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Attention poets and creative writers! 50 STEEM (at least) is on the line!

Round 4 of Season 4 of my WILD & STRANGE Contest has officially started! It’s time to out your pens to page and print your prose! The grand prize for this round will be 50 STEEM.

Here is the progression that this contest follows.

ROUND 1 = PHOTO – Take a photo to enter – COMPLETED

ROUND 2 = ART – Use winning photo from Round 1 to make a piece of art – COMPLETED

ROUND 3 = MEME – Use winning art from Round 2 to make a meme – COMPLETED

ROUND 4 = POETRY – Use winning meme from Round 3 to make a poem - STARTING NOW

ROUND 5 = SONG – Use winning poem from Round 4 to make an original song.

So, what winning meme from Round 3 will we have to make a poem from for Round 4?.

This masterpiece from @fubar-bdhr!

Once again, it was a tough call, but in the end, @fubar-bdhr won it. Congratulations! I’ll send your 25 STEEM over shortly!

Thanks very much to all who entered. I seriously appreciate your participation, even though I did not reply to all the entries that came in. A lot of originality and creativity was put into your entries, and I considered them all. Just because Papa can, I even chose a WILD CARD Runner Up for this round.


Here is the 10 STEEM Papa-Pepper WILD CARD Runner up!

Great entry @elgeko!

Obviously we are dealing with a touchy subject here since politics are involved. Let's either be serious about these subjects or have some fun with them, but let's do so respectfully and appropriately. Anyone can make a vulgar rhyme about politicians, but that is NOT what I'm looking for in a winning entry.

Here are the rules for Round 4:

  • Create an original poem based on the winning meme from @fubar-bdhr.
  • The poem must be at least 8 lines long.
  • The poem must rhyme in some way.
  • The poem will be used as lyrics for a song next round, so you may want to keep that in mind.
  • Enter original work and provide your entry in a reply to this post.
  • You can still make a post out of your entry, but your post does not count as an entry, only your reply.
  • Keep everything kid-friendly and G rated.
  • You must enter by midnight next Sunday (CST) in order for your entry to be considered valid.
  • By entering, you are giving me full permission to use your entry however I wish.

Until next time…

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Trump gonna thump that Hillary clown,
Aliens runnin' cuz it's now his town!
Gonna drain the swamp, gonna clean this place,
D.C. gonna change 'cuz he's in your face!

But wait, what's this? Where's the promised change?
Hillary's friend made a transformation? Strange!
No longer gonna prosecute or make big deals.
Just another saber rattler pandering to feelz!

Politicians all a bunch of sneaky cockroaches,
The only alien is the truth this rhyme broaches.
Power-hungry, lying, thieving, hateful egotistical!
They're cut from the same cloth, neither one a savior mystical.

Wikileaks can demonstrate just how corrupt both are.
Trump was just the better in the mud-slinging by far.
Obama's playbook stolen, he played "outsider" well,
But honest politicians stand a snowball's chance in hell!

Entry reposted on my blog here

Here's a photo of trump with a politician who failed again
For an office some would prefer to see Sarah Palin in
You can see from her backyard the Russian vale of sin
Perfect place for getting bedwetting blackmailed in
No wonder trump shouldered a hammer at hillary, wailin'

"Legal or not I'm gonna get this alien!"

(*disclaimer: this is not an endorsement of any of the above- named politician scum. I am an equal opportunity curmud-geon.

The hate building inside of me
I could not bare
Which led me to the state fair

After 300 spent on the game
I received the fame
A glorious hammer to seal her fate
A gavel of vengeance for my countermate

An annoying smile escaped her face
Because 5 minutes with me
Was more than she could take

Free at last, free at last
Her last words to escape...

(Poem written in 5 minutes)
Thank you!

Gather round, I'll tell you a tale, one as old as time,
About an alien, reptile woman accused of many crimes.
She met her match in 2016, by the rise of "The Orange One,"
The Orange One was fierce and many a movie he had done.
To know the whole story we must go, "Back to the Future" again,
To find our hero in "Home Alone", giving guidance to young Kevin.
The battle was long, fought hard from both land and sea,
Many leaks were sprung to sink the ship of the lizard Hillary.
Along the way, people's champ was abducted and forever changed,
He was replaced with a dis-functioning clone, orange and deranged.
Lies a many, amassed on both sides, but of one thing we were clear,
HRC or Trump, America's darkest days were coming the next year.


The Clone Wars are a dark time indeed. :)


Congratulations on the win @fubar-bdhr ! And the wild card winner @elgeko ! And thanks @papa-pepper for keeping this contest going !!as much as i would love to promote your contest theres no post this time as im haveing internet
issues at work ! 😊👍


Hillary Billary Dump
Had a head as big as Trump !
She could laugh like a clown
But soon she will frown
An Alien witch dressed in red
I will bonk on the head!
Send her home on the broom
She rode in on !


This could be the winner! LOL!

Fully entered!


Awesome ! So glad you liked it , thanks @papa-pepper !👍😂

🐍Hope you liked my first entry !
Heres Entry #2 ! I was able to find time at home to make a post and promote this great contest befor work ! Good luck to everyone !! Check out my link !


She was like
An Alien Racer Snake
Hideing in the grass
Thinking she was fast !

Untill the Apocalyptic Green Hammer
Came and bonked her on her ass !

Changeing into
A Black Rat Alien snake
Slithering in the grass !

Waiting for the mother ship
To take her home at last ...


Fully entered! Also, nice to see your vote worth 2 cents. It took forever for mine to get there.


Haha ! Thanks @papa-pepper ! Yes i just need to watch my upvotes more carefully lol ! And keep my power up ! Even though im still powering down , i finally cased out my first steem successfully with alot of help lol , paying me 1,100.00 dollars to pay my rent !!! It was awesome !!👍👍👍

let's write a song together


That could be fun!

God damn so beautiful poems already! I cant really join, I am not that good with rhymes and not have enough engligh skills to make poems - good luck to all of you!


Thank you very much!


There sure are some good entries so far!

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Thank you, it was a great honour to participate. @pappa-pepper was also one of the first to help me out when i was blank brand new here. You are a great person and you are really one of the most helpfull persons i met here on steemit so far. anytime i´ll wreck my brain again for your contests. + I will donate 5 Steemdollar for your next contest. -->>is in your wallet now! Keep up the good mood you spread allover the community!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words and donation.

Hey @papa-pepper - this is an awesome contests! You should use a common tag in all of these contest posts, so that users can find them easily. Something like #wildstrangecontest.