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We rise by lifting others. - Robert Ingersoll

True story, Robert.

@steemaniacs will exactly try to do that: push others.

What is @steemaniacs about?

During the past months thousands of new users have joined steemit.

As it naturally happens when you are new to a place, you have uncountable questions. Some of them get answered, others don't.

Compared to other social networks, steemit is quite complex.

Steem is supposed to be a "gateway currency" into the crypto market.

On steemit a lot of people are getting in touch with "digital money" for the very first time in their lives. It's a completely new and (yes) strange world.

But that is still not enough!

Besides the complexity of the currency behind, the blogger's network likewise has its own characteristics and rules. The fact that social interaction is rewarded monetarily on steemit is actually just the tip of the iceberg.

So there are infinite things to learn!

@steemaniacs will provide a helping hand to new steemit users, vote for their first articles and show them some tips and tricks on how to improve their blogging success

As long as the @steemaniacs account still doesn't have much voting power, the upvotes on the newbie's content will be given by @surfermarly's account.

@surfermarly's motivation to create @steemaniacs:

When I started blogging on steemit in July 2016 I had absolutely no idea about what I was doing. It would have been brilliant having somebody coaching me back then. Now that I have gained a lot of knowledge about steemit on my own, I'd very much like to share it with others and help them to have an easier start than I had. steemit is a community project, and in the end it's all about having a good time together. During the past months a lot of users have sent me links to their articles asking for help. That was precisely what inspired me to launch this project. It's called @steemaniacs since most people who have spent a lot of time here have become a bit crazy about the platform in a positive way. Yes, steemit is addictive in the best sense possible. So I hope many more will join the party in the future and become STEEMANIACS, too.

The Voting Power of this account will exclusively be used to push new users with relatively small stakes, so we hope to get some smart upvotes in order to give them away.

Let's start NOW, steemaniacs: Feel free to post links to articles you want us to vote for and look at in the comments section of this post!

We will be posting (at least) weekly updates on our doings and give as much people as possible the chance to enjoy our coaching and support.

We will read the articles you share with us, but also have a look at the "bigger picture" (your blog, your tagging, your introduction posts, your profile presentation, etc.).

The coaching will happen on the blockchain. No private messaging and no hidden information. We will share all the knowledge in public, making it available for as much people as possible.

Premise: Hidden knowledge is of no value.

Let's do it!

All for one and one for all.


PS: If you like the idea of this project, feel free to support it with your upvotes, resteems or even a little donation. As previously said this program is exclusively dedicated to help the smaller steemit accounts to grow. Thank you!

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Nice one @surfermarly

Thanks 😊
Whenever you wanna join, let me know.

Will hit you on FB for questions soon



@surfermarly , my BlueWonkies and I would follow you till the moon ^_^

Welcome @steemaniacs !


Oh that is SO cute! You're such a talented, creative person! Lovely!
Thanks a lot for your kind words 😍😍😍

So nice, thank you for your lovely support!!!

Full 100% and resteemed :-) Follow you :-)

Awesome, thank you infinitely!!! 😍

Wohooo! Thank you so much!!!

What a great idea. I'm in!

Good to hear that Robin, thank you!

Muchas Gracias por apoyar a nosotros los pecesitos!!

Dies ist ganz toll! Vielleicht vielen Minnows schwein haben werden?

Haha, what exactly is a minnows pig? :-D
You can write us in English, Spanish, German or Italian, but without mixing up the languages, hehe

Schwein haben is regional slang "to have luck". LOL

Now I got it, haha! You're funny 😃

Hello @steemanics, hello @surfermarly ! First! It is great what you're doing for all us newbies! I appreciate it very much!
I'd like you to look over one of my latest articles.
I am really curious and forward looking about your advice!
Thank you in advance! I

Hey @pusteblume! Thanks for stopping by :-)
I'll have a look at your article as soon as possible - at latest tomorrow. There have been a couple of steemians waiting for my feedback, so please excuse the delay in answering! Running two accounts is quite a lot, hehe

Hello Marly! Thank you so much! There is no hurry! What you do is more than I expect! I bet that running two accounts means busy times! But hey, don't forget yourself! 👋🏻 😄

Haha, nicely said! I've just seen that you are living in Germany. May I give you the advices in German (which is my mother language)? :-)

English or german - both is ok. Your mother language is german, huh? I have to admit that I was "suspicious" already after watching your first video and listening to you. Not because there would be the typical german accent - there is none!! It was the perfectness of your English and the fully absence of any accent!
So you are born in Germany? Or half german (mother) and half ... (father) ?
... just curious ...

