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The Daily Whistle Stops is a curation post brought to you by @thesteemengine! This post features the best posts from our members selected by our master curator @enchantedspirit!

All of these posts were submitted in our Discord server's post-promotion channel, and have been hand picked to receive a nice upvote from our group account! If you'd like to see your post featured here, simply submit it in The STEEM Engine Discord server! Not a member of The STEEM Engine initiative? Check out our intro post for more information about our group!


The Curator's Choices

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The Changing Face of Our Oceans Part 9: Cetacean Blues


Image Source

Another Survival Guide to Steemit!
Part 2



Image Source

Why 500 Steem Power is a MAJOR Milestone!



The Tao of Steemit



Unlocking the Power of Chrome
Day 18




Earthquakes & Public Speaking



Denver Activists Are Close To Forcing
A Vote To Decriminalize Mushrooms




"Meditation HOW and WHY"
everything you need to know -- part five




A Journey Into the Beauty and
Power Of Water and Ice



Image Source

When God Speaks My Name




Art in the subways 86th Street Subway
post 2



And there's more at The Inbox Runneth Over

Please continue reading the exceptional work from our members at The Inbox Runneth Over -- a private curation project by @enchantedspirit that could reasonably be called Chapter 2 of The Daily Whistle Stops. Often there are more great posts than can fit in TDWS. There is simply a limit on how many can go in one issue ... both in terms of number and in how many our group account can presently support -- especially given the current price of Steem.

The Inbox Runneth Over offers a place for you to find more fine reading and art -- since work of this caliber is often sadly lacking on Steemit -- and a place where your creations are surrounded by fine company. I know how demoralizing it is to consider just plunging into the general stream and trying to find something worth your time. As with TDWS, the mission of The Inbox is to provide an oasis of goodness you can always count on.

With your help, I have managed to give The Inbox a solid 52+ rep and its own legs to stand on -- enough SP to minimize the dreaded "bandwidth problem." With further support, it can become not just another place to showcase our members' work, but another source of decent rewards for them, too. Right now I can't manage that nearly to the extent I would like -- or they deserve.

So please consider visiting and supporting The Inbox for the quality work it features. Your follow and upvote would certainly be welcome, but for sure give meaningful engagement and rewards to any posts you find that interest you. There will be plenty! To those who have already stood with me in building The Inbox to its present level, you have my profound, continuing gratitude ... and you guys are on my Christmas list for sure!

Here is the latest issue of The Inbox -- so ... get yourself something good to drink and maybe a snack, too. I can pretty much guarantee, you're going to love what you find. Our members -- you and all the others -- are the greatest!


The Inbox Runneth Over -- Issue #16
Where hidden treasures come to light



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The Curator's Colleagues

Here are even more fine curation posts ...
various collections of hand-selected articles
from other curators in our membership.

The STEEM Engine Express Podcasts

The Daily Qurator

Steemit Ramble

The @mitneb Curation Trail Project

The Magnificent Seven

The Inbox Runneth Over


The author of this list of curated posts by members of The STEEM Engine is @enchantedspirit whose mostly metaphysical writing can be found on her own blog.



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Seriously, your curation posts are THE BEST! I truly look forward to them as they are one-after-the-other of quality content. It’s hard to find the time to read them all! Great job!

handpicked hm , how it should be, allow me to cast a meagre steembum-vote and route it

it is getting a bit worrysome how 116 votes only amount to $7 and my 100% steembum vote adds not one single cent to it despite the fact that i always wait to get to 100 before i vote on a post (almost always) tsk ... anyway, great stuff that is !!!!

sig :

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

i am not a bot and i only have one account ... and im not half as bad a lunatic as it might appear but i need to hide from the normals or they come to pick my brains

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

if you have complaints please check the link(where did that link go), or else just do that content dictator thing you do i no longer care ... a resteem is a resteem, atm to 320 people, thats 320 chances to have it re-resteemed,

...disclaimer, disclaimer, something on stalking whales and stuff, since my pathological apathy struck and i got these pills i dont seem to care much, maybe it'l get better .. .and alot more bla im trying to figure out a way to say it all in three lines, maybe later, thanks for the excellence