Meredith Loughran shares 90 Days of Steemit! Expectations - Thoughts on Curation - and Setting Goals for the Next 30 Days

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Would you believe me if I said:

I have no expectations.

Me using a Snapchat filter

Being a very active member of Steemit has not garnered huge monetary rewards, but I am not one to complain about that because I am earning more on this platform than Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, and any other social media platform combined.

It doesn't matter if my post makes a penny or $100. In fact, my highest paid post was a ridiculously silly, self-deprecating post which made $118.45 over three weeks ago.

I refuse to compare my wallet with anyone's because I am competing against myself.

My progression by the numbers

@ 30 Days

Zero to 80 followers.
Reputation score: 52.4
510 posts.

@ 60 Days

Reputation score: 59.5
Just over 1100 posts.

@ 90 Days

Reputation sits at 63.9
Over 2400 posts.
I'm ranked #37 in post counts out of 47259 Steemians tracked!

Though I do not compare myself to anyone else, I do admit to chasing a few people to be in their ranks: @honeyscribe @papa-pepper @williambanks @opheliafu @meesterboom @jlufer and @stellabelle to name a few.

Getting to this point has not been easy.

Anyone with over 2000 posts (with the exception of bots) practices

the 3 C's:

Content creation - Curation - Comments

It's the thing that we have in common.

Are YOU practicing the 3 C's?

This segues perfectly into the next thing I want to talk about.

Thoughts on Curation

Let me first state that I admire the efforts of curation guilds like RobinHood Whale, Curie, and Steem Guild - but I also believe they are terribly flawed.

In the interest of transparency, I was the benefactor of RobinHood Whale...ONCE, and have no idea if I'm on the radar of Curie or Steem Guild by the simple fact that my activity and growth often excludes me from being qualified. This is not a complaint, mind you. Remember what I said about expectations?

The bottom line is, the only one I can rely on is me. What I put forth is what I will get from this process of growth and learning. I am convinced that I am where I am because I don't go around with casual upvotes. I do an exceptional amount of reading. If I like it, I upvote. If I bother to upvote I leave a comment about 90+/- % of the time.

I call that organic curation

My frustration

It grinds my gears to see brand new people coming onto Steemit with the expectation of making big money in a relatively short amount of time, with absolutely no resolve to work for it.

It took about 30 days for me to earn $103.50 and $92.61 of that was earned on days 29 and 30. Don't believe me? Just look through my blog.

And even as I've reached 90 days, I've calculated my average earnings to be $15.60 per post, which doesn't sound too bad, right? Except the majority of my posts have made less than one dollar and a few have made significantly more.

If you look through the list, there is no rhyme or reason why some posts did better than others.

Again, I am not complaining. I'm just stating what my efforts have yielded so you have an objective view.

Going back to the curation guilds and their efforts: They are admirable because I believe the intention is to develop user retention and keep newbies happy. But I also believe it's a crutch and gives new people a false sense of security.

They are being trained to have expectations without doing the work necessary to develop a strong foundation and build their tribe. This may be an unpopular opinion, but it's mine.

I would also like to point out that many of the people who have begun these initiatives have been active members of Steemit for a long time. They've earned their stripes and want to give back to the platform. And while their intention is to be objective, these guilds are made of people and they will migrate toward their friends. Again, not a complaint. This is just a statement of human nature.

Curation Using Streemian

I am a curator on Streemian and have several invitation codes left for anyone interested in joining.

I am not holding the codes hostage on condition that you follow my trail. I don't work like that. If you want an invite code, leave me a message. I'll give them out until I run out.

What I would recommend is going down the list of active curators and see who is active, who they're voting for, and if it jives with your personal upvote habits.

I mention this because you are literally allowing your chosen curators to use your voting power in their upvotes. There are positives and negatives to this.


  • You will earn curation points because other people are voting on your behalf, potentially voting 24/7 and accumulating your own curation rewards/Steem Power (SP).
  • You see how people are voting.
  • You can easily leave or join trails at your whim.


  • Your vote power can quickly be depleted, dependent on how many trails you follow and how active your curator is.
  • You have to submit your private Steemit key.
    While I'm pretty confident that my information is secure, there is that risk.
  • I spent about 2 hours last night looking through the curators and noticed that many of them follow each other, which means they are voting on the same people. (Refer to my thoughts on curation guilds.)

I am currently not following anyone's curation trail because I consistently upvote and comment on 25-50 blogs a day. I may not be a whale, but that doesn't mean I can't think and act like one.