Well I did it in English in the end, just wondering that other users might enjoy the information as well :-)

I hope you find it somehow helpful and inspiring:

I'm 100% German :-) But thank you very much for the compliment! My best friend lives in the US and we talk in English since 15 years, so he's my training partner and might have considerably improved my skills :-) Plus: I've never been communicating that much in English before joining steemit. So running a blog in English obviously helps, too!

Have a great weekend though!!! Always sunshine yeah :-)


Welcome to Steem @steemaniacs I have upvoted and sent you a tip

"Remember me when you're rich", haha! Great memo :-) Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the help just joined yesterday. I just wanted to know a bit more about how the up voting system worked.

What do you want to know exactly?
Voting itself works similar to other social networks. You click on the blue button (arrow) below a post (article or comment) to "upvote" it. According to your Voting Power (which is defined by the amount of Steem Power you have in your Wallet) the upvote will have a related weight, and part of steemit's reward pool will be allocated on this specific account. Imagine the reward pool like a swimming pool full of coins that is constantly filled. The coins inside the pool are distributed amoung the active users on the platform. They get rewarded for their social interactions. The more attention your actions receive, the better your chances that people "like" (upvote) them. So if you publish interesting, engaging stuff, your chances to earn money will increase.

Was that helpful for a start?

First little recommendation regarding your blog (if you allow):
You shouldn't use images that are not yours (Danny Devito), unless you indicate the regarding source. However, it's always recommendable to use your own content, especially if you're doing an introduction post. If you want us to analyze your intro post in detail, just let us know and we'll do it :-)

Steem on!

welcome Steemaniacs to Steemit:) Glad to see you. I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunpoom

Hey @khunpoom! You were pretty fast :-) Does this bot work for you? The question I have is: you joined steemit in June 2017, programmed a bot to engange new users with your blog, but then you haven't published one single article to monetize these 1,600 following accounts? You could be rich now :-)

Hey @sanees!
We will be happy to look at your article within the next 2 days.
Until then enjoy your weekend! :-)

We're happy to inform you that we've left some recommendations regarding your blog in the article you provided us:

Best of luck for your future doings on steemit and enjoy your Sunday!

Sounds like a world I want to live in :)

Hehe, good to hear that. Thanks @teodora! :-)

Ok. I heeded all advice I received on my blog submission from yesterday. Please would you have a look at my new introduction and critique for me one last time ? Please and many thank yous

Awesome! You got an upvote from thecryptofiend who is one of the most influential bloggers on steemit! I'm happy for you :-)

Have a pleasant weekend!

Awesomesauce! Thanks for looking out! Cheers! TGIF

Excellent idea and if Miss Marley is involved it's gotta be a wonderful thing! Up-voted for the cause and thank you for the info through your post! Steem on!

Haha, thank you! Miss Marly is amused and appreciates your kind words and support (as always) :-)
Have a great day!

Spread the word! Help the minnows(me included :P) upvoted and followed!

Sure! Was this the only introduction you've done so far?

If this is the case, you might do another one using the tag #introduceyourself (not splitting the word in two). Then your visibility might increase considerably. Whales like to swim around that trending page.
Also try to shorten your paragraphs (in the intro copied above they were very long). Consider that the attention span of poeple in social media is very low... So the more precise you are, the merrier. Use cross headings to put the important info in front and leave details in the back (using smaller font sizes).

Your story is very interesting, I'm sure you're going to do well here on steemit.
My last vlog might be interesting for you as well:

See you around :-)

Hi, I am interested in this project. Can you look at this post

Sure! We will put you on the list :-)
You're getting some feedback during the next 2 days.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Hi @timspeer!
As primised we've had a look at your article and blog in general.
Here's the result:

We hope you appreciate our little coaching :-)

Interesting idea you got there. I'm new on steem so some criticism and advice would be really appreciated.

Here's my last article :

Would love to hear your thoughts. Up-voted and resteemed.

Thanks for your kind support! Of course, it will be our pleasure to have a look at your article :-)
Since there are many, we'll need some time. We're going to get back to you as soon as possible, at latest tomorrow.
Have a great day!

As promised we had a look at your article and at your blog in general.
Here are some little recommendations that might help you to succeed even more on this platform:

Have a good time!

Hey there @steemaniacs! What a great initiative to help minnows like me. I'm looking forward to seeing you help minnows in their journey here on Steemit.

