April 11th -- Steemit Ramble #151 -- Curating Great Posts for You

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Another busy week time so far. I struggle sometimes to get my focus on to writing and off other activities. I guess such is life for many.

This past Monday flags at Legions and many government buildings were flown at half mast to mark Vimy Ridge Day. It was the 101st anniversary of a WW1 battle that was considered pivotal in the development of Canada as a nation.

For the first time that day, all four Canadian divisions fought together as a unit. After months of painstaking preparation, in short order they took an objective that had cost over 100,000 lives of other nations. It cost Canada over 2500 of our young men. The iconic Vimy Ridge memorial in France sits on land deeded to Canada in perpetuity in appreciation.

Flags across the country continue to fly at half mast this week. They are remembering and honouring fifteen killed in a horrific crash between bus and a transport near Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The bus was carrying a junior hockey team, coaches and support staff. Gone in an instant. Life is often too short.

Onward to today’s rambling

Ready, Freddy? (Entry for Comedy Open Mic Round #8)

Well this should change the tone from my opening comments. @rhondak shows us she can be both funny and a poet at the same time. Well, I knew she could be funny, the poetry is a new experience.

Accident Prone: Entry for Comedy Open Mic Round #8

Also on the humourous poetry note, this post was nominated by @damianjayclay. Leave it to @bex-dk to turn personal injury into humour and poetry.

🔹 MY ART - old door - watercolor - process

I normally want to see some commentary to go along with photos but this post speaks for itself as we watch the painting emerge from the first sketchings. Very nice work @marty-arts

The Wolf Mother Speaks (Comedy Open Mic #8)

@tinypaleokitchen shares with us the joys and the tribulations of owning a wolfdog. He’s smart and there is not much he can’t get himself into, including her hot oven, when he wants to steal food.

Kicking Around Buckets

One of the several challenges making their way around the platform is the bucket list one. Nominees are supposed to list what they would put on their bucket list, things they want to do before they die. @rumplestiltskin takes a bit of a different approach to his list and it worked rather nicely.

My thoughts on Write Club

Toiling away in a hidden corner of The Writers’ Block this past 16 weeks has been a group called The Write Club. This was the first round of this boot camp like group for writers. @johnkingwriter aka RatBastard writes his thoughts on what it has been like to be part of this first group.

Secrets Revealed! How To Make A Re-Steemable, Curatable, Badass Post

Click-bait title aside, @mountainjewel has written a good post on the elements that go into writing a quality post which catches people’s attention and keeps them reading all the way through. Hint: don’t use click-bait titles.

Creatives' Coffee Hour Video is Up!

@fiberartists aka @artemisnorth has been holding a coffee chat for creatives on Mondays in the Steemit Ramble. Attendance has been growing each week and people are enjoying themselves. It’s an hour out from working where they can shoot the breeze, talk about creative struggles or share their victories. Have a listen to last week’s show.

Writing Prompt Art Contest #11

The next Writing Prompt Art Contest is getting underway. @gmuxx has been running this contest but it is now coming under the auspices of @thewritersblock. If you have some art to enter, now is the time to do.

Mark Your Calendar

The next witness chat is taking place in the Steemit Ramble on Saturday April 21st starting at 11am EDT or 3pm UTC. The discussion will be broadcast live on the Steemstar network. This is your opportunity to meet the witnesses who choose to attend, ask questions and hear from them. The last one was a great success.

Join the Curation Trail

If you’d like to be part of supporting the posts that I curate, you can join my curation trail. What that means is if you are part of the trail, when I vote on a quality post, your votes will automatically follow me. The trail name is PathtoSuccess which is another of my accounts and the one where I read most of the posts shared here.

You’ll need to sign up at SteemAutoand I’d recommend you use SteemConnect when asked to give voting rights. That makes sure your keys are safe.

Once registered, the link to the curation trail is right here. You can set the percentage of vote you wish to use in the settings once you join the trail.

Nominate Your Favourite Post

With all the chaff that I end up trying to sift through each time I sit down to do the Steemit Ramble, I think it is time to give you dear reader an opportunity to nominate your favourite reads.

Just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord and post the link in the Nominate-A-Post Channel.

steemit ramble

As much as you may love your own post, I am really looking for someone else to say, “Hey, I like this post, have a look”. When I post a Steemit Ramble, that is what I’m telling my readers.

Earn A Share of the Post Payout

As you explore around the platform, you come across posts you really like and think others should see. Come to the Steemit Ramble Discord and share the link in the *nominate-someones-post channel. There are some rules:

  1. The post must be introduced by you.
  2. The post must be in English or have an English version.
  3. The post must not have been presented during PYPT.

I’ll review the post and if I use it in a Steemit Ramble, a portion of the SBD the post earns will be sent to you on payout.

Pimp Your Post Thursday

Don’t forget, Pimp Your Post Thursday takes place every Thursday at 11am and 7:00pm EDT. Come and join the fun.

Pimp Your Post Thursday

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Very honored to have made this list! Thank you @damianjayclay for nominating me! And Rhonda venturing into poetry makes me happy also. The Block is really hit hard by the Poetry Poxe! So much good stuff this week... off to go clicking into the ones she hasn't seen yet

very nice post friends

Thanks for the feature! Click bait aside 😂 hey! You clicked 🙃😉 appreciate your kind words.

Thanks for the mention, mate :)

Thank you @shadowspub for what you do. It's a lot, I know But much appreciated :)

The templars were betrayed and slaughtered on this day way back. Well it'd been a bit and it's a great day.