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RE: Dr. TLK _ Curation Contest: Help me to Thank you # 7

in #curation5 years ago (edited)

My entry is my introduction post which I waited until day 30 to complete. Hopefully some of you give it a read :o)


Hi @ablaze. I think you posted the wrong link. This is a post from @mariannewest. It looks interesting but I don't think it was the post you intended to link here.

Thanks so much @mineopoly ... You are right! I have amended it now.. thanks again :o)

That is one of the best introduction I have read here in Steem.
You have a lot of talents and interests to share and you mentioned astronomy, which is something I am too interested in.

Thanks a million, that is a great compliment to receive!! I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to this great little (not for long) community!

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