Looking to Earn Some Extra STEEM/SBD - Check Out These Contests Awarding STEEM/SBD!

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Thanks to everyone who contributed to my reward bounty to provide a list of contests that Steemians are running. I reviewed the results, and assembled my recommendations for users to check out.

Here is a list of contests that users can participate in to potentially earn STEEM/SBD. If you recruit new people to the platform, I recommend you have them check these out - because they are great ways to get involved and earn some extra coins!

Steemit Photo Challenge

This is one of the platforms longest running and most popular contests! Run by @jamtaylor and sponsored by @berniesanders, every week there is a new topic for photographers. They submit up to three enteries that meet the theme, and then all of the entries are judged. The top three picks win SBD prices, as well as all of the honorable mentions. Over $75 SBD in prizes are paid out each week! You can view enteries as well as find the weekly topic post from jamtaylor here.

Meme challenge

If you haven't heard of the Meme challenge yet, check it out! Run by @fibra59 and sponsored by many users - this is one of the most entertaining contests on the platform! Each round a new picture is posted, and users update the photo with their own meme. Some of these are really hilarious!! Entries as well as the latest/current contest can be found here: memechallenge. There is also a "memechallenge" group in Steemit.chat :)

Steemit Culinary Challenge

This is a really fun contest for Steemians interested in cooking! The contest is run by @woman-onthe-wing and sponsored by @smooth and @sirwinchester. Each week a new theme is posted, and participants create a dish/meal following the theme. They post pictures of their dish (being cooked and the final product), and then all of the entries are judged. You can view the contest and entries under the tag steemitculinarychallenge.

Open Mic Week

Want to try out your skills at making a music video? Record yourself singing, and submit it to Open Mic Week. This is a really fun contest run by @luzcypher, and sponsored by @luzcypher and @pfunk. Even if you don't feel like participating yourself, I still recommend you check out the contest and watch the entries. There are some really awesome/talented individuals, and it is a lot of fun to watch! You can view the latest contest and entries here.

The Wild and Strange Contest

This one looks like a lot of fun! Hosted and sponsored by @papa-pepper. The contest cycles through five rounds, where users can participate by submitting photography, art, memes, poetry, and music (singing). You can participate in some of the rounds, or all of them. There is something for everyone here! There is currently not a dedicated tag for this, but if you browse through @papa-pepper's blog, you will find it. Here is an example post: season 4, round 4.

Beautiful Sunday Challenge

Want to to create a post that tells a beautyful story? Post it on Sunday using the tag "beautifulsunday", to be entered in this contest. Hosted and sponsored by @ace108, this is a great way to earn extra STEEM by posting great quality content! You can read about the rules in this post, and view the entries here.

Win 5 Steem Dollars Writing Contest

@looftee hosts and sponsors a contest each week to give away 5 SBD to the selected winner of a writing contests. Each week there is a new topic, and then a winner is selected. You can find them by checking out @looftee's blog. Here is the latest example: What is Steemit to you?

What on Earth

This is a really interesting contest run by @steve-walschot. Each round, a picture is posted and participants have to guess what it is. All of the contests are posted under the @whatonearth account.

Comment of the Day

This is a contest run by @acidyo where users can nominate their favorite comments. The people who nominate get awarded by upvotes and a share of the post rewards, but the real winners are the people who's comments get selected! The winning comments receive a lot of upvotes, and a portion of the payout from the contest post. You can check out the contest here.

Daily Health Score

The purpose of the Daily Health Score is to help Steemians become more conscious of their health over time. Enter by answering some basic questions about your daily health. One entry will be randomly selected and awarded all of the liquid rewards from the post. Follow the user @steemit-health to see the daily entry posts.

Guess The Word

Several times a week, @steemcollator posts a new word with the first and last letters missing. Example _ _ EEM _ _ (STEEMIT). Users guess what the word is, and whoever wins gets a 50% split of the post rewards.

Poetry Dice

A weekly contest run by @robyneggs, users make a poem, short story, or art piece using all 9 symbols displayed on the dice. The best piece is awarded 50 STEEM. Users can follow the user @robyneggs, or search through the dice tag to view the entry posts.

50 Word Story Contest

Run by @ogochukwu, and sponsored by @the-future, the weekly 50 word story contest is a great way for Steeminans to try out their writing skills. Each week, a new word is posted, and users must write a 50 word story surrounding/using the word of the week. Winners earn trail coins and STEEM. The contest is only open to users with reputation 55 and below though. You can check out the contest and entries here!

Art Challenge

Don't let the title scare you away :) There is no need to be an artist to participate in this contest. Participants write a comment or post with their interpretation of the photo posted. Selected winners of the best comments win STEEM. The contest is run and sponsored by @aksinya. You can check out the contest and entries here!

If users have any additional contests to recommend, feel free to add them in the comments!

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This is pretty useful for someone like me just getting introduced to the community. Thank you

Thanks for posting @timcliff. I'm starting to think Steemit is a lot like summer camp. The contests sound like fun!

