Get Paid To Compliment Someone On Steemit #7!

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Get Paid To Compliment Someone On Steemit #7!

That's right. You've been ranting, confessing, and creating now we want you to make the world a better place. Give someone a compliment! Make someone's day! Spread some cheer!


The Rules:

  • Upvote & Resteem this post!
  • Go to someone else's post and give them a positive comment.
  • Come back here, post the comment and a link to the comment so we can verify it.

Once we verify it you will receive an upvote from us depending on the quality of the comment.Pretty simple. Go spread some love 💞

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Nice initiative👍

The comment:

Good post girl, i really like it. What you say here is the great truth, in life no matter how good a person is, it will never please everyone, no matter how good their actions are, they will never please everyone, that's why the greatest pleasure in this life, is simply being yourself. (Of course, always respecting others)

My comment is in this post:

The positive post brings more positive energy to Steemit bloggers. I absolutely will support this.

Upvoted & commented:

Great blog post! I did make this compliment reply to @starkerz, old time friend. Btw he introduced me to SteemitBC in first place.

laurenmitchell (36) · 2 minutes ago
I just started following you and I am in complete awe of how beautiful your pictures are. You do a wonderful job and I cant wait to see everything else you post! :)

$0.00Reply Edit Delete

I'd really like to share a comment I made a couple of days ago if that's alright? I will go and compliment someone else now as I'm all for spreading positivity but the one I'd really like to share has an amazing woman behind it with a story that many of us would find frightening. I don't know this woman but she is a true inspiration. She is strong, raw, loyal, hopeful and willing to stand up for what she believes in! If I'm going to share a compliment, I'd really like it to be a matter of substance. About a woman who needs to be shared, who needs to be complimented and about a story that needs to be heard and embraced.

Here is my compliment...

And by the way, I love this idea!! This is great and full credit to you! They're just words, they're not hard to say (or type) but to the person on the receiving end, they could mean the world. How much better could the world be if we just gave more compliments! It's not hard to make someone feel good. It's just a moment in time to give praise and share our positive thoughts. So thank you to you for bringing this together... this would be a fantastic idea to do weekly - "share your greatest compliment". This gesture, this idea... it's a warming reflection of the person you are, so from me to you I want to share my appreciation and gratitude for your beautiful efforts and say thank you!!

Ha, maybe my other compliment it to you @ steemitbc! : )

Your contests are fun and expensive. Thanks for efforts in promoting interactive community in steemit. :)

Here is the link
Here is the comment
Nice to have you here on steemit@sagelogannyc, I have lately been hearing of this tarot cards and I really would love to know more about it.
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Hope to see around


Thank you for the mention!!! Great to be involved with the newbieresteem intitiative!


You are welcome,and me too

I really like this contest, because it encourafes knteraction between contestanrs, whereas in most contests the interaction is creator-contestant only. I’ll definitely try to remember to play


thanks for telling me about this contest... As always you find the good stuff and help the community grow @simplymike! Have a wonderful evening!


Thanks. I thought this one was really worth resteeming, since it encourages engagement between the contestants.
I wish I had come up with this idea myself - lol
This contest is right up your alley, @davemccoy. I don’t know anyone else who spreads around so many compliments in a day. Your replies always make me smile, no matter how bad I feel. Thanks for that!


I agree it was one worth resteeming for sure... Plus I think you can adapt the concept, you have a pretty resourceful and creative mind @simplymike ;)

And awww that is sweet... I'm glad I can make you smile... You bring so many smiles to others that my being able to make you smile is a gift I'm glad I have. :D


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Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to @abh12345 and @scrooger!!!
You both ave taken me under your wings and made me soar!

Hi steemians..Your post is very good, and I learn a lot in every post you that I follow. whether it is a photo or writing. Thank you for accepting me as your friend. I'm so glad .. And it's an honor for me if you would like to visit my @imranpase

A fitting idea! In a way, we're incentivized already to be nice to other here. Your contest makes it explicit.


I appreciate positive comments, but if they don't seem to have read the post I may consider it spam. Some are just over the top, so I doubt their sincerity. But good on you for encouraging good activity


Absolutely @Steevc. It's often times easy to see what is spam and what isn't. We do try and check each comment especially if it is suspect and/or not following the rules.

This contest is really good, there’s a lot of love on Steemit, but it can’t be promoted often enough 😊
My entry:

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The Comment
You've really made a wonderful, interesting and gratifying post here to promote the steemjet community. Thumbs up. Post of great quality like yours should revive great upvotes.

the link

link to the main post where u can find my comment easily

This was such a cool post to come across! I have done much the same, compiling info on what each plant likes, but I have never included the moon phases. Such a good idea!

One thing I found really useful in germination is to know what each plant wants for light and warmth. I see you had some of that.

I came across this the other day, but have not had time to check to see if it jibes with what I have recorded:

I did notice that they were using a standard seed depth of 1/2", and had instances of things not germinating. I thought it very odd they would do that because there is such a wide variable of what different seeds like for depth, or lack thereof.

@steemitbc are you an indian?


We are American, Irish and Japanese.

woow that sounds cool!

it really souds are pretty , Pay me! :D

Hi steemians..Your post is very good, and I learn a lot in every post you that I follow. whether it is a photo or writing. Thank you for accepting me as your friend. I'm so glad .. And it's an honor for me if you would like to visit my @imranpase


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Thank You! ⚜

I pointed out on of thr blogs from @thi-js yesterday to @romanaround as he is looking for traveling posts for his curation trail. Thi-js makes great traveling posts, so here you can find my compliments ;-)


yes i am.. thank you for the mention.. @anouk.nox


You're very welcome :)

Initiatives like this aims at steemit to become a better and interactive community. I will try to give quality comments at my own best to people in my homepage-feed. You earned my little powerless Upvote and resteem sir. Have a nice day.

Here is my comment to a beautiful girl i found in "news" She is new too, so, i gave her my support this is a very nice initiative

The comment was:

"Hello Yana! Welcome to the platform! I hope you love being here as much as I do, how lucky you are to have arrived here knowing a little thanks to your friends!
Always count on the support of the people here (and if you allow me) with myself! You look a bit shy, well, let it go! It's time to do an online adventure, it's very noble to help your parents at work. The noble people have very nice destinations, hopefully it will be for you in your life!"

This post was so informative. Any gardeners out there should be sure to read this one!

This is my kind of contest... I love encouraging great comments and also boosting others! Great idea and I happily spread it to hopefully get you more people to participate!

Here is my comment:

Thank you for the game and have a wonderful day @steemitbc

My comment on a fiction story i read that absolutely captivated me...

Oh wow.... I love this story... Powers and supernatural hve always been my favorite kind of story.
I could actually see it all in my head. Well told.
I sincerely hope you are thinking of publishing this story. Or even make a movie out of it

I think I'm still waiting 🤔
Or I need a new brain 😥