🏞️Living off the grid in paradise - Great Big Story

in new-zealand •  5 months ago

Warwick Mitchell lives deep in one of the world's most remote locations: Fiordland,New Zealand.

His home in the country's oldest national park is nestled in a vast wilderness accessible only by boat or airplane,a four day's walk from the nearest road.surrounded by breathtaking,pristine natural beauty,plentiful wildlife and a small but tight-knit community that is allways willing to lend a hand.

I hope you find the video interesting and inspiring.

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Entire New Zealand is so beautiful and natural.

It was interesting. It was very impressive. I sometimes like to live far away so that nobody lives there.


I'm glad you found the post interesting.
I believe that most of us would like to "get away from it all" and live somewhere where it is peacefull and tranquil.
Thanks for commenting ✌️

Nice vid must be very peaceful living out there, resteemed. 😀


Cheers mate I appreciate that,it might get me another cent or two lol 🤗

That is a very harsh weather environment to live in, I would love that though very close to nature and eating the freshest meal!


The weather is a bit harsh but no worse than here in England,(we can get all four seasons in one day!)i would be used to it.
I like the idea of living in the wilderness,and off the grid.you can do it on the cheap,there would be a lot of hard work involved but it would be worth it for the freedom it would bring.


I completely agree with, we get that knid of England weather here in South Africa as well...
Its nice to know you are from England, I watch the EPL and I'm a strong Chelsea fan. So it one of my bucket list to go watch Chelsea at Stamford bridge play live.

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