Of course I want to help as well. Yesterday I posted about how to make your blog look more professional. You can check it out here:

Hey @rvanstel! Thanks for stopping by.
We will get back to you with some feedback / recommendations tomorrow :-)
Have a great day!

That sounds great! Thank you.

Hey Steemaniacs, I suppose you are new guy here, and the one who upvotes is the old guy. Thanks for the initiative.
Well, for me it has been 7 days here. It seems hard, but would be great if someone can read my articles, and judge them. Here is a story I wrote very recently. It is one my trekking experience. This article earned highest for me in these 7 days, so i would say that this is my best till now. But I would like to get some tips to progress further.

I have not written a good introduction of myself yet, but would share in future.

Haha, yeah well @steemaniacs is the new account and @surfermarly is the "established" one. I wouldn't call her "old", she might feel bad about it 😄
Thanks for dropping a link, we'll have a look at it and give you some tips!
Whenever you're going to write that intro post, let us know and we'll be happy to upvote it (just drop the link in one of our posts then).
Steem on!

As promised we've just given you some recommendations regarding your steemit blog, hoping that you consider them interesting and helpful:

Have a good time!

It is a big help to have your reviews on my blog. Big thanks to you.
And I am sorry that I misinterpreted @surfermary's name. In fact, I already follow her. I already had upvoted one post of her, that was about a video of her surfing, fused with a music given by the musician that she met here on Steemit. I didn't know you were this much serious into all this. It really is very nice to meet you. Feeling very good for all the attention, thoughts and time you gave.
Thanks for all the help!

Oh yeah nice, good to know that. You surely mean the cooperation with @drewsmusic. There will be more videos like that to come soon :-)
Thanks for your support and kindness!
All for one and one for all.

Yeah, him only. cool. cheers!

Finally I found what I was looking for. I have to admit I struggled creating good posts and getting comments, feedback and criticism is highly appreciated.
This is the link to my last post.

We will have a look at it during the next 2 days, until then have a nice weekend! :-)

Hey @nelinoeva!
I'm impressed!!! So you are a stargazer? That's amazing.
Here is our little feedback on your blog:

Please keep us posted on your doings.
Following you with both accounts: @steemaniacs and @surfermarly :-)

Have a great time!

One thing I noticed early on here is the sense of community is so unlike what I have seen everywhere else and this is another greta example of this such a cool project your doing, I have bene here coming up to 5 weeks and without a doubt any guidance would be appreciated

That's really nice to hear @tattoodjay! Yes, the community on steemit is very strong. Good to know that new users have this very sensation.
Thanks for dropping the link. We're going to have a look at your blog within the next 48 hours!

Thanks appreciated

Thanks I do appreciate the feedback I had a quick read and it all makes absolute sense

On the train now butcwill readbit again later and take the advice on board

Thanks again

Tq @steemaniacs for thinking of us minnows. I hope that minnows will thnk you for this great effort.

Do help me as I learn to post a lot of great contents (i hope i'm doing it right)

Hey @cikxaijen! Thanks for dropping your link. We will have a look at it as soon as possible.
All for one and one for all :-)

We're happy to let you know that your article has been commented, giving you some little recommendations regarding your blog:

Steem on!

Hehe, good to hear that!
Since there have been many users sending us their links, we'll need some time to analyze yours. We're going to get back to you as soon as possible, at latest tomorrow. Promised! :-)

Have a great time!

It was complicated to give you recommendations, since you are doing so well here! :-)
Here's our comment:

Have a great time! We will follow you with both accounts.

Hello @steemaniacs, This is a great way to help steemians like me who are struggling in making good quality post.
could you also take a look at my post. I want to hear what you think about it. Thank you :)

Hey @ted7! It will be my pleasure to have a look at your post.
This will take place tomorrow :-)
Have a great one!

wow! thank you so much for taking the time to review my profile and blogs. i really appreciate it so much. i will definitely follow your advice! 😊Thank you @steemaniacs/ @surfermarly

You are more than welcome!

Hi @steemaniacs, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Oh that is too nice @shadowspub! Thank you so much!!!

I really liked your Idea !! and thanks for helping small account <3

Thank you, it's our pleasure!
We will have a look at your article as soon as possible and give you some feedback directly in the related comments section.

We're happy to let you know that we've sent you some recommendations regarding the mentioned article, hoping that you consider them being helpful:

All for one and one for all :-)

Nice project @surfermarly! I'm happy to see more and more people helping the platform grow. Wanted to send you the rando as a bigger vote, but @lichtblick did it already so some other have been sent :)

With your project it will an easier task to pick some posts to boost ;)

That's the idea!
Until now the feedback has been massive. I've already done more than 10 coachings and there are still some in the pipeline. That could become a full time job one day :-)
Thanks for your great support! Enjoy the weekend!!

