Sunrise at the Reservoir / Sonnenaufgang am Stausee

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Yesterday morning I was finally once again at sunrise at the Drau Reservoir Annabrücke.

Gestern morgen war ich endlich wieder einmal bei Sonnenaufgang am Drau Stausee Annabrücke.

Sunrise at the Reservoir / Sonnenaufgang am Stausee

The first two photos were taken facing east in the "Blue Hour" at an interval of about 7 minutes just before sunrise.

Die ersten beiden Fotos wurden mit Blickrichtung nach Osten in der "Blauen Stunde" im Abstand von etwa 7 Minuten kurz vor Sonnenaufgang gemacht.

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Canon EOS R | EF 16-35mm 1:4L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 15.0 sec • @31 mm • soft grad ND 0.9 + ND 0.9 + CPL

While I took another shot after the first picture, a beaver has swum comfortably across the picture without being interested in me. In the photo you can see only a long shadow in the water, because of the long exposure time.

Während ich eine weitere Aufnahme nach dem ersten Bild gemacht habe, ist ein Biber gemütlich quer durch das Bild geschwommen, ohne sich für mich zu interessieren. Auf dem Foto sieht man wegen der langen Belichtungszeit aber nur einen langgezogenen Schatten im Wasser.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 2.5 sec • @105 mm • soft grad ND 0.9 + ND 0.9 + CPL

After sunrise, north on the other side of the reservoir, the sky is still in a light pink color, and the morning mist is still hanging between the trees.

Nördlich auf der anderen Seite des Stausees hat der Himmel noch eine zartrosa Farbe und zwischen den Bäumen hängt noch der Rest vom Frühnebel.

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 4.0 sec • @174 mm • soft grad ND 0.9 + CPL


Location / Standort: Reservoir Annabrücke (River Drau)

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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice evening,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
#originalcontent #originalworks #deutsch #austria #steemit-austria

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.556393 lat 14.423096 long Reservoir-Annabruecke d3scr)

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Stunning image.

Posted using Partiko Android

That's my special place there, where I haven't seen anybody else whenever I was there in the mornings, and that's good so ;)
Thank you, that you like the photos, @michaeljn 😊

Looks really awesome.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you so much 😊

Beautiful capture of the sunrise. I think your timing was perfect. :-)

Sunrise is at ablut half past five, quite early in the morning in summer, and I do like to get up early - that makes timing easy :)
Thank you vor yournice comment on my photos, @quotes-haven 😊

You are welcome! I am only stating the facts. 😊
5.30 am in the morning. Wow... that is really early. There are times when i am not even asleep at that time. 😊

Thank you again, @quotes-haven, I like to get up early, so that's no problem for me 😁

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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Thanks for resteeming my post, dear @pixresteemer 😊

Oh this is gorgeous 😍

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This sunrise at the lake is so very different from your stunning sunsets at the sea ;)
Thank you so much, that you like my photos too, @dkkarolien 😊

You take exquisite photos! Of course I enjoy them!! Goodnight from Mauritius 🇲🇺

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you :)))
I wish you also a very good night 😊

it looks so peaceful

Posted using Partiko iOS

The mornings there are all peaceful - this is one of my favorite places for being alone and relaxing :)
Thank you for your nice words, @mineralstudy 😊

WOw what a beautiful area and such gorgeous shots I love the lovely pastel colors of the sunrise

Have I already said good morning this morning?
I don't know, so: good morning, JJ, and thank you that you like the first real sunrise photos I have taken for quite a few days 😊

This is the reservoir, at which I usually walk. At this place you have the best view of the sunrise, and there's always some fog. When I walk further on, I get to a forest road and then on an overgrown path in the forest right beside the water. I have never seen any people there, what means, if I want to be alone then I go there :)

Yes you said good morning 😃 but I forgot to respond so good midday or gidday to you mate
That sounds like a place I would love walking without a doubt nature and no people just perfect

I was too lazy to look, thanks and gidday 😊

There are paths on both side of that river reservoir, and you can walk to the east and to the west of the bridge. The red paths are highly visited, and my path is the green one :)

I see that’s interesting funny how 3 are popular and one not but the less visited one is where I would want to go as well without a doubt

The other paths are clean and well maintained and also used by bicycle riders, and "my" path is at some places overgrown with grass, but that does not bother me ;)

Nor would it bother me if I had it all to myself :)


This Photos are Really Amazing.. 😍

It was a beautiful sunrise that morning, thank you very much, @umangparmar :)

I am new to steemit.. So pls support me.. I am following you.. I will upvote you and comment on you blog..

So many new members come and think, they would make the big money here by posting the work of others, without reading any of the available FAQs and guidelines.

We have a great community here, and everybody supports everybody, but there are a few rules we all have to follow.

Please read at least the Steemit FAQ and the information that @steemcleaners provide.

Good and original content does not need to ask for support, and even the best content takes some time to get noticed.

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Very special photos!! Just like a dream land.

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Yes, that's a special place, where the sunrises are sometimes so very different than usual. This might also be caused by the fog, that's there every morning :)

Thank you very much for your nice words, dear @kaminchan 😊

Have a very nice and jolly week!
Thanks for being very kind and generous.

You know me by now, @kaminchan, I am the kindness in person 😉
I wish you a great week and best summer weather :)

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Thank you for adding the spot of my sunrise photos from yesterday to the Steemit Worldmap, @steemitworldmap 😊

Wow sir johannpiber, these are really good. Especially for early in the morning when most photographers can't function yet. lol. The first one is my favorite and is so interesting, calming, and beautiful.

So, you think, that I am functioning at this early time in the morning? I am awake, and I love to be awake as early as possible in the mornings, but I don't know if I am functioning right at this time ;) lol

Thank you very much for the nice words you found for my photos, @janton 😊
I like the first one most too, although I have made this shot many times before. When there are no clouds the sunrises there look all quite the same, but I love it anyway.

I agree that they are similar but that first one was so beautiful because of the fog, then the light down the middle and then I thought that branch sticking out of the water was really cool!

Yes, @janton, you are right, and I think, that branch has always been there. I remember, that it has already been there when I came there for first time last year.

I wouldn't mind having a big print of that one on a wall at home!

Wow, thank you so much @janton - this compliment is very kind of you 😊
If ever I should decide to sell prints, you will be the first one to know :)