WhaleBoT - How To Use It And What It Can Do For You (July 2017) 🐳

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If you are following me and you have already checked out Looking For Niche, you have probably seen WhaleBoT. In this article, I will go through many of WhaleBoT's features - and why you should consider trying out the Discord bot.

WhaleBoT Guide.png

- Feature list -


Looking For Niche

Looking For Niche is of course my favorite feature of WhaleBoT (who would have thought?). Don’t know how it works? Let me explain. Looking For Niche enables you to pair your username (on Discord) to a tag. Let’s say you like to write about Gaming, how would you go about finding other gamers? Like this:

On any Discord server that runs WhaleBoT type in the following:

whalebot LFN Gaming

Whalebot LFN.PNG

Now you are actively looking for gaming buddies. Next time someone else writes “whalebot LFN Gaming”, they will find you!

If you regret the gaming tag, or are no longer interested, simply write whalebot untag Gaming, and you will no longer be searching.

Want to see all tags someone is paired with?

whalebot alltags rawbinhutt (or someone else, of course).

whalebot alltags.PNG


Checking your current Vote Power, Vote Weight and Bandwidth

Want to see your Vote Power, Vote Weight or Bandwidth? It's easy, just write:

whalebot vp rawbinhutt

Whalebot VP.PNG

(Switch my username out with yours, of course, unless you want to see my vote power).


Checking prices of STEEM, SBD, BitShares, Whaleshare and more

You can check all of the above prices. Simply go to Discord and write:

whalebot prices

Here I am checking whaleshare prices:

Whalebot Prices.PNG

If you want to see STEEM related prices, simply write: whalebot prices steem


See A List Of Steemit Related Discord

To see a list of known Steemit related Discord servers write this:

whalebot discord

Whalebot Discord.PNG


I just want a hug!

Don't worry. Whalebot got you covered!

Simply write:

whalebot hug

whalebot HUG.PNG

And WhaleBoT will show you love. Features are constantly being added. Right now, you can also go see if you can find a couple of hidden easter egg features: Try and write whalebot kitty, and see what happens!


To join Looking For Niche on Discord, click the image below:


Looking For Niche is a tool designed by me and coded by @alexpmorris. All the other current WhaleBoT features are created solely by Alex. Follow him for updates on WhaleBoT and other interesting projects.


Thanks for reading! If you like this guide, consider an upvote and resteem. If you need help, ask me here in the comments or on the Looking For Niche Discord.

- RawbinHutt


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Thanks, this was useful.

great looking guide @rawbinhutt! I may have coded it, but many others using it have also contributed many useful thoughts and ideas on how to make WhaleBoT even more fun, useful, and friendly as well. So I'll just say that building WhaleBoT has been a fun and entertaining community effort! :)


Glad you like it! Everyone reading, go follow Alex for updates on his projects. He's been releasing some new non-whalebot related tools for Steemit.

Thank you for sharing this guide. I am looking forward to start using it. Thanks. Upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you. I am glad you like it. Have fun with WhaleBoT!

Helpful guide, thanks! :) Should be a good pinned post in general for future members.


Thanks! And good idea, I'll pin it in general chat and throw it under faq as well.


Lol yeah. I forgot to mention faq

awesome, I want to try to find the golden easter eggs

sweet.. I'm having fun with it already, lol


Glad to hear it!

We love our Whalebot he is always rdy to help !

You can also ask him who his Daddy is.


You are not wrong! WhaleBoT can do it all.

Just tried all those commands, and I am in love with the hugging whale!!


He is the best, I am glad you love him! :D

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thank you friend ! Very interesting story! I'm inspired! Good luck!

thank you friend ! Very interesting story! I'm inspired! Good luck!

Cool, I didn;t know about a couple of these that interest me...

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the information .. I will always follow you .. follow me @riansteem ..may be a good friend

Thank you for the information :) upvoted and followed :) :) Kayleigh

Hello! It's kind of overwhelming on Steemit but these suggestions have been very helpful..thanks!

the good one post

I like this guide. Thanks for sharing.

Terrific post and advices, merci :)

this is really cool! :) thanks for sharing!

Nice Did not know this. And whaleshares, are these traded already? I have a bitshares account but could not find them (Maybe you think; what a noob, but I realy could not)


Yep, it's called "WHALESHARE" on the BitShares Exchange / OpenLedger. I know there are tradings happening for BTS (BitShares) and "BEYONDBIT" which is another token created by the same community.

Funny you should ask about this, because just an hour ago, I announced my own token specifically for the Looking For Niche community. It's my latest post. If you need help with the trading, you can find me on the LFN Discord community (linked near the bottom of this post).

For the article on the new token, you can see the announcement here: Coming soon: A Looking For Niche Token ('Coin') To Support The LFN Community! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!