Get Paid to Rant #15! All Rants Win! Plus 5 SBD Grand Prize

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Get Paid to Rant #15

5SBD reward to the best rant! It's still $20 ya cheap bastards!

Thank you to @cnts for sponsoring the first 5 Rants. He helped launch this project.


The rants continue to get more epic! Congratulations to @sonofsatoshi for winning last week's Rant! 5SBD is on the way!

We understand what it's like when someone just pisses you off. When a pleb who is not a millionaire questions your Kred. We care that someone's raining on your special day or you just got dumped on by that shit coin.Have moss in your grass, or a bad hair day? Did your boss demand too much? Or did your kids wind you up? We all have those days. We all need to rant. So here is a place you can come and you can rant. A place where you will be rewarded by just getting it off your chest. Yes we will pay you to rant. And it’s really easy to join in. All you have to do is get it off your chest and rant in the comments below. We care. We give a fuck STEEM Dollars!


  • You must really get it off your chest. Have a rant. Tell us what caused it and how you are feeling. Let it out…..GRRRRRRR
  • It can be about anything you feel the need to rant about
  • You can only rant once in each weekly rant post
  • You must up vote and resteem this post!
  • NO rants about post performance on Steemit will be rewarded
  • Oh ya, and don't rant about hurting people!

Every quality rant will receive an upvote from @steemitbc. This rant post is open until the payout time is up. Check out Get Paid To Confess, Get Paid To Create, and Get Paid To Compliment!

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Why the hell are so many people not upvoting comments on their posts? I'm talking about normal quality comments from people that upvoted your post and then you don't upvote their comment. Why not? Are you HODLing everything? All of it?!

I've noticed a trend lately that more and more people are doing this. They might respond to the comment and be super fun. But no vote. To someone who is helping make their post look better.

I get it when the comment is lame, like 'I upvote you, you upvote me, sir.' I get that that doesn't get an upvote. But if someone takes the time to write even 'Great post' on one of my posts, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and an upvote. Most times I'll upvote their comment even if they didn't upvote my post. Because a comment also helps draw attention to my post.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't upvoting also benefit the upvoter?

Maybe, like me, your vote isn't worth much yet. Most of us start there right? It's still a gesture of appreciation.

If someone takes the time to read your post and adds a comment, they deserve a friggin' upvote, ya cheap bastards! It's common decency.


Your rant gets my upvote!


I continue to learn about how things work on Steemit.


I WANT TO DO THIS ALL IN CAPS LOCK... but I will not. Long story short (4 bedroom apartment, and 4 people living in it).

Me and my girlfriend @josefinemk occupy two rooms and two single individuals have the other two.

Our one roommate just went to indonesia last month and is renting out the room to her close friend, and after a week of being here the new girl started getting bit... BED BUGS!!!!!!

She was nice at first.. but now she's really getting on mine and @josefinemk 's nerves. She had to wash all her clothes and after all of it she put the tab to be split between the 4 of us. not paying to get your clothes washed.. Ask your friend who gave you the room and probably had the BED BUGS in there to begin with..not my problem (WELL SHE DID)... my old roommate offered to pay and the girl said no it was fine..yet then puts it in the share tab for the 3 of us to pay for it...... ( WHAT FU***** logic is that )

She's also put all her clothes in zip bags and now they're all in our room since her room is getting sprayed..its been nearly two weeks and its not cozy at all having all this persons clothes in our room..

She's also turning into a huge bitch and demanding all this stuff now after being here for less then a month... my girlfriend has to deal with most of it since they're danish and its easier for them to converse then in english..

Thank god we move out at the end of March.


ugh.. on all counts. you guys need your own place :) ! best of luck


That sucks


Since "the friend" did not have bed bugs, she probably brought them with her.


That's what we thought too but the "bed bug guy" who's spraying the room can see that they've been there for a longer time than the girl who lives there now has (due to amount, size, excrements, etc. (ewww)). Anyways, it still sucks! Luckily we don't have them but at the same time it also feels like we don't have a home.


