A hobby if I have nothing to do, a Paper Airplane and a Boat - "ORIGAMI"

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When I started getting into office, I did not do anything until now. The only thing I did was print a project, sit down, eat, facebook, and steemit. Today, I have nothing to do but to make an inspiring quote; funny, joke, comedy, and about faith in my native language on Facebook. Then I thought about my youth when I formed the paper an airplane and a boat.

When I was young, I know to make three kinds of the paper airplane and a paper boat; I called it a Batplane and a pirate boat. I learned it when I was 7 years old while accidentally making a paper boat.

The first airplane was very simple to do, unlike the 2nd and the 3rd airplane. Just fold the paper from the center to form a pattern and make a triangle from the top and fold the paper from both sides to form a wing. That's it! Done!

The Pointed Nose Airplane

I discover of making a "Pointed Nose Airplane" while making a paper boat. I tried to fold it in different shape of a triangle to know what it looks like after formed in a different way. Then suddenly I saw a different shape like an ordinary paper airplane. The ordinary paper airplane has no perfect folding support on each side for permanent handling, unlike this paper airplane that I did.

This "Pointed Nose Airplane" can be "Flat Nose Airplane" by changing the end line of the triangle before fold in the middle. When it's done, you can do any shapes from the wings by folding or use a pen to roll the wings to form round C shape wing; make sure the wings are wide and the main body is small for perfect flying when it is thrown.

The Bat Airplane

The "Bat Airplane" came from the very beginning of "Paper Cockfight" shape. When I was 7 years old, we invented a rooster head shape made of paper by folding in each side and a snake head shape. When I saw that there is a possibility to shape it like an airplane; no hesitation, I quickly make another one and I fold it to shape like a tooth fang of a tittlebat.

For the wings, I did the same as what I do for the first airplane that I did and it was perfect. For the wings, I did the same as what I do for the first airplane that I did and it was perfect but the head has a little weight to carry. So, I decided to reduce the body into 1-centimeter width and more width for the wings to carry the weight of the head.

After this and its perfect appearance and flight, I hid a prototype for myself so I can remember how I did it. Then every day of my school day while it was break time, I am making a Bat airplane to play to test the flight outside and it was fun to see my work flying high.

The Paper Pirate Boat

This is the first Origami toy that I made, the Paper Boat. ORIGAMI is a Japanese word that the ORI, means is "to fold" and the word KAMI, means is "paper". But actually the ORIGAMI word is from China and it was spread to Japan and I have no idea how did it happened.

Since childhood, I love to make a boat and a plane that moved or operated by dynamo and battery but before that, I make a boat made of the body of a banana tree and the sail is from the leaves of a banana tree. I played it on a drainage ditch that streams water from a clean river.

When I was not satisfied, I made a wooden boat and his sail was made of plastic. My wooden boat has a large groove in the middle and there is a ramp on both sides to balance and it does not sway while sailing. In the end, it went to a paper boat because it's easier to do and wherever I go, I can make a paper boat as long that there is a water.

But still, until now even in my age right now, I dream of having a remote control speed boat to play and a airplane remote control. I hope someday I can buy this kind of hobby.

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Ah, right in the nostalgia... I used to make these as a kid all the time.


Yeahhh... It was fun... (^_^)

hahahah..very nice, it makes me go back to my childhood ..thank u


Welcome bro... (^_^)
A little past time... lol

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Thank you so much for appreciating my work! (^_^)

Hello @kennyroy, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you for recognizing my hobby.

Agradable ver gente que le gusta el origami tanto como a uno mismo ;) también doblo papel pero algo mas complicado que un avioncito


Nyahahaha... Sí, es más complicado que esto y hasta ahora estoy tratando de estudiar cómo hacer un pájaro de papel.

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