Thank you @timcliff. I followed all names you listed. Following you as well.


Cool, thanks :)

Thank you for compiling these contests in one spot. Perhaps the videochallenge can be added to this list as well. Cheers!


Good suggestion, thanks!

Thank you for promoting #memechallenge :)

this makes the community so much more fun! Thanks for the article


Awesome, glad to hear!

Amazing did not know these contests, thank you very much for sharing the information. Regards!

There is also a colorchallenge going on...


Can you add a link?

Great post, more challenges, more success you can get!!!!

I previously ran poetry slams every week and will again soon, but in the meantime have put out the 2-sentence short story Slam.

Could be fun and useful for new and vet steemians alike :)

Exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate it!

Thanks you, ReSteemed so I can keep an eye on it. Some contests look very interesting indeed.

When just starting to blog again, getting the creative juices flowing sometimes takes some initial promptings. ;)

And how about witnesses challenge or contest ? I just wonder and ponder about that ... :)


I'll have to think about that.. Sounds fun :)

Well done @timcliff, and just in time 😊

Great overview of rewarding contests @timcliff - we also have some challenges for fun only that do not belong to this category obviously - soon there might be some changes if we manage to find some Sponsors - just if you are interested check some of them out - adding this overview in all my post to the daily challenges (hope not considered as spamming -therefore not adding links to posts :-):

MonochromeMonday - initiated by @old-guy-photos - check all posts here


TreeTuesday - initiated by @old-guy-photos - check all posts here


BeachWednesday - initiated by @uwelang - check all posts here


SunThursday - initiated by @uwelang - check all posts here


LoveFriday - initiated by @liliana.duarte - check all posts here


Colorchallenge (with daily color tags too) - initiated by @kalemandra - check all posts here ColorChallenge


Cool, thanks for the list of additions!


My pleasure, thanks for confirming receipt of it :-)

Great idea to keep all contests in one place! Thank you @timcliff . I will always take advantage. resteem and link to my Twitter feed.

I made a game you can win steem at.
Beware there will be dragons.

Thanks for the mentioning #beautifulsunday

Thanks, that's a pretty long list. Had only heard of 2 of them prior to this.

This is really useful for a new person to the steemit community. Thank you!

Thank You very much @timcliff :) This is an awesome list! Resteemed <3

Good looking out ~ Bright Blessings!

oh we have witness voting guide. thanks.

Thanks for the informative post!



very informative, thank you for posting ;-) This is a good motivation ^_^

thank you timcliff. resteemed so I can find it later, thanks

Awesome! I will definitely participate to have SBD if lucky.. otherwise fun for sure😆

I've got a contest running that I intend to do every week. A simple suggestion contest with a 50% cut of the liquid reward.

There are also the Survival challenges that @papa-pepper does, they are really fun!
Thank you for the list , it must have taken work!


Cool -if you have a link to one, you should post it here.

Thanks @timcliff. Upvoting & reSteeming as well.

Thanks @timcliff for considering my contest, I will vote my witness vote to you.


Cool, thanks :)


Your welcome buddy, You are too good person.


Thanks for the info. I am new to this and looking to capitalize on every opportunity I can. Thanks again

thanks for the useful information


Welcome! :)

Thanks for the rocking suggestions!funny-girl-dancing-animated-gif-3.gif

thank you, that helps a lot to find the right contest for me. I only knew the steemitphotochallenge

Thanks for the share @timcliff
Free Steem is always welcome in my wallet :)
All I need to do now is select the ones I can do LOL
Thanks for the share OH and Resteemed =)

thanks for the info, nice for let everyone know

The people who nominate get awarded by upvotes

Now also 20% of the SP from the posts goes to the winning comments nominators! :)


Awesome, thanks! I was wondering about that. I updated the post.

resteem and upvoted as well @timcliff helpful indeed

Awesome, Thank you so much!

Anyone reading, please take a look at my photo blog as I am new to Steemit. Thank you!

I think you're forgetting a couple of sports-related contests...?


Are they one-time contests are ones that repeat? [Edit] One of the criteria as I was going through them was that they would be ongoing ones. I didn't want the post to be filled with 'ended' contests if new users joined up in a month or two from now and this was shared. Granted there is some risk that even the 'ongoing' ones could end, but I tried to limit it to ones that seemed like they would keep repeating as long as users remained interested.


My sports contests run throughout the respective seasons. The only time they are interrupted is during hard fork changes that create possible conflicts. But yes - they are weekly, monthly, and season-long, with payouts for each period. Golf has already resumed and NASCAR will resume on Thursday (tomorrow). Football (American) will resume in the fall, most likely.


Do you have a shared tag that would be used year round, so I could send users there to see the active sports contests? (If not, would it be easy to start doing going forward?) I really would like to include your contests if there would be a way to make them a 'permanent' thing that we can send users to.


I'm sure I can come up with something. I'll sleep on it and let you know what I decide to use.