At least they did not spread, that at least is good news.




Yeah it’s hard to say what happened, it’s a very nice clean apartment.. was just in the bed! So strange..only two more weeks here thankfully!


I have health issues since birth.
I want to eat good food and improve my health but whatever i eat is full of chemicals.
Grown or made artificially.
It's like more food you eat more you consume bad chemicals.
And yeah i am human so can't just do photosynthesis and let it go.

Yeah, I could rant for a bit, about oh so many things but for the moment I will limit it to this to just one.

Self-important sleepwalkers.

I am just so smegging tired of people who sleepwalk through life with this self-involved assumption that they are THE only living thing using the road, walking the grocery store aisle, standing in line, sitting in the waiting room, dragging their bag onto the airplane. HELLO! You're not the only person occupying this planet, you blinkered fuckwit! And not only do you walk straight past the 7 people at the "form one line here" sign at the bank, but then you have the audacity to act like it's the end of civilization as we know it when someone points out where the end of the line is... and even WITH this information, you still have the nerve to try a "I just need to do one quick thing..." wiggle-around, you self-important twat! Who the hell died and appointed YOU Queen of the Universe? In fact... I was just AT the center of the Universe and I did NOT see you there! So just SMEG OFF and get off my planet!!!

(and yes, I am a Red Dwarf fan...)


Oh, but I only have two things, can I go before you, yeah right and then its the cashier calling the produce department, asking for a manager, because the check out girl has no fricken clue what kind of fruit or veggie the customer just bought, and then the produce manager has no clue either so he has to walk back to the far end of the store where the produce is kept, find the fruit, walk all the way back to the cashier, tell her a number to type in, then that number does not come up, so they call the guy that is supposed to enter all the numbers right, have him fix the number, because no one has ever bought that funny looking piece of fruit before now. So now she gets her two things rung up, the cashier says to insert her card in the new card reader, total price of purchase $6.23 and then you hear - "I'm sorry ma'am your card was declined, did you have another card you'd like to try", and then the song and dance of no money to pay for the two items, so now she is digging through her purse looking for real money, comes up $1.33 short, turns to you and ask if you can help her out. Yeah right. Been there done that and You get my vote.

Where do I start my rant? Should I start off by talking about how or why my house still isn't finished correctly that we had built or how we've had two car accidents in the last month or how today is my anniversary and I've spent all day in the ER with my sister-in-law. Over the last 2 months I feel like I wouldn't have any luck at all unless it's bad luck. Can I get a break now?
And then on top of it all I have spammers commenting on my posts like someone having a seizure is really educational and a great article. Really wtf is wrong with people?


Whew. That sounds tough. I hope something nice happens to you today.

DAY 3 In Beijing
still unable to access facebook, google, instagram, youtube, twitter .

Once again, The Great Firewall of China has shut down the free vpn i've been using for the past 3 years! Plus! both Steemit and discord is slow on beijing's server... oh Gosh...WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? IT WAS FINE BEFORE SPRING FESTIVAL!

But FEAR NOT! we always find a way ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Oh China, Can't you just let me go on instagram to look at food pictures?

STOP TRYINNG TO GET MY DICK BITCHHH! This is for you macarena! I have a girlfriend, and i love her! Stop sending me nudes from fakes mails or triying every trick for me to fuck you! is not gonna happend!!!

Guess who is talking, a graduate 🎓 physicist in his late 20's still living with his parent, everyone see me as a disappointment because I took farming as a profession after leaving school, so mum will nag at me on why I wasted her time and money when he could have invested it in other things, and am looking forward to the day I'll make some cool cash in Steemit and use it to expand my farm and directly my life, but my frustration isn't from there today, it's from this stupid chit-chat people that wants to ask one or two questions concerning farming and I've told them farming can't be done online or by advice, it's practical, then today after taking a nuclear hit-nagging from mum I came online hoping to see one or two things to put smile on my face, guess what I saw 5 different chat all saying Hi,Hi, Hi without going straight to the point and God know how much I hate that, angers bottled up and passing through my finger with the speed of light I reply them all : - Are you mad?

