Dailypick #52 : 14th July | Explore quality content!

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Hello Steemians!

Welcome to the 52nd curation of the Daily Pick. You will find some good, quality and profitable content that I explore, read and choose manually. Don't forget I'm not a bot, just a man who enjoys to read and share! I will explore contents daily, and upvote only good and profitable contents.

And of course, thank you to all the creators who have enjoyed us today by wonderful content! I am excitedly waiting for your new posts!

Daily Upvotes

1@christianyocteArt 95: Asa ang Takob?#artEN
2@kristyglasCoral Studies-Day 5+ Full Process#creativityEN
3@shahadatsagorDakatia: A River near my home#shahadatsagorEN
4@parioHow to make Banana Cupcakes: Recipe#cookingEN
5@chriscomicsIndie Comic Action 👊 “The Singularity”#artEN
6@krasnecNew strange garden painting#artEN
7@tanataWhat Am I Supposed To Do With All These Dumbbells? (The kind you lift, that is)#fitnessEN
8@felipejoysHow to create your blog's content on existing news, but without plagiarizing#blogEN
9@ilovelichieHaving A Knee Pain? Try These Natural Remedies#healthEN
10@ricko66Pictures of Angkor Vat - Cambodia#photographyEN
11@inberSpirited away cute monsters - original fan-art, process inside#artEN
12@jinny1985Orvium. Blockchain On Guard of Copyright and Scientific Publications#cryptocurrencyEN
14@ayushjalan5 MORE Websites & Apps That Offer Great Features For Steemit Users#steemitEN
15@cryptogeeAttaining Wisdom Through Golf - Don't Think Of A Monkey: Overcoming Your Fears#golf-wisdomEN
16@aaronmcheongAbundance and Collaboration: A 21st Century Business World#entrepreneurshipEN
17@miniature-tigerArchipelago - Player elimination, game phases and declaring a winner!#utopian-ioEN
18@akiripromiseDemystifying the popular myth that individuals are dominated by either their right or left brain hemisphere#steemstemEN
19@rachelhanson10The Time I Won At Parenting#steempressEN
20@jumartphotoPhototalk 1 : What camera I should buy for taking photos?#photographyEN

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Thank you!

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The first 3 months here and I got one comment and one upvote on 100s of posts if I was lucky. Today I got 2 cents because I upvoted my own post. Every day I go to other posts that I like and leave long comments and upvote, yet some days my followers goes down; strange...


Time is not the same for everyone. 3 months is a long time for you, but it is actually quite a short time for Steemit platform. Also STEEM prices have a negative impact on people, please continue to write good content without breaking, you will definitely get the rewards 😉

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