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I’ve been asked what Write Club has done for me over the last sixteen weeks and I’m tempted to be less than charitable. I’m tempted to say that it has made me loathe deadlines and committees even more than I did. If that’s even possible given that I despise both with a passion that is exceeded only by my hatred of the entire British establishment. But I won’t. Because Write Club taught me something early on in the game before a publisher could do it to me further down the line. Unless you’re Stephen King, J.K. Rowling or Dean fucking Koontz you will be dropped like a hot potato if you miss a deadline as a new author.

I want to succeed. I have a deep seated need to join the ranks of authors that have changed the hearts and minds of their readers. Writers that have left a legacy of tales that enhance and enrich the lives of people for generations to come. I can think of no greater gift to leave my wife, my children and those that had faith in me, than my thoughts spread across thousands of pages of beautifully written prose for them to immerse themselves in. That is the legacy that I work towards every day.

How does Write Club come into this?

My characters are stronger, my story lines run deeper and my descriptions are elegant where once they were clumsy. My opening scenes hit hard, my fight scenes hit harder and my characters’ dialogue is rich and natural.

I now write quickly and regularly, almost habitually. Whereas before I wrote only when I could grasp the muse. Now, I sit down at my desk and the muse comes to me. My stories almost write themselves.

Speaking of which, I have a portfolio of short stories to sell or to use in an anthology.

I have a product.

I have friends that can help or be helped at the click of a button.

I’d have chewed my pinky finger off at the knuckle and mailed it to Jordan had that been a requirement of membership.

Write Club is no walk in the park. It’s a gruelling 16 week marathon and it’s utterly uncompromising. Competence is its minimum requirement. Marketable works and professionalism are its rewards.

A new Write Club starts in May.

So, what the fuck are you waiting for?



Magnificent post, @johnkingwriter. It has been such a crazy, fun, wild ride, traveling this journey with you and the gang. I can't believe it's nearly over! It has been intense, rewarding, and absolutely great for skill building. You said it all. (And I'm really glad @jordan.lesich didn't require any of us to sacrifice fingers, limbs or other body parts!)

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That is awesome, @shadowspub. It's a great post. As I told John, it actually made me cry. :-)

We should mention to John that pulling ladies hair isn't a good way to make them cry :)

Ha ha! It's fortunately not a problem since he's all the way over in Scotland and can't reach me! Hee hee hee.

Thanks, Shadows :)

Super scary, but a great summary of what awaits those who choose to drop their heart and souls into the great chewing pit of Write Club.

However, I'm not biting off my fingers for anyone. I am willing to bite off someone else's fingers if necessary, though.

Other fingers are fine. So long as we get a finger. That's the rule.

Ha ha! I find the direction of this conversation slightly ironic given one of the stories I produced in the first session of Write Club. Ring a bell, @jordan.lesich? :-)

Shudders in a corner...
I'm waiting for May to start....

I'm new in the Steemit venue, however, not new to the world of writing and publishing. I so love this quote from your post @johnkingwriter: "I want to succeed. I have a deep seated need to join the ranks of authors that have changed the hearts and minds of their readers." This echoes my hue and cry when I embarked upon my career many years ago. I'm so new to Steemit I don't even know what this "write club" is; but I know it sounds stupendous. All the best in your endeavors! Never give up!
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Thank you kindly, M'Lady :)

This is so well said and very accurate. I don't know about pinky sacrifice, but it has been well worth the time/sanity/safe-writing sacrifice.

I’m new to this platform and had never heard of write club before this. How do I get involved?

There will be an announcement post soon about the candidate selection process. It's a very small group. Participants must be writing fiction regularly and ready to commit to the rigors of a boot camp. :-)

If you are looking for involvement in a writing organization that supports developing writers, check out The Writers' Block: @thewritersblock.

Thanks. Yes I’m already aware of the writersblock. They’re fantastic. I posted a piece up for workshopping there.

I’m writing my 2nd novel and have been teaching creative writing for years. The boot camp approach sounds like an excellent idea.

Awesome to hear, @shift17. I look forward to getting to know you and your work.

Thank you. I look forward to reading more of your work

You need to join The Writers' Block. Note the position of the apostrophe. I say this because there is another, awesome but not as awesome ;), group called the Writer's Block. Here's an invite to the right one for Write Club just to be sure.

Ok. I’ll check that out. Thanks.

Those are excellent tools to learn. Looking forward to the new sacrifices in May.

I, too, would bite off the pinky. But the left one. I need the right one to hit enter while typing.

Hopefully that won't be necessary! :-)

Haha, hopefully. So there's a chance?

Nods, smiles, gives Anike an encouraging hug.