A simple suggestion to improve Steemit payments!

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Steemit has a quite interesting concept: monetizing your blog and writing skills.

Of course there's always room for improvement, the network still quite centralized with some whales rulling the game. but what I think is nice is that it gives space for the small fishes to grow here as well.

One thing that I find really interesting is that STEEM has an utility and is broadly used with more than 250,000 visitors each and every day

Just another swimming day...

In my honest opinion (read: imho), one of the most annoying thing is the 7-day window to receive payouts on each article.
Of course, I understand the system works well like that, but we're losing a massive opportunity of rewarding good and old articles.
there's not such thing like: Evergreen articles on steemit.
You have to be always posting to be able to make it sustainable.

what if we break the window?

that's why I think there's a simple measure that could add a lot to steemit:
Adding a button where users can "contribute with the author" and make a donation.
I know: we could just transfer steem or SBD to the person, but having the button clearly in the end of each article could maybe make an incentive to users to share with writers more often and easilly than making a transfer.

Just a simple piece of thought.

what do you think about it?
Better the way it is or you'd like to see steemit changing this way?

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