

Cool... good comments are good and one cool prize ... it makes them also happy :))

Thank you so much! I love doing this and seeing all the comments of others. I thought I was upping my game, but apparently not enough.

I'm so happy to see your new section for people with low rc. This rc thing is a complete tragedy that hurts the new people we need here. I will promote this in the places I know that new steemers hang out. Commenting is their best strategy right now and it's good to see a place where this can pay off.

I'm also happy to see the character count and replies section in your chart. Now I have more goals!

Cool yes that would be great if you can mention this in places that onboard newbies. We will keep an eye on the total participation levels and may well expand the number of random prize payout slots if we end up getting a lot of participation because of this. And yes, as you noticed the competition has definitely increased!

I know you do not like to tell your secrets, but is my comment treated equally if it is a reply to another person's comment? Sometimes I read the post and the read the comments, and I feel like it's better to reply to something than to start my own thread. This happens on occasion - not too frequently.

it would be counted in the engagement metrics so it would still contribute toward your score, but if you don't leave a reply directly to a Curie upvoted post it won't count as much unfortunately because it wouldn't show up in the query I run to count # of posts commented on.

Let me think about this - there may be a way I can modify my query to capture an instance like that in the post count. It is just tricky because for the # of posts upvoted, I am querying based on the Curie upvote, which is only cast on the top level post. So the query looks for instances where the post you commented on has the @curie upvote. If you are replying to a comment, the comment you are replying to doesn't actually have the curie upvote.

Thanks for the props, @curie! There are some admirable contenders in this contest. Congratulations to all! Specifically, @delishtreats and @arrozymangophoto, you two are worthy adversaries. Congrats on the killer activity! I'll see ya out there, I know you two are already gaming strong. Cheers!

Yeah this was the closest finish between the top three placements yet, and a lot of really fun interactions in the comments. It is a good kind of competition, really there are no losers when you get to read awesome posts and get into conversations with interesting people :)

Absolutely! I need to thank you all because it's really given me the opportunity to see all that Steem has to offer and get engaged with the community. It's actually been the best way for me to get out there and learn more. Glad all the contestants were able to make things interesting.

Thank you @jocqua! You were everywhere last week! Great job :) Congratulations to you too!

I'm taking a break from engaging for a couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to seeing you taking the comment champion prize ;)

Well enjoy your break. I'm already a bit behind this week so we'll see where I end up. See you around for sure though!

Whoah! You came rumbling too! Congratulations! 😃

Congratulation to all the winners.... Missed out to be part this week and also next week...dhe to various festivites in India...Diwali and now Chath puja....quite enjoying at home...hope to make onto the list sooner

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Go @curie you're the best, I wish there was more whales like @curie!


Congrats to all the winners. Delish, you're doing awesome as always :D.
I like the new optional addition, I hope it will help minnows to partake and be more engaged.

Thank you my dear! :) Congratulations to you too! I'm taking a break from engaging for a couple of weeks.. we have visitors this week and will be going on a short vacation next week. No idea where we're going but we're going :D

Thanks and I hope so as well! The 20th placement this week commented on 20 posts, that is pretty much outside the reach of a brand new account even if the only thing they did was comment on Curie upvoted posts LOL so yeah I think this at least gives them an incentive to participate at a level that doesn't totally wipe out resource credits

Let's rock the curation trail

Yay! That is another great week! Thank you @curie!

The random prize replacement is a great initiative to involve those who do not have much RC. It is very good of @curie to have considered that. Thank you for keeping those newbies in mind!

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