The Deadpost Initiative - Week 39 - Share your most undervalued work ($16 STEEM rewards last week)

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What is the Deadpost Intitiative?

The Deadpost Initiative is an attempt to give love to some posts that were overlooked during their short 7 day life span, a chance to bring your old posts back to life and maybe make some friends in the process. The goal is not only to share some love with SBD but also by engagement to generate discussion.

Last week

This was one of those weeks where my job was quite difficult. So many great posts, some had lots of upvotes, others lots of comments, new faces, old faces, a post that didn't fit in to the guidelines of the contest but was very much worth a reward....yeah. Great week though!

Last Week's Winners

@sugarcreek - $4 Steem prize

An awesome post by @sugarcreek on living off the grid and out of debt! I love meeting all these free spirited people here a time steemit

Living Debt Free is a Choice


@phoenixwren - $3 Steem prize

This is an awesome idea! I would love to try it, inspiring messages spread throughout your town! @phoenixwren, I will have to try this.

The Chalk With Me Superpost


@audreybits - $2 Steem prize

A useful post for all those who have a hard time keeping the juices floating, I agree that we are all creative! Great post @audreybits

Fueling Your Creativity


@artofwisdom - $2 Steem prize

The mystery of this one pulled me in, was the mystery solved or not? I’m not sure.

Strange hanging concrete cubes found in the forest.

@fjmb86 - $2 Steem prize

It’s quite common to hear people raving about Cannabis, especially somewhere like here.


Bonus: @steemflow $1

@silenteyes $2

I really shouldn't be rewarding this post because it's not old enough to qualify but it was a really great posts about tragedy and how people come together in a time of need. Nice!

WHEN TIME STANDS STILL..... Reading this post about Kerala will restore your faith in humanity

Week 39

(From pexels)

Share your best Deadpost in the comments!

The best posts will be rewarded with the fluid payout from this post (split between winners) and will be featured in a future post.


•Please only submit 1 post.
•Posts must have a payout of less than $5.
•Posts must be at least one month old.
•I recommend you don't enter the same post twice in the same month if you didn't win the first time.
•Vote for 1-3 post by others. Please share WHY you liked their posts. If you don't vote for someone else's post by commenting you will not be eligible to win.
•Winners will be chosen based on how original, creative, informative and well written their posts are, as well as how well received they are in the comments. I will use the quality of comments as the main factor in judging who wins.
•There will be a slight bias towards smaller accounts but large accounts are welcome to join and compete or join just for fun and to share their old work.
•There may also be prizes for stellar comments and engagement.
•There will be 2 or more winners depending on how big the payout for this post is and depending on how many quality posts are entered into the contest.

Please upvote generously on your favorite post in the comments below, we'd like to generate a sense much support as possible for all participants and the prize pool is still growing.
Upvote and resteem to help us raise our reward pool! And remember to comment and upvote on comments in this post please to show support for deadposts! :-)
The prize pool will be the fluid rewards from the post plus any donation to the initiative.
Thanks to @krnel for his delegation and @tribesteemup for their trail support.

This is not merely a contest, this is an opportunity to have your material read and an opportunity for us to really discuss each other's posts.


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Well done @whatamidoing for still keeping this initiative alive. You give a lot of newbies hope.

This is my entry for the contest:

It was a post to create awareness on the difficulty of getting HIV PrEP medication. I hope you find it educating.


Very good post. I lost someone very dear to me to HIV many years ago so I know first hand how devastating the virus is and how important prevention can be. I live in the US and it is true that many integral medications have had the prices raised over 500% to what the cost was just 10 years ago.. The pharmaceutical companies price gouge on everything from life saving insulin, and epipens to the preventative drugs you mentioned. Thank you for writing this post to raise awareness.


Thank you for reading the post. I'm sorry about your loss. I hope regulatory bodies help the common man face up these companies soon.


It was a long time ago but thank you. I hope things change as well, though it's unlikely it will happen anytime soon with the current administration in power and all the money thrown around in general in our political system..


I'm so glad it's easier to get where you are than here in the US. It's absurd how much pharmaceutical companies charge us for medicine. A lot of people who otherwise would take it do without, because they can't afford that nonsense. They are literally killing people when they do things like that. They should honestly face criminal charges. It's so horrid.


lol... maybe they won't face criminal charges but public protest as such could go a long way. thanks for reading my post.

Congratulations to all the winners from last weeks contest! :)
Here is my entry for this week.


Very informative post. I've just tried some of the tools. Thanks.


You're welcome and thanks! :) They are all great tools and initiatives that are very helpful to redfish and minnows alike. I hope you find them as helpful as I have! :)


Very good post, it informs well about projects that help to advance in Steemit, since very few know about @dustsweeper to receive rewards or about @newbiegames to participate in their games and contests.



Thank you! Both initiatives are a great help those first starting out on steemit. I would have lost a lot of small payouts on comments as well as posts if I did not use @dustsweeper. @newbiegames is a great source for contests that help redfish and minnows become more involved in the steemit community as well as the chance to win some nifty prizes.

I'm intrigued with this idea.
I have a post that seemed to have totally underwhelmed. It's a final installment of a totally Fictional history arc in the #piratesunday and #steemsilvergold tags. One may have to read over the prior eight episodes for better context. Because I took it hard as a rejection without any critique feedback, not even a spelling error. I'd even welcome a grammarnazi's comment, alas I HAVEN'T POSTED SINCE. Felt that I wasted 14+hours of writing and coding.
With bated breath,

Grateful with this wonderful contest.

