WHACK Curation SHOW #2 - Recap

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Hello lovely people! Hope that you're spreading love around. Don't forget, it's the only way! :)

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The last show we had was simply amazing. We joined forces with no other then my man @runicar and we curated for about 6 hours. We managed to curate around 16 people by sending 0,500 SBD each to one person. Number may vary, but everyone that was curated got around 1SBD or STEEM. I was also checking out @vimm and got lucky to curate 3 people!

With this show I want to encourage others to have that supporting mentality and to check other streams and engage in conversations. We all love that and we know that if we want to grow, the only way we can do that is by growing together. I believe we're smart enough to know that. We should be concentrated on long term goals and believe and live that vision that one day @dlive and @vimm will be big as maybe twitch. Why not? But really, why not?

Once again, let's look at the bigger picture and realize that by helping others we help ourself also. By saying that, I hope that me and my buddy @runicar encouraged you to spread some love around and show that we're here together!

I want to send special cosmic thanks to people that donated SBD/STEEM so far! I really appreciate you supporting this project and hopefully others will join us too! Thanks once again for making this more amazing! People who donated so far are:

@dlive24hour (3 SBD)
@steemgc (3 SBD)
@savagelion (3 SBD)
@dumar022 (3 SBD)
@chiren (2 STEEM)

If you also want to support this project and spread some love around, you can send some SBD/STEEM to my Steemit wallet with a memo WHACK Curation SHOW, or anything else that will be easy to realize it's for the show. 100% of the donations will be used for curating others, I don't take anything for myself. Also, I will include your name in the donations list!

Below is a list of people we curated. Be sure to check their streams and profiles! Show some support if you feel like because what goes around comes around ;)



Thanks all for having a good quality content and for being here with us!

@whack.science (3SBD)

Once again, if you want to spread some love around and help me put a smiley face on others, feel free to donate to my account @whack.science with a memo WHACK Curation SHOW. Thanks all!

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Great work from you guys, so when will be the next part of whack curation show will come??

Thanks! It will be in the next 7 days ;)

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Thank you very much! <3

You're welcome, man! Keep it up and hope to see your post at eSteem daily! 😁😎🤙

Me 2! I'll be glad if this show can get more recognition so we can support more people! Thanks again!

Thank's for everything you do!

Thanks to all of you for putting me in this spot where I can do these kinds of things! <3 Much love to you @dlive24hour