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This post explains how I came to Korea from the US and ended up staying almost 20 years



Thank you for reading and encouragement @ninahaskin. You are totally right. I am mining the heart to the point that only his word remains. I'm not taking the money part of this blog seriously on purpose. I am a lot happier this way. I will totally be in the box and play and give glory to God. And I am on the way to your post and back to @theleapingkoala for some curation soon.

It may not be easy to step out of the comfort zone, but you prove it is worth.
What that matters is what makes you happy.

Thanks. I had a lot of fun today. Blessings @nelinoeva.

This brought back many memories. I remember my dad used to bring back these huge boxes from his workplace. I spend hours playing with them. They were tanks, planes, submarines and cars. The only limit was my imagination. Really enjoyed your post - thank you.

Awesome @maninayton. I'm glad you enjoyed reading and that I could jog some memories. These posts are helping me by remembering what is important. I'm happy to hear your story and I can tell I am not alone. For a long time I wanted to "get out of the box" but why not have fun in the box? Every post I make changes me a little but this one had the greatest influence to my attitude on blogging. I'm really just going to be free. You are totally right:

The only limit was my imagination.

"There is no limit to my imagination"

mining the heart

This was really nice, I love the start about the box and children's imagination... My kids have wonderful imaginations, long may it last :o)

Yes. Well spoken @ablaze. They grow up so fast. I don't want to be the one who robed them of their box. My kids are influenced a lot by peers and want the newest toys and keep up with the newest dance but it is the simple things that make us happy.

So very true, that's kids for you especially as they grow older, they are more and more influenced by peers. That makes the early years so important when we are their main role models, and they mimic and learn from our behaviour..

Well, sometimes being committed is the best thing to do. And that's what you did. You didn't alter your decision and moved forward your aim.
I have only heard of people who did the same. But you are the first that shared your story by your ownself.
I don't know what to call it !

Think outside the box ?

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