I definitely want to be part of this wonderful initiative. Thanks @steemaniacs and @surfermarly. I am pretty new here and have never done an intro post. Can these be done at any time or do they typically need to be the first post?

Hey @bigpanda! Thanks for your nice feedback. We know you from stopping by in @surfermarly's blog, good to see you again :-)

You can do an introduction post whenever you want, even months after joining the platform. However, it's contributive to do it in the beginnings, since it will provide you with a lot of attention right from the start. Then you can build your further doings on an already existing followership.
Don't forget to use the tag #introduceyourself and #introducemyself. Like that you will enter the corresponding trending page and whales (who like to check the fresh content that enters there) may give you a smart upvote.
It's also recommendable to use a nice profile picture as main image. Some hold a white paper in their hands with the date and username written on it to perfectly verify the authenticity of their identity though. This especially applies to people of public interest (imagine you were a famous rockstar, then you should prove that accordingly, otherwise you might get flagged).

But hey: just look how the others did it - especially the ones who got paid nicely: "Learning from the best" is always a good practice :-)

Drop your link here when you've done it then @surfermarly can upvote it accordingly.

You're doing really a great work @steemaniacs . People on steemit needs as much support as they can. Sometimes minnows never get the exposure to share their content with the community on steemit effectively. Thanks to you, at least now people can have some chances of exposure.
This is my latest post. Have a look please.

Thanks for your kind words!
It'l be our pleasure to have a look at your post and your blog as well.
Our feedback will be given as soon as possible in the comment section of the mentioned article.
Have a good day!

Congratulations @steemaniacs!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 2 with 118 comments

Thank you infinitely!

OMG ! Yesterday, I was feeling so LOST and lonely on Steemit... and now, I just hit your post !

I 've two steemit account :

  1. @roxane where I explain Steem in french (first I learn - then I try to translate it for non tech / non crypto person like me ;-)).
  2. @malik.roxane where I continue here on steemit my work as a bloguer (my passion since ever :-D) and I mix french and english (but really, I am so bad in english, I cannot really write a blog in english :( ).

I am totally lost with the tags for example... :-/

I don't really know what post to send you... Maybe this one : the first meetup I've organised few days ago :

Thank you in advance, for any help !


Nobody needs to feel lost or lonely here 😉
No worries about "which post to send you". I will have an overall look at your blog and see what recommendations I might give you in general. I will furthermore specifically check the tagging that you mentioned. Please give me some time, but I will give you feedback within the next 48 hours anyways 😊
Have a nice day, Roxane!

Thank you so much !

You are welcome! :-)

There is a huge learning curve on Steemit but there are so many helpful people in many languages who are willing to help. Hang in there! You can do this. :)

A note on tags... The first tag is the most important one and should be most appropriate to the content you're writing. Try to stay away from using steem or steemit tags and to get the best chance of the best exposure for your posts, visit your feed at to the right of your screen you are going to see a list of the most popular tags. Remember, you can be flagged for using tags inappropriately. Just be mindful.

Thanks @merej99 for your helping hand :-)

We're happy to provide you with some detailed feedback on the article you mentioned here @malik.roxane:

Have a great day!

I'm interested in telling funny yet educational stories. Here is my first story post. I'd love any feedback. Thanks for offering this!

Excellent! We'll be happy to have a look at it trying to give you some feedback within 48 hours.

Thank you soul much. 🙏🏼

Thank you very much for the feedback. It's very very much appreciated.

You are more than welcome!
I saw that you reposted your introduction, very well done. You received a 100% upvote from @surfermarly :-)
Best of luck for your future doings, we will be following you.

Thank you very much for the insight, follow, and warm welcome. Many blessings and to a fantastic summer weekend!🙏🏼🍻

Yeah, the very same to you!

Cool! Upvoted and followed! I just got on Steemit recently and I'm trying to figure out how to connect with likeminded individuals. I'm a yoga teacher and blog on related topics - here's my most recent!

Oh if you like yoga, you should definitely follow @acromott :-)
It's going to be our pleasure to have a look at your article. Give us some time to study it well and have a look at your blog in general. Good things need their time, but we'll reply within 48 hours anyways.
Have a great time!

Dope - thanks so much!

