WHACK Curation SHOW #1 - Recap

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Hello lovely people! It is I, Mr. Spacely! :)

This post is a recap about our 1st WHACK Curation SHOW that we did few days back live on @dlive and @vimm. I am glad that everything went well and that we were able to put smile on people faces. Hopefully, this kind of support will make other people engage more on chat rooms and also show people that it's nice to support others.

I can't wait for the next show because for the next show @runicar and I are preparing to curate together. You can check what he is already doing here! What's crazy is that we're both from Croatia and apparently we're here to spread some love, so why not do it together this time? It will be fun so stay tuned in!

I want to send big thanks to @savagelion, @dlive24hour and @steemgc for donating and giving me the chance to spread more love. It really means a lot and I didn't expect to start my WHACK Curation SHOWs with 10 SBD, but you made it happen! Thanks for helping the community. Much love to you all!

In the 1st WHACK Curation SHOW we curated 10 people with 1 SBD for each streamer. We curated on both @dlive and @vimm. We started with @vimm and got lucky to find 2 streamers LIVE and we curated both of them. After the curation on @vimm we switched to @dlive and curated 8 streamers.

I wanted to engage in conversation a bit and I wanted to find that people that deserve to be curated. I figured out that the first I look when I enter someone's stream, is that I look is he streaming daily. It doesn't have to be every single day, but I wanted to find a streamer who is really engaged in the platform. Second thing I wanted to find is a web cam and a mic. I think that if you want to stream and create a good content, you must have web cam and a mic to engage in conversations with your audience.

If the streamer has those things, I started to engage in conversations and see will I get a reply. I think this will be some standard from now on, but still I want to leave room for some tweaks so I can make it more fair.

Below is a list of streamers we curated in this show. Be sure to check their future streams and show some support. Don't forget to use the chat room because it's all about the engagement and growing together. There's a saying the if you want to go fast, go alone - If you want to go far, go together. So, think about it ;)

No Man's Sky with @realseb! Check out what's going on in the Cosmos! It seems that this game is so popular on @dlive and it didn't take much for me to realize why.

Solstice of Heroes with @trumpit! This game looks so cool and @trumpit makes it even better with his crazy ideas.

World Of Warcraft with @txmek! Check out our Poland fellow who played WOW for the first time. This already sounds like some fun! :D

Sleeping Dogs with @danbiohackingman! Take a look at this open world game where Dan the Man is exploring Hong Kong.

Warcraft 3 with @davecprince! Need more WOW? Check out what is happening in part 3 of Dave's Reign of Chaos gameplay.

XCOM - Enemy Within with @jckento! Tactical shooting and a good gameplay. This is what you're gonna find here.

World of Tanks with @rybsonstream! If you're interested in some real Polish tank shootings, you gotta hop by and say hello.

Rainbow Six Siege with @iamenglishtv! If you like a real good tactical shooting, this is what you need to play. Take a look.

Mad Max with @ghost-tv! Try to damage all you can in this desert. What a game, you gotta check streams by Ghost.

Overwatch with @foreveraverage! Few headshots now and then, few deaths now and then. You can see it all on streams by Faverage.

2 STEEM (@chiren)
2 SBD (@savagelion)
3 SBD (@dumar022)
= 5 SBD + 2 STEEM

Thank you so much for donating! #onlylove

If anyone wants to help this project, feel free to donate to @whack.science account via Steemit with a memo WHACK Curation SHOW donation (or anything similar that will be easy to see that it's a donation for the next show). 100% of the donations will be used for the curation!

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hvala tebi što podržavaš streamere na ovakav način.
Danas 10 SBD-a kasnije ce biti puno vise, polako :D
Za sljedeći dodajem jos 2 SBD-a

E svaka ti dala haha! Fala puno, idem odma edit-irat! :D Samo ljubav! :D

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Thanks a lot! Much love <3

Overwatch with @foreveraverage! Few headshots now and then, some 9001 IQ tactical sacrifises . You can see it all on streams by Faverage.

Keep it up @whack.science, this curation idea is so cool!

Haha :) Thanks man, we just made a first step... :)

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