Here I bring you my new entry: Be part of the solution

One of the fundamental tools that we have when we are in the midst of conflicts is our ability to listen to others.


Great post, well presented, beautifully illustrated. Being part of the solution may be as simple as abstaining oneself from dropping a plastic cup in the street, and yet for some people that is too hard to do. Imagine then what it would mean for them to pick up someone else's cup, or cleaning a street just for the sake of wanting it to look clean, or avoid a discussion, or provide an idea to improve a given situation.
Family values play an important part in rasing citizens who would be willing to contribute to society; education is another factor, reading and being in contact with other people's views/cultures/values help put things in perspective; a society where laws are enforced and justice prevails is also important.
Nothing deters people from walking the extra mile (when intrinsic motivation fails) than doing it in a system that will not even notice it, let alone reward it.


We must always be part of the solution, and not ignore reality. Very good post friend, regards!

Congratulations for the winners and for you initiating such a contest and supporting small accounts. Although I haven't won anything this round I am still open to participate with a dead post of mine.
Keep up with the good work!


You are right. Like anything else in life that requires aesthetic judgement, Steemit posts' value, both in terms of visits and comments and ultimately money, are jubject to interpretation and chance.
We know that having connections and guaranteed votes from the very second the post comes out is a plus, it influences other users' inclination to jump in and upvote (even if they don't read the posts).
In any case, subjectivity and likes/preferences plays the most important role. Big curators may have a set of criteria to bless minnows with their votes but "the eye of the beholder" has the last word.

Thanks for the post, whatamidoing.

This bot runs through hundreds of posts per day selecting a small percentage of posts that have exceptional positivity.

Your post has been selected and upvoted because it has a high concentration of positive words that give feel-good vibes. Thank you for creating content that focuses on the bright side.

Your post has also been entered to be included in a daily roundup of positive posts.Please comment 'yes' or 'no' if you feel that my bot is correct in its judgement of this post. Your comments will be used to determine if this article belongs in the curated list. Over time, your feedback will be used to improve the judgement of this bot

Wow!! Thanks so much!! Congrats to all the winners..

Here is my entry for this week;


Beautiful post @audreybits. A very sensitive matter. It sounds easy (asking for help), but sometimes we dig a hole so deep it is hard for others to even hear our calls.
We are supposed to be social animals, but there is a lot in our wiring that hurdle that potential. Mistrust, shame and fear can be powerful enemies of communication and help-seeking.
Your message is the right one and deserves to be heard.

Hey there @whatamidoing great iniative man! I think people may enjoy this one I wrote a while back on technologies you can purchase to increase your abundance.


Great list! The turning used plastics that can't be recycled into energy is really promising! Imagine if we could do a #litterwalk and make deposits into a gassifier with what we picked up that others discarded. If we couldn't afford our own, this could easily be a community thing, like the old school can banks (where you used to be able to deposit aluminum cans for money back; they don't really exist in my state anymore, but probably do in states with bottle returns). Get a little change back for contributing to the power grid, as it were.
Is the Alexa water purifier you mentioned reverse osmosis? I thought that was the only kind that could remove flouride.


Yes, that is a vision I've had for starting a viable business with this and giving a payout to people that bring in plastics/aluminum weigh their collection and pay the current market rate in crypto's. The Alexapure is a ceramic pour filter with extremely small pours so certain size molecules can't make it through from my understanding. I haven't done any analysis such as a total dissolved solids or gas chromatography to verify, but may give that a shot with some connections I have in the future. If you have any suggestions for a test I'd love to give one a shot and publish my findings here on Steemit.


Nice thought this. :) I'm liking steemit a lot so far but don't seem to be reaching many people here yet,... :/

Just reread it and spotted the 'one link only' rule, sorry. Editing this post now!

I guess if I had to choose one, it'd have to be this one...

It's not funny, it's #PostSatire ...!/v/ann-narkeh/cgbzl88t

Because nobody seems to want to acknowledge the 6th mass extinction event...!/v/ann-narkeh/ajo2trn4

I've uploaded a few more shorter clips to Dtube but few to no reactions so far...I guess my stuff is quite 'niche'...Hope you like one of these...any help or advice you might be able to offer would be well appreciated, cheers!

*editing AGAIN

Really must properly read the rules before posting. These links are only a few days old, sorry, ignore me. You still might like them though, eh!? :D

Aw, thanks so much, I really appreciate it! :) I will have to look for another deadpost. :)

Thanks so much @whatamidoing for the bonus 👍 it was a great example of humanity to share. 👍

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I read your post and laughed when I thought if such happening where I come from. Warranty hardly works here so I guess coupons are out of it.
I learnt a thing or two. Nice one!


LOL, thanks!

Greetings, everybody. Here you are another 5-month-old deadpost for your perusal. It deals with another academic interest of mine: African-American Literature. Hope you find it interesting.

Hi ! This is my entry:
"Young Team" by Mogwai - Post Rock from Scotland

I like to make musical reviews, usually people like it, when they are metal or rock. But I was sad when I published about a genre that was a bit unknown, I thought it would attract new people, with that, but it did not go unnoticed.

This review was made on the debut album of the Scottish band of Post Rock called "Mogwai". Maybe a lot of people do not like it because it's instrumental, but boy, it's awesome, this music is relaxing and incredible, I highly recommend it!



Great post! Nice music!