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Since I am new to the whole contest thingy, I am trying to make rules that will accommodate as many people in a fun way, and also will make winners happy with their wins.

Therefore, the rules may change with time but I hope to the best for everyone and please let me know if these rules work out for you.

What is this contest about?

The reasons behind this contest is

1- To give my gratitude to the steemians (especially my followers) for their hard work in creating quality content and for their support to me and steemit community.

2- To increase the interaction and support between readers and writers.

3- Everyone is a winner, whether you submit a post or you upvote a post, you will be a winner and receive some rewards.

4- I will choose the 5 posts with highest number of upvotes, 3 of them I will upvote them with (0.5, 0.4 and 0.3 SBD from first to third respectively, or equal SBD for equal # of upvotes). The other 2 I will upvote them with 0.2 SBD. All upvotes will be done by either @minnowbooster or @treeplanter, whichever available

Please note that I may reply and comment on your entry but I will not upvote any entry because I am leaving that to the judges. I will only upvote the winning posts :)

5- Each week, Every 10 episodes, I will send a gift to the 10 people that were most actively involved in working as judges and helping me making choices. The gift is a surprise (cash or upvote).

I changed the duration above because it is not possible to tell who is really actively involved in judging from 2 episodes per week.

6- I will run the competition 2 times a week at first.

7- I will share 1/2 the SBD reward pool of this post with all participants and judges.

The rules to participate and win upvotes:

1- Comment here with the title of your post and few introductory words. Also don't forget to add a link to your post here.

Only one post per person per contest

2- It has to be Original quality post. On any subject.

For photography posts, please make sure to write something about your photography on your post. Please don't post a picture without any description

3- Upvote this post (the higher you upvote this post, the more rewards you will get :)

The rules to judge and win gifts:

1- Upvote this post

2- Upvote the link of your choice.

3- You can upvote a minimum of 2 posts and maximum of 5.

4- Give a reason for why you upvote the post of your choice? (This will tell me that you at least read the post)

Guests of Honor

Any original post that contains deep feelings and meaning which moves my heart will receive a different amount of reward (cash or upvote).

All support to enhance the upvotes and gifts are welcomed and appreciated 😁.

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

Logo by @orcheva

Many thanks for visiting, commenting and upvoting 😊


This post talks about how we should treat our neighbours as our family


Thank you for participating again @ategun

This is an important subject indeed. Thanks for writing about it and sharing it here :D

This is so true. There are so many neighbourhoods these days where no-one knows anyone else. The communities that used to exist when I was a child are very rare now. The sense of belonging and the mutual support that neighbours can bring is very important. Thank you for the post.

Thanks for reading💖

It's so sad that society is turning into something else
A neighbour lost his brother due to this cause
He has no one to call upon at the middle of the night
And this valuable soul was lost due to this

This post explains how I came to Korea from the US and ended up staying almost 20 years



Thank you for reading and encouragement @ninahaskin. You are totally right. I am mining the heart to the point that only his word remains. I'm not taking the money part of this blog seriously on purpose. I am a lot happier this way. I will totally be in the box and play and give glory to God. And I am on the way to your post and back to @theleapingkoala for some curation soon.

It may not be easy to step out of the comfort zone, but you prove it is worth.
What that matters is what makes you happy.

Thanks. I had a lot of fun today. Blessings @nelinoeva.

This brought back many memories. I remember my dad used to bring back these huge boxes from his workplace. I spend hours playing with them. They were tanks, planes, submarines and cars. The only limit was my imagination. Really enjoyed your post - thank you.

Awesome @maninayton. I'm glad you enjoyed reading and that I could jog some memories. These posts are helping me by remembering what is important. I'm happy to hear your story and I can tell I am not alone. For a long time I wanted to "get out of the box" but why not have fun in the box? Every post I make changes me a little but this one had the greatest influence to my attitude on blogging. I'm really just going to be free. You are totally right:

The only limit was my imagination.

"There is no limit to my imagination"

mining the heart

This was really nice, I love the start about the box and children's imagination... My kids have wonderful imaginations, long may it last :o)

Yes. Well spoken @ablaze. They grow up so fast. I don't want to be the one who robed them of their box. My kids are influenced a lot by peers and want the newest toys and keep up with the newest dance but it is the simple things that make us happy.

So very true, that's kids for you especially as they grow older, they are more and more influenced by peers. That makes the early years so important when we are their main role models, and they mimic and learn from our behaviour..

Well, sometimes being committed is the best thing to do. And that's what you did. You didn't alter your decision and moved forward your aim.
I have only heard of people who did the same. But you are the first that shared your story by your ownself.
I don't know what to call it !

