How to protect yourself from Discord Crypto SCAMS! - A simple way - Upvote to inform more people!

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scams keep happening on @discordapp day by day and the team makes nothing to improve the platform. taking this into account these are some simple measures you can use to protect yourself:
(if possible RT this so maybe they make it harder for users to impersonate others) /thread

the 4-digt number (#0000) right in the side of your username can be customized if you have discord nitro (paid subscription).
This is one of the MAIN things that impersonators do to look like #crypto devs or whatever user and try to engage on a conversation and steal you. /1

as you can see. any nitro subscriber can easilly change it according to this article
don't fall for that! instead check their discord IDs, they're unique!
the tricky part is that Discord IDs are not available by default (come on @discordapp team!) /2

to make them available use this tutorial /3

this will already protect you from many Scammers. but remember that #cryptocurrency devs usually won't contact you via inbox , try to sell you coins or access your computer remotely (team viewer or whatever). and always on internet: don't trust, verify! /end

Have you ever fell for any scammer on discord? tell your story on the comments. Share the knowledge, this could save someone.

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