Steemit Best Practices

  • Upvote
  • Leave a comment
  • Engage with your favorite people
  • Check your feed
  • Check the NEW tab for "new-to-me" content and users
  • Find those hidden gems
  • Be a mentor
  • Post what you love because you love it - not because you think it will be a big earner
  • Get in the habit of having no expectations
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Don't give up - EVER

My Goals for the Next 30 Days

  • I'd like to see my reputation score grow to the high 60s.
  • Pay It Forward. I've been hosting small contests to give everyone (even dolphins and whales) an equal opportunity to win Steem power. I have also tipped people SP who consistently share quality content - JUST BECAUSE. It's more of a token of appreciation - kind of like tipping your bartender.

Imagine if we all stopped with the gimme attitude and gave when we could?

How awesome would it feel to look at your wallet and see an extra 5 SP just because you're you? I intend to continue this practice.

  • I am also the Municipal Liaison for the Florida:Elsewhere region for NaNoWriMo, so my posts in November will likely be WriMo related...or really goofy just to blow off steam! (No pun intended.)

Final Thoughts

Gut check your reasons for being on Steemit. Evaluate your activity and growth. What are you taking from Steemit? And more importantly, What are you giving back?

Your comments, upvotes and shares are always appreciated.

Thank you.

For older content, visit my Steemit blog page

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Really loving your content, looking forward to reading more from you!


I'm looking forward to seeing your work as well @natek! Headed over to your profile :D

I really appriciate your wise observations. I was so overwhelmed by the many facets of steemit cosmologically initally that it seems I am still trying to catch up with the implications of such an advanced network-- in time and in language. I planned to explore the possibilities of free expression and mutual respect for all as my foundation in my approach to this project, and I have experienced different perspectives of the norm post, but ultimately I feel steem has so much potential, I am so greateful to encounter such a widespread community of functional intelligence. :) I really have a lot to learn, and thank you for your shedding light on the various aspects of this experience that could use some attention. Your goals are great, I have similar ambitions.


@ndbeledrifts, it definitely has been an easier transition for me having been a blogger for so long. I had a hard time grasping the cryptocurrency aspect. There is so much to learn! Do what you are comfortable with. Try to learn something new every day. Ask for help. There are tons of helpful people here. Get involved with really building your community. If I thought about all the things being developed, tested and implemented using the various aspect of the technology, I think I would go into overload! LOL I highly recommend free expression. BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU


(regarding the potential for overload...)...right?! Well, one step at a time, then, if I want to invest the steem value I have generated into more steem, do I power up or power down? Its simple, but you could say, that's where I'm at. :) thanks again!


Love and stick-tuitiveness. :) Thanks for popping in with a comment @renzor. You are much appreciated.

Brilliant post my friend @ merej99, makes me very happy their achievements continued success

I don't know you were chasing me? I'll stop running!;D
Great post, a good list of ideas too.


Chasing after you like a rabid chihuahua after a Great Dane! LOL
How's that for a visual? tee hee :D

Gosh woman how I love your mind and how you do things. 90 days already, time flies around here. Great post as always and I look forward to the next. xx


Time really does fly! I can't believe it's been 3 months when it feels like forever. Did the time before Steemit really exist? LOL

Hi @merej99, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.


Oh, awesome @shadowspub! Thank you! I'm headed that way to see your list.

Great to have you here. I missed your most valued article, but I just read it now. It was funny, and I didn't know funeral singer is a job; that's really interesting; and also the two toenails; you really are an alien :)


LOL. Yup. Funeral singer. Get paid to make people cry. Yes. I often think I'm an alien too. haha!

You're awesome. Keep up the good work, yo! <3


Thanks @techslut
But I've been pretty bad at getting caught up on Mistress of Magic :(
Trying to get my WriMo region squared away has left me in shambles for relaxing with wine and rubbing on hubby. LOL


It's okay, I've barely had time to write it. But the goal is to finish it by the end of the month and do the next book in the series as a NanoWriMo attempt. I have 10K words to write in less than a week to do THAT. I am too optimistic, I suspect.


Sheee-yit. You got that in the bag! 10K words can be done in a day as long as you bribe the muse with chocolates and wine. Lots of wine. Write drunk...worry about editing later. LOL
What WriMo region are you in?


Israel. I am not even sure we have a regional team or whatever. A few years back we were a group of writers, but nowadays I have no idea if there's a local team.

P.S. Fuck wine. I go straight to vodka. How Soviet of me.