Think outside the box ?

A recent post on our trip to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales with pictures of the magificent snowy mountains.

The Mountains Of Snowdonia National Park

Thank you @theleapingkoala for this great initiative.

My dear @maninayton ,
I am very happy to see you here participating as a writer and a judge.
These are breathtaking photos. Such a beautiful place.

Thank you for sharing these photos and for spreading the love and upvotes around the participants

Hugs with lots of love :D

And a big thank you to yourself for hosting this contest. Great idea. :-)

Thanks for shearing your post. It is really great. By checking your pictures i cant wait to check the Snowdonia National Park as I love Hills, Mountains, Lakes. I wish i could visit places like this. I wish i could check this whole world with my own eyes. And your post also inspired me to make a post about my mountain visit that i did it recently. Thanks again.

Thank you for your comment and glad you liked the post.

Your photos were breathtaking, such a beautiful place to visit. Hopefully you live close enough to visit often. Did you get to do any hiking? Or was it to cold?

Thank you for your comment. We are about 3-4 hours away depending on traffic so only go once in a way for a quick break. No hiking on this visit just a lazy couple of days. Thanks again.

Beautiful and wild. What a contrast between the snowy peaks and the earth beneath.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is certainly a wild and beautiful place but you are only twenty minutes or so from sizable towns in a car. If you're walking in the mountains though it can be very different matter. There is at least one fatality a year in Snowdonia so one has to take all the necessary precautions.

Now that is totally magical. I don't know how I could pass this by. I didn't know Wales had so many beautiful rivers and mountains.

Wales is a beautiful country with many contrasts. From the wild mountains one can travel to former industrial landscapes where coal and iron were once king. There are also many miles of stunning coastline. Thank you for your comment.

Just wow!!! Such beauty in the raw ruggedness.. It reminds me of Connemara here in Ireland.. Well done

Thank you. Ireland is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Maybe someday.

Ryanair flights are really cheap, get yourself over, and try and see more than just Dublin.. I'd recommend the West coast, I would say that though , that's where I'm from :o)

Get the kettle on, we will be over to you sometime soon :-)

Just heading out to the shops through 2 metre high snow... what kind of biscuits do you like again?? :o)

It has got to be chocolate Hobnobs!

A good choice!!

Wow! I love how the mountains are hard and rocky, yet vegetation is growing on them. The small rivers are so beautiful. I can only imagine their soothing sound as they constantly keep running non stop.

They are truly beautiful and timeless. Thank you for your comment.

I love your short stories and now even more when I saw your four legged helpers. 😉

Thank you, I enjoy creating them.

Surprised me. For some reason I thought your babies had two legs or two wheels like a Harley but they were cute. Thanks for the writing.

They are a handful, especially when it's treat time.

Maxine and Snickers are lovely 'little monsters' A welcome distraction :o)

My entry is my introduction post which I waited until day 30 to complete. Hopefully some of you give it a read :o) https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ablaze/i-m-joe-i-m-irish-and-i-m-ready-to-set-steemit-ablaze

Hi @ablaze. I think you posted the wrong link. This is a post from @mariannewest. It looks interesting but I don't think it was the post you intended to link here.

Thanks so much @mineopoly ... You are right! I have amended it now.. thanks again :o)

That is one of the best introduction I have read here in Steem.
You have a lot of talents and interests to share and you mentioned astronomy, which is something I am too interested in.

Thanks a million, that is a great compliment to receive!! I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to this great little (not for long) community!

This is about a recent family trip -- the first one ever since we had our second child. It was a very complicated pregnancy, my baby even had to be admitted to the Neo ICU, you could just imagine how elated we were to be on a vacation as a family with all the sorrow behind us.


I have to admit that I have never heard of Camotes island before.

Fascinating reading, stunning photography. I am so much impressed by the beauty of the island you presented so nicely.

Well this post is about a food that i never miss when anyone offers me. And few words about it and it's history. Well you can take a look at it.


We live off nachos in San Antonio. Your post had some tasty looking nachos. I know what I'll be doing in October. 🇲🇽

Nachos ! One of my Favorite foods !

You greatly explained about Nachos.

I am sure that Most people don't even know about all these information you gathered in this post. I certainly didn't :D

After my black and white picture was nominated in the 'Qurator's Photo Friday - Photography Competition #13', with this post I present the flowers in their colourful glory.
I love to experiment and if there is a droplet, I want to see it as close as possible through my camera, which still is my phone.

