VideoChallenge First Edition [10 Sbd + 700 Trail in prizes]

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Hi dear steemians! Welcome to the first edition of... Video Challenge!

Let´s have some fun with our weekly challenge! We will propose different topics each week and YOU have to create an amazing and funny video post to participate for the prizes.

This week's topic is going to be: Animals

This would be an example:

Video Challenge rules:

  • You have to create a post with this title: VideoChallenge #1.
  • You have to use the #videochallenge tag in first place. Feel free to add any additional tags.
  • The post has to have some text.
  • If two participants present the same video, priority will be given to the first post published.
  • Publish your videos before Sunday 21/5 at 23:59 GMT -3.
  • Only two entry per week allowed.
  • The video can’t be a compilation of videos; If the topic is animals, the video should contain a single dog, for example.
  • If you present your own created or edited video, we will have more consideration on the previous rule. Please do identify yourself with a poster relating to the challenge.


1° 5 Sbd + 400 Trail

2° 3 Sbd + 200 Trail

3° 2 Sbd + 100 Trail

Thanks to @steemtrail team for supporting the challenge. If you want to find out about steemtrail projects you can join the discord channel. Here I leave the link:


The winners of the challenge must create an account in Open Ledger to receive the Trail, in case you don’t have one. Here I leave the link:

Open ledger

The judge this week of Video Challenge will be @danilamarilu. Thank you very much my friend for supporting this initiative. I invite everyone to visit her profile. Thank you also, to @marcosespes1 for helping me!

Reviewing and judging the videos is a difficult but rewarding experience, if you would like to participate as a judge, please leave a comment. And if you want to contribute to the prize, we all in the community really appreciate it.

Good luck in the challenge!

I really appreciate if you can resteem this post!

Have a good week!


That's a cool idea as "cute" animal videos are a huge success with kids, especially and it appeal to the child in all of us, even more so when they are funny! Good job and namaste :)

I'm glad you liked the idea. I love animals, that's why it was the first topic. I hope you can make an entry! Good luck!

Nice idea! I will search one right now ;)- does it have to be funny or just animal?

Amiga te hablo en español, por que es mas facil. Puede ser un video divertido, tierno, etc. Lo que tu quieras, solo tiene que contener alguna criaturita de dios.

Puede ser tuyo o de youtube. La jueza va a tener mayor consideracion si es propio, pero podes subir de youtube.
Y si, tiene que salir un solo animal.

ok voy a buscar mas tarde entonces :)

Thanks! Good luck in the challenge!

Nice idea, i will do my best to earn a spot.

Thank you

Edit: videos have a limite of lenght?

Thanks my friend and good luck in the challenge! There is no length limit, but don't upload a video of 2hs, haha.

Let's have fun!

This sounds like fun and right up my alley. Looking forward to participating!

Welcome to the challenge! I can't wait for your entry! Good luck!

Hello! Great idea! I want to ask if topic Animals includes birds also? Or not? Thank you :)

Hi, thanks for participating in the challenge! Any animal is allowed, so the birds are also involved. Good luck!

This is really exciting, I am honored to be the judge!

Thank you my friend for taking the time to choose the winners. Great honor to have you as judge! I hope you have an excellent Friday!

You are going to love it here! Follow me at

great idea, I will try it

Great! Good luck my friend!

Very good idea to create an art work

Hi, my friend, I would like to have you upvote my post

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