HAHA! Right? Fuck wine - I'm a whiskey girl. It's the Irish in me. ;o)
I just checked. Israel has 4 regions but only Jerusalem has MLs. Well, you are more than welcome to check out my Florida Elsewhere region and hang with us in the chat rooms and message boards...or add me as a writing buddy. :) I personally like to get & give as much support as possible :)


I don't know if I'll actually try. I really want to. But work and life and shit. And Jerusalem is far away. But you have my support!

P.S. Good whiskey is always welcome!

Oh my those 90 days have gone past so quickly. I'm the same I leave a comment on most posts I read I can honestly say Steemit gets better the more you put into it.


It's kind of neat to see where we started and where we are now, isn't it?
I'm still trying to actively recruit people but I want them to know the realities. I've personally made it a daily commitment to log on and contribute - even if I don't post every single day.


I always try and use my daily votes even if not posting, is my first port of call and my last. Its great to see how much we have grown in 90 days, you have your fingers in lots of pies I'm not that confident :)

I'm curating for SteemTrail and noticed that some of the other curators are following SteemTrail. But I like to keep my personal voting for my personal likes, which are not all within my SteemTrail category. You've encouraged me to stick with what feels right for me.


You've touched on a really good point. I'm not against the curation guilds at all. I think it's a nice "welcome to Steemit" kind of initiative - but at the same time I think it doesn't do newbies any favors when they are cut loose because it may feel like abandonment, you know? But to be an independent curator simply because it's something you enjoy and not beholden to any particular subject gives a certain amount of freedom for all. Just ask yourself, how many times have you held back on an upvote because it didn't fall within the guidelines? Something to think about.


No, I didn't think you were against them and neither am I (or I wouldn't be curating for one). I think now with 4 different guilds with different criteria, the problem of someone suddenly being dropped when they're more experienced will decrease. I just want to also have the option of using my personal vote differently, which I am doing.

At 90 days we probably started about the same time. I've open streemian and am checking it out. Do we need an invite to use the site?


Hey @vegascomic, I believe you need an invite code to register to the site. If you can log in, you've probably already got one :)

I love going through new and finding great posts like this and members of the active steemit community I should already be following. Fixed. :)

some good advice here, mere. Most of all, I like your attitude. Okay, I just like you, and your work :)

Taking notes over here. Great post!

You have a goal for the next 30 days and what is your wish? :-)


My wishes are outside of Steemit but they include having a wonderful piece of land to build my permanent home, raise and harvest food. Maybe Steemit will help me get there one day. Beyond that - I wish my sons health and happiness. :) How about you @steempowerwhale?

Thank you for a great article!
This poor speck of dust would like to follow your trail on streemian, so please give me an invitation code.


@shiri - are you on Twitter? You can send me a DM and I can reply with the code. I can be found at merej99 there too.

I can't believe I've not come across your posts in the past 90 days. I love the 3 c's, principal. Followed and resteemed


Thanks @stephen-somers! I'll be checking you out too. Sometimes the "new-to-me" peeps are the best gems!

You are one of my top three favorite writers. This post is why. I like the "gut check" bit. And also, the donating SP for the heck of it. I'll give that a try! I think you will make a great dolphin some day. I believe strongly in the 3 C's. My only complaint at this point is that I wish I had more time in a day.

p.s. How do you tip SP. I didn't know it could be transferred...I've only been able to transfer SBD and SD.

p.p.s. Also, any invitation codes left on your streemian account?

Brilliant and thank you, will be reading over and over, till I understand completely, I am starting out Plankton!! so thank you

Wow, I love this post. The Three C's make so much sense. I've been using your tips on Titles, Pictures, and Formatting to curate lately. Obviously, I must like the content too, but hopefully I will see an increase in my curation rewards by looking for Steemians that follow the tips you have for better posts. Thanks Mer. Your posts are awesome as always.

Well Meredith, this is day ONE for me, and I found you first :) Great help explaining this ... this... place that I'm trying to wrap my head around. My gut agreed positively with you and your advise! Thank you.
I, too, started in the web-world (designing) in 1999, so that connection confirmed I had found someone I could relate with! I will be reading more of your articles in my quest to understand and have something positive to contribute in this Steem world. Best Steam Practices is something I intend to copy/paste onto my desktop for my own personal reminder. "Post what you love because you love it..." that, is essentially, why I signed up. No expectations, just a lot to share that hopefully gives back out there (in a good way) what life has positively shown me, along with some good stories along the way. I have no idea yet where to start, but here I am!

Really helpful post and loved reading it. Lot to learn from it. Are you on Medium too and if yes, can you give you id. I would like to follow you.