August 2 -- Steemit Ramble #107 -- Curating Great Posts for You?

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Seems some noobs on the platform think it is really cool to put up posts with a title like “Upvote me and I’ll upvote you” or “Follow me and I’ll follow you back”. The post consists of the title and a picture as the content. Some of these geniuses keep copying the post over and over again.

If you are on Steemit to grow, that is not the way to do so. What will happen is either no one will upvote them and they will get frustrated enough to just go away, or people will notice their feeble efforts to game the system and will start downvoting them, thus eliminating their reputation.

I know it can be frustrating to start out and put an effort into posting and see little or no return. Think of it this way, if you earn 5 cents on a post, it is 5 cents more than any other social media site pays. It is also more than your own blog would pay you in your early stages, or for some, at any stage.

Build your presence, put in your effort and time to get to the point of making better returns.

Onward to today’s rambling

Introducing "Steemaniacs" - The New Minnow Supporting Project Run By @surfermarly

This is a project that will help minnows or those who would like to improve their activity on Steemit, do so. @surfermarly has been around since early days and has produced some really good work. Anyone would be in good hands receiving guidance from her.

Welcome to Steemit! - An Introductory Guide for Creatives

Speaking of newbies, this post by @sndbox is about the best post I’ve seen explaining STEEM and Steemit to someone who isn’t familiar with the platform. It’s long but, it lays out the platform in easy to understand language. I strongly suggest this post not only be resteemed but shared on those ‘other’ social media sites so creatives will know what they are missing out on.

Snake oil, anyone? Getting rich quickly / easily off crypto currency

If you’re posting content or curating on the platform, you’re earning crypto currency. If you’re like me, eventually you’ll get curious about the rest of the crypto currency world and how people make money with it. I did last fall. I moved a very small amount of what I had earned here over to an exchange and have been playing around doing some buying and selling.

Well, actually, I started out just buying and holding. It took me a while to realize that if I really wanted to build up my investment, I’d need to do some buying and selling. The goal would be to buy low and sell higher. When you start doing that the risk goes up. Usually, making money on currency exchanges involves risk.

@cryptokeepr writes a cautionary tale for those who may get drawn in by promoters who try to convince you that you can spend just $20 and easily, magically make thousands. Sure, and I can just snap my fingers and become a 135lb beauty queen.

?? MY ART - human eye - drawing in photoshop - process/tutorial - 6 hours of work

I can’t draw on paper to save my life, so I have great respect for talented artists. A talented artist who draws well on the computer.. Just fascinating. @marty-arts shares the process of how she does her work.

What is positive thinking - My Opinion

Many view the concept of positive thinking as trying to live in some unrealistic utopia. @gunternezhoda writes a brief post to try to explain what positive thinking is in the real world.

Create a Side Hustle

These days a growing number of people are looking to create additional incomes. Either to supplement their current income or to eventually replace it. @hermannk writes about overcoming some of the barriers we create for ourselves that holds us back from getting the side hustle going.

Wrap-up on Day 107

Interesting few days on Steemit. As often flares up some drama going on. Seems that people being people there is always someone in conflict with others. One individual who has been a parasite on the site for some time got knocked down on his reputation, not just by a whale or two but by many people on the site who were tired of his behaviour.

For a platform without structured rules, it’s fascinating to watch how the nature of people facilitates the establishment of expectations that become ‘rules’.

Supporting and Upvoting

Let’s not forget folks. I’m sharing these posts not only because I like them. I’d really like to see them get support and upvoting.

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The secret formula is to build by posting constantly quality content and getting involved in quality commenting. This way you'll slowly raise your reputation, number of followers and steem power. But it will not happen overnight, it needs lots of hard work.

Seems you have figured out the way to do it @steem-buzz... will be looking for you to rise up :)

You should definitely add directly interacting with users with places like steemspeak on discord or steemitchat.
I've found a ton of support through these channels.

We need to encourage the good content to show people what does well here. The spammers will give up if they don't make anything.

Awesome, thanks for including my post and thanks for resteeming quality content ...... SUPER

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I look forward to your posts, since I've been introduced to your hand-selected lists I've been very pleased with what you've taken the time to summarize and share.

Thank you for your efforts, they are deeply appreciated.

thank you @talltim .. i very much appreciate your kind words. It's always good to know that others appreciate that I'm doing.

Ugh...I just went through Introduce disappointing.
In regards to the side hustle, wait till you see the shit we are about to bring to the platform.
Overall, this place is fantastic and for me it's inspired me to create some pretty cool projects....but God the crap posts are starting to pile up.

they are piling up .. i've developed a way to filter through a lot of it and try to catch some decent posts. Least some I think are decent )

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Artificial incentive mechanics will create a warped environment. I believe that. My friend brought Steemit to my attention only yesterday.

I've been looking around and while I think this place has potential, there's this weird pyramid-scheme vibe lurking in the shadows. Perhaps that's just my paranoia...

I've been on the platform almost a year now.. what makes you think it is a pyramid scheme which would usually involve people being induced to recruit others as the primary form of creating income?

You join the platform of your own choice. If someone has encouraged you to join it is only because they like it and want to share it with you. If you then choose to work on building a presence, you will over time create income for yourself.

Great work

Thanks, I hope these people will see your post man.
I also really like the tutorials, hoping I can get something off this great community too.
Keep up the great work.

Thank you infinitely for your lovely words mentioning @steemaniacs! I hope you can make many new users happy :-)
Have a great time!

So good! thanks for sharing and stucked now with @sndbox you made my day!

100% agree. I'm sick of seeing that shit too. Good content deserves up votes & resteems, like this post. I up voted and resteemed in hopes those folks get it in their thick skulls the it gets old to some people quick.

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