LOGO CONTEST #2 – Looking For Niche

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It is time for Looking For Niche to get an official logo!

LFNCOIN Logo Contest Part 2.png

[WhaleBoT logo by @justcallmemyth]

This is Part 2 of the Looking For Niche Logo Contest!

This week you can win part of 1200 LFNCOIN. Winners from last weeks contest automatically participate in the logo contest this week as well. If you did not join last week, now is your chance!

You win by designing the best Looking For Niche logo!

This week's contest ends on 10th of August 00:01 AM CEST, so submit your logo before then. I will pick be picking the winners afterwards.

Last weeks winners are here:


All of last weeks entries can be found in the comments here:

LOGO CONTEST #1 – Looking For Niche

Today’s Prices:

LFNCOIN Giveaway Price Week 2.png

How to participate:

Step 1

  • Create a logo. It has to clearly show, that it is a Looking For Niche / LFN Logo.
  • Looking For Niche will use the logo on Steemit in banners / images as well as on Discord as a server logo (among other places). That might be worth considering.
  • I it a good idea to check up on, what Looking For Niche is all about, if you do not know.
  • You can design the logo as you like. Use digital or analogue art as you wish.

Preferred file-types:

  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .gif (if it is animated)

Licensing - Important

  • The work (of course) has to be your own creation. Plagiarizing others is not accepted.
  • By submitting your logo to this contest, you agree that Looking For Niche and related projects and people (@rawbinhutt et.al.) will be able to use your logo as their/our own - including as part of collages or banners or in any other way.

Not heard of Looking For Niche? Check out the first part (Looking For Niche) of this post to find out how it works: WhaleBoT - How To Use It And What It Can Do For You (July 2017) 🐳

You can join the Discord and try the Looking For Niche tool for yourself. Click the image:

Step 2

  • Submit your logo in a comment below.
  • Feel free to tell me, how you came up with the design (not required).
  • You are welcome to post your logo as your own Steemit post, but you have to post the logo, (and preferably a link to your post) in the comments.

Step 3

You are done. Thanks for participating! If you do not know, what LFNCOIN is, you can read this post and find out:

* LFNCOIN * RELEASED! The Looking For Niche Coin Is Finally HERE!

Thanks for checking out this logo contest. I hope you will consider entering. Serious entries will be upvoted by me for more to see, and I encourage others to do the same.

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Hey Rawbin!

This is my another idea of your logo.

Here is my post with the creating process: https://steemit.com/lookingforniche/@megii/logo-for-looking-for-niche-the-second-one

Thanks for the second opportunity!



Here are another versions. I was kind of busy yesterday, so I am adding this today.


Hello RawbinHutt!

My first entry. It's a mascot with many faces! :P


Here is my entry for the second round

Hope you all like it

here is another version with a background

Hello Rawbin-Hutt.

This is my second entry:

Thanks! I will make some post to promote this contests later! GL!

In the world of magic, the more you look, the less you see. Why don't you join the LFN community and we point you to the right direction. The niche that best fits you.

Arrow= direction
Lens= sight

Logo - LFN


I think it will be better for purpose of logo if I will change colors in LF-N, moving focus to "N" with red color. Can I update my work on my blog?


Feel free. You can also comment your update here, as long as the end result is here in the comments before deadline, you can upload as many versions, as you like.


Good luck to the participants, and the best to win.

Liked the article, very interesting :)

game on ! @rawbinhutt - I'm on it ! LFN >>> ta for the token tokens... nice touch from the judge :)

Great information. Upvoted and resteem.