Vibrant Colours


Just wow. Impressive work. You just did a great job with your smartphone. What device that you used to get those shots? You can tell if you don't have any problem as a suggestion.
Personally I love macro photography. It is more like watching hidden beauties around us that can't be seen by regular eyes. And i also think that you macro photography tools are pity expensive. But after watching this just by smartphone? You proved me wrong.
Great shot.

Thank you so very much!
I too thought that I need quite a lot to start from in terms of gear.
When I first zoomed and put the phone close enough to the object, focused and then the shot appeared not so bad, I kept on until I was happy with my pictures.
My phone is Samsung J5 and it is not the best camera but I love to experiment.

Fantastic photos considering you used a smartphone... The black and white one is especially impressive.. Well done

Thank you very much!

You're more than welcome :o)

I'm really starting to love your work, this one is off the hook. Also, it looks fabulous in b&w, I can see why it was selected by Q. 😍

Aw, thank you, so kind of you 😀

Great perspective in this photo. It makes me want to write a poem about the molecular structure of the flower. Anyway as long as I'm here I will share an old one I wrote.

Original poem @mineopoly
Lovers glance as Azalea screams out, "touch me!!" Her beauty shines radiant. Her fuchsia penetrates even the dullest of spectacles. Her poignant fuchsia overshadows the dullness of the path. Vibrant in life she displays her splendor. Innocence and purity radiates as she blossoms from the bud. She is a flower!! Stigma and style have reached their full potential. Phytohormones, Auxins, ethylene, cytokinin, gibberelin stimulate her into maturity. The flower ripens and Azalea shouts, "come to me!" She is wanting for love. She is waiting to be touched and caressed. She desires gentle care for fragile is her existence. She calls out, “feed me!” for hungry is her soul. The fertile ground nourishes her life yet emptiness abounds. Her unquenchable desire is a black hole, an unfathomable cistern. They depths of the tips of her roots call out for stability and fulfillment. The whole structure of the plant supports her existence yet she calls out for more. Her shouts echo throughout the entire plant but it seems there is no one to answer.

The apis mellifera hovers above her buzzing and vibrating above her petals. All of her being is stimulated as the honey bee flies above her enjoying her sweet nectar and rubbing against her pollen. Azalea wanted that moment to last forever. All of her soul united in one ecstasy enjoying every part of the bees caress. The moment was like an eternity to her as he buzzed but just as fast as he came the honeybee was gone. It was a millisecond of fantasy and excitement never to be forgotten but never to return again. He was just another mellifera. Azalea was broken inside if a flower could cry she certainly would have reason to do so. She lost what could never be replaced. The melifera just went and left her. Wounded she wondered if she will ever love again. Azela definitely hated melliferas.

What was that gentle touch again? The memories stirred inside her. Danaus Plexxippus spread his wings around her. Dapper Dan with his leopard spots was so cool that no one could deny it. The monarch butterfly hovered over her landing in a gentle embrace. Dapper Dan was the king of the butterflies. He was no melifera and she knew it. She opened her pistols wide as Dapper Dan’s slow and meticulous penetration stimulated every auxin and gibberlin inside her. His touch was royal as a monarch and gentle and slow as the humblest servant. Calmness came over the whole flower penetrating through the stem and roots. A peace came upon her and satisfaction. She thought this is what I have been missing. My emptiness is fulfilled. Dapper Dan, “I love you!” Then Dapper Dan was gone. The monarch butterfly, the king of all butterflies, he would not see her again.

Her petals began to wither. Her existence is but a fleeting moment an ephemeral descension into potpourri. Who can touch her? The bubble bee is just another mellifera. The king of butterflies is just a vagrant in disguise. Azalea you are so vibrant in the radiance of fuchsia! Azalea you are so sweet and tender calling out for love! Your thirsts no one can quench. Your desires no one can fill. Just as your moment shines you fold sublime. Your beauty is ephemeral fleeting and falling. You are so delicate no one can touch. Your beauty fades. You return to where you came from. With him you are deeply satisfied. One moment of life is forever remembered, the moment of love. Never to be forgotten and captured in this memory lived out forever. Never lacking, never longing. The moment lasts forever, the moment of love.

Oh my word! This is so beautiful!
Dear @mineopoly, thank you so very much!
You are amazing!

I love Biology and your flower.

Thanks for sharing part of your culture and country with us.

Thank you for participating again @febradaytamarra with a post from your culture :D

I am part timer Artist.. I draw and sketch stuff that comes to mind..
This is one of my Black and White arts. Other details are inside my post. :)



This is really nice art @rayne122

Thank you for showing it here and I hope your next drawing will attract more attention :D

Yeah. I hope so too :D

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