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Curie started out a year ago with the aim to reward new and engaged Steem users for putting out quality original content. The goal was also to kickstart a curation community on the network. The project is simple: curators would need to go through hundreds and thousands of posts everyday on the Steem blockchain in order to recommend hidden gems. Over the course of the year, the project has evolved into something that's more decentralised, with a simple score-keeping mechanism to open up Curie to anyone who wants to contribute as a curator.

Curie Statistics

Current operation lifetime~12 months
Operation downtime~2 days
Posts upvoted~20,000 posts
Authors rewarded~7,500 authors
SBDs generated for authors~700,000 SBDs
Curators paid~1,000 curators
Paid out to curators~110,000 Steem + 7,500 SBDs
Paid out to reviewers~40,000 Steem


First test-run (12 August 2016)First posts upvoted - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
First announcement
First daily curation list
Curie's logo contest
First month operation special edition
Curie's logo winner announcement
Three months milestone
Project Curie presentation at SteemfestPresentation and interview
2017 NYE Edition
Open invitation & Streemian migration
No whale-support experiment
Closing of public submissions
Support expansion and curator recommendations

Project updates

Adding More Support for International Posts

Curie was the first curation project that helped support great posts in some international and non-English areas, including Korean and Spanish, which have become large segments on Steemit. Today, there are many growing communities in international growth areas, some of them posting in languages other than English. To recognize and support good content in these areas, Curie will allocate a portion of its votes again on some regional posts (in English and in other languages). In each of these areas, we will rely on trained curators who have posted appropriate guidelines for their communities, have a trusted system in place, and will be supervised by Tom @donkeypong.

Italian curators: @thenightflier and @bhuz
Brazilian curators: @maxjoy and @dudutaulois
Nigerian curators: @destinysaid @gbenga @ehiboss @ogoowinner @fisteganos
Malaysian curators: @bitrocker2020 and @awesomianist
Myanmar: @kachinhenry and @patricksanlin
Indonesia: @aiqabrago and @levycore

(This curation will be independent of Curie's general curation works, which will continue as usual with no changes)

Curator Recommendations

With public submissions by new curators now closed, we have a new system for onboarding new curators. Top curators will now be able to mentor and recommend new curators. If the new curators performs well, the recommendor will receive a Recommendation Fee. Some guidelines for this program -

  1. Only curators with CS >5 and AR >85 (i.e. the top tier) will be able to recommend new curators.

  2. If the new curator can maintain a CS => 1 for 4 weeks, the recommender will receive a 150 Steem reward for each curator recommended. If the new curator can become a top curator, maintaining CS >5 and AR >85 for 4 consecutive weeks, the recommender will receive a 750 Steem recommendation fee.

  3. Poor recommendations will lead to disqualification for the recommender. If even one new curator fails to maintain CS => 0.25 within the first 4 weeks, the recommender will not be able to recommend new curators.

  4. There's a limit of 3 new curator recommendations per week, all of whom will start off with 2 submissions per week.

  5. The new curator recommended must be a bonafide and engaged member of the Steem community. (I.e. no sockpuppets, nepotism etc.)

  6. Top curators may develop their own process for selection and mentoring, and can use #curie to solicit applications for curators. Once you'd like to recommend someone please post in #curie. Once the new curator is verified by a reviewer, they'll be added to the platform and required to maintain a minimum CS of 0.25.

  7. If a reviewer who is also a top curator recommends a new curator, a different reviewer must review the submissions.

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie.
Join us in #curie on, vote for @curie as witness and follow us @curie!


A really great innitiatives by the team behind @curie . You guys have set a benchmark to produce not just good authorship but an ecosystem that inspires great content and not settle for substandard posts. The journey has just begun and I personally would like to thank the team @curie for a job well done today, tomorrow and many years to come .

No plans for French support (says the guy who is not writing anymore in French for some time already :p) ?

If you can find some good French curators, feel free to send them my way.

I can give it a try, with the time I have (that is nonetheless limited), and start curating french articles. Let's chat tonight or tomorrow about that.

I remember curie helped me no end back in the day for which I was always grateful as it pushed me along to where I am now. Cheers @curie!

"wonderful work" does not begin to describe the feats the team behind @curie has accomplished.

Even as a relatively new member on Steemit, it's apparent to me that the Curie project is what made Steemit the platform of better quality content it is today.

You have achieved your original vision and more. With the integral role of Curie in the ecosystem, it's more than possible for everyone to get their chance at shining their light.

Im pretty sure you're all only getting started and we can all see there is much to be accomplished in the road ahead of us.

I think I won't be objected if I can thank you on behalf of everyone for your continuous contribution.

Great stuff @curie. I have a question regarding your service and some things that I've observed. Currently the main benefit for authors who get 'curied' are pretty much monetary. A large majority of articles don't see much in the way of eyeballs actually reading the article unless the article happens to hit the trending pages.

The monetary side of @curie is a fantastic way to support authors however most of these excellent authors likely also want to find new and consistent readers. Curie does very little really to bring new readers to each of its curated articles, it's mostly a financial reward. These authors made the cut because of their quality content, it would seem that the long term benefit most authors would prefer is to get readers.

Do you have any ideas or plans to increase actual readers vs just increase the monetary value via automated upvotes?

Firstly, the value of the payout directly influences where the post appears on the Trending and Hot list. Indeed, the only way for a post to get eyeballs is increasing the payout. So, it's a very direct way to get a lot of new readers.

Secondly, Curie resteems the exceptional posts. That automatically gets it exposure to the 4,000 followers Curie has.

Apart from that, if you have any suggestions, please let Curie know.

Finally, this is a very small project currently and only has a very specific niche it functions in with no intention to grow. The project has been gradually downscaling for the last 6 months.

Great update, I've been following the Curie program with interest. Shame that the public submissions are closed now, do you have any tips to get noticed by current curators and have a change to be recommended?

What a difference a year makes. It's been exciting to see Steemit go from a circle jerk of bots and a couple of dozen authors on whale bots cashing in 99% of the rewards; to a vibrant community of thousands of curators and authors. Long way to go still, of course.

In my opinion, Curie has done what it set out to do, and much, much more. While I'd be happy to see Curie continue till there's a community demand for it, overall, I feel - mission accomplished.

It is also particularly heartening to see many of the most popular authors today on Steemit started with a Curie vote a year or so ago. :)

@liberosist - I'm totally agree with you! Its just the beginning of a new era.


I am just a month in, and just heard about curie about 10 days ago.
I am hoping to become a curator, but was waiting till I was more experienced.....
Now I see the public recommending option is closed.

So that is sad, but good too. It means that the caliber of curation has been going up. And so I will now need to work harder and harder....
But I WILL join the #curie team! My goal is 3 months or less.
Anyway, good to hear from some that have been here a while. I am excited to see things get better and better!!

What a milestone! Curie thank you for being here. Steemit wouldn't have been the same without you.

I would like to thank the @curie team for inspiring me and helping my progress!

Thanks for the kickstart!

Great work let us see how far this takes us. More curation is needed however I only hope that this doesn't lead to shadow banning just like what YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc.. are implementing

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