So Arsenal football club have lost three important matches in a row and there's nothing wrong with that. But when your coach now pretends as if nothing is up or the board treats it like its no biggie then it becomes annoying. FA cup? Out, Carling cup? Out, Champions league? Out, Europa League? We'll probably be out this week. It's awesomely annoying if everyone that has never managed a team knows what's wrong with your team but the manager himself doesn't see or acknowledge the problem and did I forget to mention he has been in charge for more than 20 years now. It is terribly annoying, it's frustrating and even heart breaking for a fan to not have anything good to say about his club. Arsenal have lost about 8 matches already this year more than what some clubs have lost in an entire season. I can go on and on and on without stopping. Please Mr Wenger, it's enough uhn, thank you for your service. After this season, please go back to France.

I'm tired of my life. Lately it seems everything and anything I do doesn't work out. I've always been good at whatever I set my mind on, but it seems like the world is against me there days. Last year December I was scammed of over $700 .... I wanted to die. I was weak. Couldn't move for days. I picked up the pieces up after a while and I moved on with my life. But nothing's the same. It's like the world is against me. Can't things just go my way for once? I'm so ducking tired. What did I do? To cap it off, I then heard about steemit, a place that forwards writers based on their creative ability.... But when I got here I found out that actually earning is a matter of politics. I'm tired of eating rice and Garri (cassava)everyday. I'm tired of not having enough money to buy a camera. I'm tired of my school. I'm tired of my country. I'm tired of my incredibly corrupt government. I mean, we are so corrupt it bothers on honesty. Like we are honestly corrupt. I'm tired of not having a girlfriend. It's my fault anyways because I don't trust anyone far enough to even have feelings for a girl after my girlfriend was shacking up with my bestie in secondary school. I'm tired of being the smartest in class. I see all the other stupid people mingling and having fun and I'm like I'm supposed to be having fun. I'm the one on a frigging first class!! I'm tired of my mum's attitude to life. I wish she'd pay more attention and stop Immersing herself in the fantasy world of sci fi novels. I wish we were not so poor. I'm tired of my siblings always fighting. Just shut up for chrissake. I'm tired of being broke. I'm tired of the heat in my country. Why can't one good thing just happen? Like let me just smile for once this year. I'm so tired.

Sometimes I wonder why people, some people, don't have sense... So there's this lady in my country who is a Commission for Happiness (I mean what is that?) and her suggestion as remedy for the reduction of prostitution amongst ladies is that men should marry two or more wives (really???). Who ever said prostitution was about the men, well I think it's about the money, young girls looking for fast money, money that comes with little or no sweat at all, huge sums of money with no hardwork and instead of this so called commissioner to make opportunities for job employments, you advice something annoying. It infuriates me because this is coming from a woman. She's a woman, she's a wife, she's a mother, she should be able to understand what it's like having to share your man, having to not be his only distraction, having to not be the only one he tells "I love you", the only one he cuddles and talks to about everything and anything, and let's not even talk about the biblical rule of one man and one wife. Really, it's pissing me off. It's not a law but now a lot of men now have reason enough to cheat on their wives because they have her support. I pray her very own husband adheres to her advice and marries as much women as possible so she can get a taste of her own medicine.

My rant about the sponge.

Do you want to die? Do you want to breed e.coli in the kitchen sink? Better yet one of those anti-biotic resistant viruses that someone in this aging community is bound to bring home from the hospital. No, you may not wipe my toddlers high chair off with a sponge that has been marinating in filth water for days. I have my own, secret sponges. i gave up the battle of keeping yours clean after numerous talks. After me rinsing and wringing them out, day after day, only to find them soggy in the sink regardless. Now I just leave them there to grow slime, mold, and our deaths.

