THE SOURCE: Newsletter of Malabarize-se with juggling videos, cool articles and news!

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There are some hot news on the stage!
Malabarize-se, the youtube channel about juggling and circus now has a newsletter!

Fresh and clear! (image source: Pixabay)

The SOURCE consists in 1 to 4 emails each month that aren't long and usually have some sessions like:
What's new featuring new videos on the channel or news about the project, On the ball highlighting videos of other creators or jugglers/dancers/artists that are inspiring and, The Surprise with something unique each time.

You can register and get these fresh emails almost every week by filling the form here.

Until this day we already had 4 emails that you can check on our Archive

Just keep in mind that all the emails are in portuguese, but (and here's something nice!) our friend google translator can easilly translate it for you with the click of a button on the top right of each email, it usually end up quite nice, you can check it here for example our latest edition translated
not perfect but quite good!

May the monsters be with you!

Hope to see you around my friend.
all the very best!

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