My daily Manual curation: Featured posts [2019-08-13](13 SCOT Tribes supported – A list inside this post)

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Hello steemians,

For my project, I've selected some of my yesterday favourite posts chosen from among my daily "Manual curation report".
If you will, you could give them all a read and you can leave comments to the respective posts if you like them. I guess the authors don't mind a small vote as well.. better to get something than nothing!

I wish to specify clearly that itsn' a subscription service; I mean, gratis, no charge for authors. If you want, you can upvote this post but it is neither mandatory nor required.

I'm just trying to be supportive of good authors, or at least those that in my opinion are good contributors.


MY CHOICE (alphabetically by author):

Foreign Policy Roundup - 8 - 12 - 09

by @chieppa1

한 여름 밤의 (경기 광주) 휴게소

by @cyberrn

Quando o discurso não coincide com a atitude. #Filosofia da Linguagem

by @demokratos

Northern Shaman Sai. Harsh companion turned out)

by @elenasteem

[여행 - 오스트리아] 1. 빈은 흔하자나 그래서 난 빈 숲을 갔다(본격 추억여행)

by @hyokhyok

Sunrise at the Reservoir / Sonnenaufgang am Stausee

by @johannpiber

[테이스팀#101]리얼 팥? '팟알'

by @khaiyoui

Mais con hielo ala Tropical Hut

by @macoolette

[ENG] It's too early for mass adoption of Steem? // [ITA] E' ancora troppo presto per una diffusione di massa di Steem?


Meditation Sessions Return, Tags We Support, and A Reminder to Be With Breath

by @naturalmedicine

Stop Letting Your Imagination Run Away With You and Cut Down On Tension and Stress...

by @porters

장어로 몸보신 했어요.

by @starfilled

Chakra Removal-ONE YEAR LATER. Chakra Removal Part 6 (2018)

by @tonysayers33

[미켈고깃집] 부천역 근처 가성비 좋은 소갈비살 맛집

by @yhyang

Dangerous Debate

by @zyx066

So here's a list of SCOT Tribes supported by my curation project:

  • Owned SP: 18,469
  • My vote value at 100%: 0.25 STU
  • Owned PAL: 1,245
  • Owned LEO: 1282
  • Owned GG: 714
  • Owned STEM: 400
  • Owned JAHM: 309
  • Owned NEOXAG: 91
  • Owned CCC: 11
  • Owned INTREPRENEUR: 197
  • Owned SPORTS: 99
  • Owned CPT: 102
  • Owned UFM: 21
  • Owned MARLIANS: 98
  • Owned TUNES: 50
  • Owned PORN: 500
  • Number of votes allocated to authors yesterday: 172
  • Total amount distributed yesterday: 2.77 STU

Let me know with a comment to this post, if you have comments to this post or have suggestions for my curation project. I'me always open for positive criticism and improvements!

courtesy of @traciyork

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