Oct 23 - Steemit Ramble #41 - Don't You Hate it When You Miss Good Posts?

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Yesterday’s post went over 200 votes. That is a first for me. I consider that another mark of progress. I sat in on a podcast live recording on SteemTalk last night. It was fun. Lots of laughs, they talked about several subjects and then afterwards, the mics were opened and it was a general chat.

You do need a headset and mic to take full advantage of using Discord but you can do a lot using just the text chat so give it a try.

Onward to today’s rambling

Why Do We Hate Listening To Our Own Voice Recordings?

Don’t know about you, but I don’t like hearing my own voice on a recording. This post by @sirwinchester talks about the difference between how we hear our voice when we speak and how we hear it from a recording which is more like how other people hear our voice.

I used to be a baby dolphin. At 19 million vests--7,600 Steem Power--with a 64 rep--I am back to being a minnow. This is a problem.

@mctiller shows his own SteemPower figures to demonstrate how low the voting values are lately. It’s understood that has a lot to do with the low value of STEEM but it’s disconcerting to not hear from either @ned or @dantheman with updates about what is going on.

@ned has been around at the Hackathon in Oslo last weekend and he has stopped into SteemSpeak on Discord but there seems to be a growing number of voices wanting to hear from him or Dan on their blogs. Even in a decentralized platform, it is the nature of people to look for leadership and the founders are where they look.

The presence of leadership and the appearance of being engaged and caring is important. If it looks like the head people are not engaged, people wonder why they should be. Personally, I think there are people on the witness list who are showing leadership around Steemit, but I get that people will continue to look to the founders for that visible presence.

CryptoFinance Live Debate with 7 Panelists Including Ned Scott on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Regulation

Interesting debate by seven panelists about the future of bitcoin and in particular the role of potential regulations. It was interesting to keep track of the background of the panelists when they are talking. The more closely tied to the current banking system and regulations, the more the participant believed that bitcoin shouldn’t be accepted in the mainstream without regulation and ability to fully track transactions.

Was interesting at the end during the panelist’s wrap up comments one of the panelists made comment that he views the 100,000 users of Steemit as the beginning of a snowball effect of people learning of and accepting cryptocurrency.

@ned had the last word and felt that in five years people will be using technologies powered by crypto technologies and they wont really be aware that is underpinning them. He believes bitcoin is going to the moon in five months and great things are going to be happening.

What is the Blockchain, Blockchain 2.0, and Steemit? Building the Future!

@krnel writes a very well laid out post giving the reader the basics of understanding how blockchain, blockchain 2.0 and Steemit work. A good read for anyone, especially those new to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

My First Experience Using Bitcoin to Power Up My Account - Bitcoin Virgin

@whatsup writes about her experience as a person new to cryptocurrency first getting fiat money into Bitcoin and then sending it to STEEM. The bitcoin to STEEM was relatively easy, getting fiat into bitcoin, not so easy.

Fox's hunting.

@denn has some fantastic shots of a fox hunting and getting its prey. Nice work.

Caterpillars - Swallowtail Butterfly

Very upclose shots of a Rue plant in Israel containing several caterpillars and then the Swallowtail Butterfly they will emerge into. Beautiful shots.

Meredith Loughran shares 90 Days of Steemit! Expectations - Thoughts on Curation - and Setting Goals for the Next 30 Days

@merej99 shares where she’s been and where she’s at after 90 days on Steemit. She also talks about some of the best practices on the site if you wish to grow and develop on Steemit. Finally she talks about the curation guilds and her thoughts on them. An excellent post and realistic about expectations on Steemit.

You are so Much Smarter Than You Believe You Are! Yes, I Mean You!

@markrmorrisjr shares facts about what our brains are capable of. They are a muscle and the more they are worked the more they will succeed. The computing power of our brain exceeds any computer on earth and we can process more data in sixty second that we can possibly imagine. Have a read of more great facts.

When Steem hits rock bottom, start Steeming!

@oaldamster makes the argument that now, more than later, is the time to be steeming along on Steemit. Because the price of STEEM is so low, the amount of STEEM received on each post is considerably higher than the SBD received. While that is frustrating for many Steemians, you need to remember, more STEEM means being up to power up to Steem Power which builds your position on the site.

How history is written

@mgibson writes a good post today about how history gets written. We don’t always get to have history written down and passed down to us. Historians have to search for clues from a wide variety of sources. It’s an interesting post.

Wrap-up on Day 41

Lots of great posts today. Did a lot of reading today. I wanted to get the Ramble done today and then move onto some other ideas but I’m later than I expected to be getting it done but that’s okay. I’ll just keep plugging along.

Supporting and Upvoting

Let’s not forget folks. I’m sharing these posts not only because I like them. I’d really like to see them get support and upvoting. I know some of the posts have done okay by the time I post my ramble, but some really could use the support and upvoting.

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