More than 10 List-websites that are usefull to research Bitcoin and Altcoins!

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When starting many people ask me about where to find good altcoin projects and to research and compare different metrics and stats.

The most know website is usually
CoinMarketCap, which is Quite usefull specially if you dig into the trends and charts of bitcoin/altcoins dominance and how they affect the markets:

but this is just the beggining, here comes a list of 10 other list-style websites, some with different features and stuff that can help you enhance your research:

Coinlib : Simmilar to coinmarketcap (CMC from now on) but with more projects listed and many low caps.
Also has more metrics like how many days since ATH and some TA indicators.

with some other quite interesting graphics like the "money flow on the last 24h" charts:

BitScreener : Also a normal list-based website but with the cool feature of having VPVR overlay indicator built in which can be used for any coin on the website.

ATHDA - Cryptocurrency ATH's: Shows how long ago has been the project ATH in USD and what is the necessary increase to hit it again.

Low Market Cap : Focus exclusively on Low caps.

LivecoinWatch : Has the possibility of adding coins to a portifolio and track a watchlist

CryptoMiso : Allow searching how many GitHub commits a project has in a given interval.

Shitcoinspelunker : filter to search CMC based on price, volume or market cap size parameters. (A bit messy nowadays, would rather go with

Grafana ; More ways and more colors to look at charts : Simple viewer for 24h, 7-day and monthly changes. usefull for having a panorama of the market quickly.

OnchainFX : enhanced CMC

Spirai : List website as well but adding some parameters on the main screen like RSI and ichimoku indicators as bullish/bearish.

Are there any of these you use often or did you find something usefull here?
Know any other good websites like that?
Share it on the comments :)

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Thanks a lot dear friends!
Talk to you soon!

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