So! (loud exhale) My husband is starting a "band". It's actually a male/female duo. He has 50 years of stage experience. He also has a music studio. His partner has the voice of an angel, but no real stage experience. They have been working on this act for months.

They had a gig in December and had lots of interest and kudos. They realized they needed business cards. I designed a simple business card with the necessary contact info. I put together a VERY simple "logo" which consisted of the bands name. 2 words. I ran it past both of them and they were ecstatic. LOVED it. Business cards are cheap so I ordered them.

They LOVED them. Perfect! Wonderful! Thank you so much! I didn't care for the logo much, but if they were happy, that's what counted. Is this getting too long? well, in for a penny, in for a pound. Last week they started recording a demo. They are awesome!

I volunteered to build a simple website where they could put the demo songs for potential venues/clients to listen. I had to learn a new software, but I enjoy that, so no problem. I decided to change the logo which looked bad on the internet. I changed the font slightly and darkened the colors. They were thrilled to have a website, but she wondered if we could add hearts to the logo.

I am NOT an illustrator! But I found a free gif that looked pretty good so I modified again. "Can we make it blue?" Now I've designed the whole website around the yellow/brown. It's not my favorite, but it works with the initial logo. Okay, I'll mess around with it. "and could we use just one heart and have the name...blah, blah, blah.

This was today. So on the way to dinner I get a text of a graphic for Lady Ante Bellum as an "example". Someone spent some big bucks on this graphic. It's sensational! By now I'm boiling. Why did she tell me she loved the first one. If I had known she didn't like it I never would have spent money on business cards. I'm now beyond pissed. I spent 45 years making teeth for a living. I am not accustomed to people telling me they like my work if they don't. I wasted a lot of time because she didn't have the BALLS to say "I appreciate you doing this, but I think we should get a professional to work on it."

I told her there was a place on the internet called Fiverr where she could hire an illustrator..... It's a good thing my husband understands. Man, that feels better. Thank you for letting me vent.The latest logo is blue you can see it here at Southern Hearts yes, that's an S as in more than one heart. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Can I change my rant?
Cause I just launched a photo contest where I tell people I am google image searching all images entered and will flag images stolen, and the first two entries were stolen images Like seriously WTF is wrong with people?


Report them to Steemcleaners or something. That must really feel weird.


I flagged them both 100% and my readers got them too. Both of them responded to me and hopefully they stop doing it. Since they both were new I won't report them unless they do it again. Then what will happen will be worse than a flag cause steemcleaners will make short work of them.


That's a good call. I'm pretty sure they learned a thing or two with you doing what you did.


Why not save it for next week?


LOL I am sure I will have another for next week. There is always something to rant about


Here is my entry. Read it until the end. OH YEAH. THAT WAS FUN. I finally said everything making my heart heavy.

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #35. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!


I currently am running a give away on my blog for a reuasble I <3 bag. It has a few days left. I won't be rude and link it but it should be easy to find. Easy to enter and shipping of prize to winner included anywhere in the world.
I hope this post helps or gives some answers to people who tend to get scammed a lot online!

Thanks a lot @steemitbc! I really appreciate the big help. :)

Once again it feels like there has been a lull in development.

When are the 'communities' coming?

Seems like there is a lack of updates about progress and vision.

And so many new people arrive, but get lost in the chaos.

Progress waits for no one... what are your thoughts?

LMAO!!! I love the rules and the extra bold "WTF is wrong with you," is hilarious I cant stop laughing!! Buahahahahaah


Can't believe I would have to say it... This world is going to shit I tell ya.


Okay but seriously, the people above need to keep their rants to 50-100 words. I kept scrolling down to find this comment and it might have taken me a minute or two. Hee Hee

I would join this contest but it would be ranting about the ranters. LOL!

You will have to definitely meditate, ground, and center after reading all these.

Blessings, Eagle xx

PS. There are still some good folks out here too. points to self :p