Introducing /f/cryptocurrency on ChainBB!

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Since July 2016, I've been working towards creating a fun, intelligent space for dialogue on my Steemit blog. To the many of you who have been contributing to those conversations in the comments, thank you! I think we're doing a pretty good job so far of working towards politely and rationally discussing the ideas which could eventually lead to a world we all want to live in.

Part of my passion as a Steemit witness is to promote cryptocurrency education. I've created videos at for that purpose. I'm passionate about the blockchain and about cryptocurrency's potential to increase human well-being.

I was asked by @jesta recently if I'd be interested in helping test the new direction he's taking ChainBB (you can read all about it here). As I first mentioned 5 months ago, I love how easy it is to support ChainBB. Literally, just post there! That's it! A portion of the rewards for your post helps fund the project. I also love this new direction where forum creators who work to promote, moderate, and support their communities can also earn a small portion of the reward within that community.

With that in mind, I tested out the forum creation process to create /f/cryptocurrency on ChainBB:

This fits right along with my passion to promote and facilitate cryptocurrency education in the world. This forum is configured as an exclusive ChainBB forum which means only posts created on/through ChainBB with the #cryptocurrency tag will show up here (all other #cryptocurrency posts created by other front ends like Steemit or Busy will not). That said, anything created here will also show up on all the other platforms also. If you're into Cryptocurrency (and I know many of my followers are), I hope you check it out and join the conversation!

As the creator of this forum, here's what I hope we can accomplish together:

This is still an experiment, so I don't know where this will go in the future. I don't know what level of moderation (if any) will be involved or how active this community will be. I plan to be active in this forum with comments and votes as best I can. I hope to see you here too!

Before you comment below, please consider doing so on ChainBB instead of Steemit or Busy. Though comments from all platforms will show up under ChainBB created posts, I'd love to see more people using and supporting ChainBB through their comments as well as posts. You can view this post on ChainBB here.

As always, if you have any questions, ask away, and I'll do my best to answer them or direct you to someone who can.

If you want an easy little bookmarklet to jump between ChainBB and Steemit quickly, I've created one here.

Created with ChainBB to help support that project.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Visit

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Really great work @lukestokes - @alexmavor and I try to promote the same values through our weekly episode of Crypto nights. Our 8th episode has just been uploaded to my page. Please free to have a watch.

Great idea! I'll definitely join you there on ChainBB. I vote for a lot of witnesses, but you're one of my favorite.


Thank you so much for your support. :)

Good idea will look at it. Brand new to steemit so still trying o figure this all out haha

Hello again! I did not time to figure out how posting key works today, because I was at work, but now that I reached home, I managed to write you the comment I was about to write in the morning (in my local time), but on the ChainBB. I just want to tell you that again, as I did before, I appreciate your efforts into making this a better world and a better community, To keep this simple, hope you will succeed and I hope I will be able to contribute to these changes and as time goes by I am sure I will be able to help more. Until then, have fun at Steemfest and take care!

PS: the interface on ChainBB is really cool, but I still like more the one on Steemit, because it has fewer colors and it looks simpler :D

Commenting from chainbb! Love what you're doing here and looking forward to participating in new discussions hoping to learn and grow together!

Great stuff, I'm a little over-whelmed with all the new learning involved in steemit in general. I do use Chainbb from time to time to get the feel of it.
And will certainly visit /f/cryptocurrency on ChainBB to join the discussions taking place there as time and mental capacity permit LOL.
See you there soon.

nice post and very good ideas. post upvoted and i followed you. you can also follow me in return.

I'll be around from now on :)

Sensational idea.

The one drawback to steemit is that the "community" aspect isnt there. Yes there are different categories but it does not lead itself to conversation very well.

Hopefully this lifts things up.

hola amigo @lukestokes, saludos...estoy tratando de abrir la pagina de chainbb pero es muy pesada,no abre.


extraño. nunca he tenido un problema con eso.


sera que debo usar un vpn? intentare nuevamente.


ready, it was already open, for sure it was my internet that was slow.


@lukestokes,I'm already in chainbb but he asks me to register, should I enter new information or is it the same key as steemit ?


It's the same posting key, just like or Be sure to use your full posting private key, not your owner or active key. @jesta is a trusted developer and top witness, so it's a trusted site you can feel confident about. Always be careful where you put in your private keys and always be logged in with your posting key, not the other keys which could compromise your wallet funds.

listo amigo gracias, ya estoy desde la plataforma, espero aprender cada día mas.

I really wanted to say congrats in a comment on ChainBB, but as I wanted to sign in, I received a warning about using my keys responsibly so I want to ask you how safe it is first, and what cautions should I take when I sign up. I know that my accout doesn't have so much value, but I like it anyway :)


That's a good thing to be concerned about, but as I mentioned in my post, @jesta is a very trusted witness in the community and a solid developer. You should be fine using your posting keys there without any concerns.


Thank you so much! I am going to sign in


I keep getting Invalid WIF Key error, I must be doing something wrong...


Read the part where it talks about how to get your posting private key. This stuff is a bit tricky, but once you figure out what's up, it's quite amazing. Multiple levels of security keep your stuff safe.

That is a great initiative. ChainBB is a great project and it is great to see the evolution of it.