I am the champion, I am the champion, the first championship of my life that won, lol. I am very excited thanks to Steemitboard, Arcange and all the sponsors that made this contest a reality.

Nice work !!

this cup was somewhat easy the only surprise was Croatia that reached the final.

Yes. It was more surprises in groupstage. I think I play better with surprises. I am out now....From 2 to 11 ;-(

if this happened to you to bet for england instead of belgica

Well done @bidbots. you have been very clever throughout the contest. We should wait for the official proclamation of the result. But we already congratulate you.

thank you very much steemitboard

Nice job, well played!!!

thanks you.. @andyblack my pursuers did very well but some bet the opposite of what I bet to see if they reached me but it was the opposite.

Thank you.. My friend...

Amazing bro!!!! You are the boss :)


Good Job. ¡42 predictions, wow!, thats awesome

Thank you.

I go all or nothing! As everyone voted for safe France, because he is the favorite and has a fresh team, without so many minutes played ...

but I'm going for the miracle! =) CROATIA

I am with you ! Cccrrrooooaaaattttiiiiaaaa

for you who are close to the top 3 that is the bet if France loses you will climb to the second place but if croatia they lose they will go down considerably in the ranking.


depende de cuántas medallitas hayas ganado y cuántas medallitas ganó todo el resto

felicidades amigos


All Congratulations

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Felucitaciones @bidbots al resultar el campeón de este concurso


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