You are more than welcome! :-)
We're happy to provide you with some tips today as promised. You find them in the article that you copied for us:

Your article has been furthermore upvoted and resteemed by @surfermarly :-)

Have a great day!!

If i don't follow and support, who will?.....Triple Winks

Thank you!!! :-) Great and heart-warming reply.

Great project @steemaniacs well, do we have also a discord channel or how does the system works here?

Hey @frankydoodle! Everything will happen on the blockchain, means: you can drop your link in the comments section of this post, then we have a look at the article (and related blog) and give the feedback directly in your blog (visible to the whole community in order to share the knowledge with everybody who wants to access it).

Hiiii Steemaniacs nice to read about you.i am Manas from india,am also a new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed, can you also follow me.Best of luck.

I did this one today but I am not getting much traction?
Would love any feedback you can give,
love and peace,

So you signed up in August 2016 but didn't post until July 2017 (6 days ago)?
Well "traction" needs its time. One week of presence on the platform is close to nothing :-) But we won't kill your dreams! Just give us a bit of time, and you'll get a detailed feedback (comment) in one of your last posts. I've already seen some things that might be improved in the short term. Let's do some magic 😃
Have a great time!

Actually, I tried to sign up in July on the 15th but I have not received my account. This was my husband's account that I commandeered since he was not using it. He had done it from work when investing. I agree on the time issue. I just thought if you could give me some pointers it would help and be greatly appreciated.
Love and Peace,

The official onboarding takes forever, but there is a way to get a new steemit account in only a few minutes:
It's not for free, but you'll have it right away...

Getting back to our previous conversation, we've just commented the article you sent us, providing you with some feedback on your blog. Here we go:

We hope you enjoy our little coaching.
Have a great time and see you around!

resteem :) will support it also :) have a nice day

Thanks! Dankesehr. Have a great day, too.

Ich stecke ja selber noch in den Kinderschuhen, aber wenn ich das Große und Ganze mal durchblickt habe, dann kann ich auch gerne mithelfen (:

Grandiose Idee!

Sehr gerne @cobalus :-) Vielen Dank!!
Das Feedback ist bis dato grandios. Habe schon einige Artikel analysiert und bewertet. Super interessant! So liest man plötzlich Dinge, die man sonst ggf. gar nicht gefunden hätte.

Hab einen super Tag!

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

Thank you so MUCH!!

Nice project. Upvoted ^^

Thank you, too kind! :-)

Awesome project. Im sure many new users could need this helping hand.

It really seems to be the case, we've been sending a lot of articles. Great start!
Thanks for your nice Feedback :-)

I could also need some feedback on by blogs, site layout and english gramar etc. xD
...but no hurry ;D

OK no problem. I've got a couple of more articles in the row :-) I'll have a look at it as soon as possible! The demands overwhelmed me a bit...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sounds so friendly man! Im in and of course...Welllllcomeeeeee!

Good to hear that @leotrap! Thank you!!! :-)

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Great initiative! I would love to help out! throws upvotes eagerly

I will probably set up a curation trail to follow the activity and upvote in a similar way :)

Excellent! Do that and let us know, then we can follow your project as well.
Thanks for your kind words and support :-)

I will probably need some amazing developer skills or some understanding of something I am unaware of, but I will do when I figure it out in 10 years or so ;D

Haha, I wouldn't be able to develop one either. But hey, there are so many devs out here, maybe you can cooperate with one :-)

True! Currently I am working with @pilcrow to come up with something cool :) Not MUCH related to this, but hopefully will increase networking within Steemit. Hopefully we can announce something soon.

Good to know! I'll check it out then :-)

What a brilliant idea! Cannot wait to see the results

Thank you!

Follow, Upvoted and resteemed :-)

Thank you so much!!!

This post received a 3.7% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @lichtblick! For more information, click here!

Awesome! Thank you @lichtblick, it's highly appreciated!

Thanks @steemaniacs and @surfermarly!
Great idea... a lot of creativity here on Steemit... but sadly also a lot of SPAM.
Here a post about my life as a mannequin:

Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Thanks for your comment! That mannequin idea is funny :) Seems that you're doing quite well (just had a quick look at your blog).
What is spam to you exactly?

@steemaniacs thanks for you reply!
I think I used the wrong terms... personally I don't like bots making upvotes, etc.
There is also a flood of not-too-much-quality-and-creative content... and tag abuses.
People just think Steemit is an easy way to make money... ok, we have to be patient, I know, but sometimes there is a lot of garbage.
But that's internet... there are pro and cons.