Dailypick #43 : 22th May | Explore quality content!

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Hello Steemians!

After little break, welcome to the 43th curation of the Daily Pick. You will find some good, quality and profitable content that I explore, read and choose manually. Don't forget I'm not a bot, just a man who enjoys to read and share! I will explore contents daily, and upvote only good and profitable contents.

And of course, thank you to all the creators who have enjoyed us today by wonderful content! I am excitedly waiting for your new posts!

Daily Upvotes

1@acesontopFishing Season Officially Open#busyEN
2@mashinde5 Common Scams In Crypto (And How To Avoid Them)#bitcoinEN
3@tomilolafadipeMake a master from disaster#lifeEN
4@astrophoto.kevinDer Orionnebel - Messier 42#de-stemDE
5@leribyleri(COLLABORATORS HOMES. Kitchen Remodeling. Chapter 3: Parra Family#lifeEN
6@frafiomataleInglorious workers - A similar Tarantino's (true) story#itaIT
7@rgeddesWant To Learn How To Sing? Incubus - Drive - No Reverb!#musicEN
8@urban-thinktankMicro-financing in informal settlements: getting inspired to EMPOWER through block chain technology!#architectureEN
9@anouk.nox(The Infamy Series) Let's talk about geoengineering and health issues#geoengineeringEN

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