SPU Poetry Contest #4: Announcement (& Winners of #3)

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SPU Poetry Contest #4: Announcement (& Winners of #3)



Before we get to the contest, I, @poetrybyjeremy, wanted to say something. I have been enjoying reading the contest entries of the past contests. Unfortunately, this will be the last contest I will be hosting/judging for now, as in my real life I suddenly got much more busy and I need to take care of my mental-health. Spending too much time on Steemit is not helping my stress and anxiety levels, and knowing that I am prone to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, I find that prevention is better than cure.

Don't worry, the SPU Contest will continue, and we have already found a new host. I will be working with this host so that next week, they can start hosting the contest without any unforeseen issues. Thank you for all your support and I hope that you keep participating!

Results of SPU Poetry Contest #3

RankPoemPoetSBD Prize
1stMother Love@shawnamawna2.5 SBD
2ndChaotic Chemistry@pragmaticpassion1 SBD
3rdPinocchio@emdesan0.5 SBD

Congratulations to the three winners! I was quite touched with a lot of this week's entries and it was another difficult choice!

Thank you to the @ange.nkuru for having donated 1SBD to the prizepool.


1st1.5 SBD
2nd1 SBD
3rd0.5 SBD

Mix 'n Match

As steemit has been acting up, I was unable to retrieve prompts from poems, so for this week I decided to shift the format.

What you have to do is pick one theme and an image below as your prompts. Then, write a poem inspired by the image while incorporating the theme into your poem.


  1. Insects
  2. Celebration
  3. Witch Hunt



Image Source


Image Source

Image Source


  • Your poem has to be inspired by ONE of the images and centred on ONE of the Themes.
  • No restrictions on length or rhyming. Feel free - use your freedom wisely.
  • The post's title has to be "SPU Poetry Contest #4: POEM TITLE". Obviously, replace POEM TITLE with your poem's actual title.
  • Use poetsunited as the FIRST tag.
  • Upvote this post. Resteem is optional, but appreciated.
  • Copy the link to your poem, and post it on the comments below.

Deadline for entries are before this post's payout (On Friday, 23rd March). Once this post has paidout, no more entries will be accepted. We will do our best to announce winners and the following contest as quickly as possible.

You must respect Steemit rules! No plagiarism allowed. If you are going to use photos or pictures on your post, make sure that you are allowed to use them, and to source the content. Any breaking of rules will be notified and the entry will not be accepted.

Feel free to ask any queries in the comments. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

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Great. Keep it up

Nice contest. Very good...

First of all, THANK YOU! I can't believe I won and I've kind of been freaking out about it. Eek!

Second, here is my entry for Week 4. I'm really loving these prompts and the opportunity to participate. <3 https://steemit.com/poetsunited/@shawnamawna/spu-poetry-contest-4-hiding-place

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Great contest. Hope you heal soon. HEAR's my entry:


Here is my little contribution. Really hard to choose, all the photos and themes are great. Keep it up :) https://steemit.com/poetsunited/@chaosreignstv/spu-poetry-contest-4-a-force-of-nature

Just now figuring out how to find all the post mentions. THANK YOU FOR THE SHOUT OUT!!!! Y'all are awesome.

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Hope you can take some much-deserved rest for yourself, and feel better.

Here's my entry: https://steemit.com/poetsunited/@tessaragabrielle/spu-poetry-contest-4-witch-prey

Aweee. Yay!! This is awesome :)

Feel better @poetrybyjeremy!

Congratulations!! It was a real tough contest, and yours was a phenomenal piece :D

As I have been banned I am retracting my Entry I am leaving it up for you @poetrybyjeremy as you have always been nothing but kind.

I apologize to anyone else having to read this mess. I was not going to drag this out on this blog but I also do not suffer people lying and thinking they can get away with it. If i could I would remove this comment as Jerimy deserves better than this crap on his last contest . But for now this apology will have to do, if it is true that people miss me then you know where you can find me an connect, as i will avoid anything official from this group from this moment on.

Lol you have not been banned ... Just kicked for not following the Rules while Posting in Promo Channel Several times...

Bullshit! Do I need to cut and paste to message I got such as you are no longer part of this server ? And I posted twice once not even knowing rules had changed then actually following all the rules except announcing who I upvoted . You have no manners the way it wa all addressed was completely rude ! As is I have nothing to do with you people anymore nor do I want to ! Lying gets you nowhere btw!You treat your own management like dirt and you don't even notice when they leave you because they can't stomach your behaviour ! Sad man bye!

Well . I just stated that you are not banned. That is the truth ... Kicking and Banning are two different things ... Judging by your tone that you have in your message ... Everyone can see that you are trying to defend yourself... What management you are talking about... You have never been part of it ... Being Active Poet is not management... Anyways ... Have a good one ... God Bless You .. Peace and Love :) I have nothing against you or anyone... Just want people to follow the rules ... Everyone can find excuses... It is not hard to read the topic of the channel ... it takes 1 minute if you can't do that well what involvement are you talking about at all... You will be greatly missed by the moderators of the community by the way lol...

I am not claiming myself as management I was barely even a member I am talking about someone who told me they are retreating from being active there because of how you behave! My excuse is that I am dying and had a Relapse what is yours ? And I did read the rules when i joined if you change them while people are gone you should send messages about that. And I doubt anyone even notices I am gone, and if they do they know where to find me ...

Hmmm, I was the one to kick you from our server. I did so because you were abusive AGAIN.

You say you followed all our rules EXCEPT announcing who you upvoted. To me this sounds like you didn't follow our rules because upvoting is a part of the rules. Also we have communicated the rules many times after we changed them in our Daily Dose. I will post the screenshots i made of the abuse from your side if you want and then you might see that you were being abusive. We work day and night for this community, we write the Daily Doses which is detrimental to our own writing of poetry and thus our own payouts, we invest our own money to make this community a success and you seem to think that we should take your abuse for free as well... Also you said that you were leaving our server right before I decided to beat you to it and kick you from our server because of your attitude towards me. And then you become abusive again in the comment section of this contest complaining that you got kicked. The claims of lying are also not true as we can prove with screenshot from our warnings. Anyone who doesn't believe this, please contact us and we will screenshare our chat logs that we have from our convos with Tyger. To me this whole story is clear, so please keep some of your dignity and let it be, i think you have better things to spend your energy on. I wish you good luck and health, i have no hard feelings.

yes please if saying that I will not post anymore is abuse please post SMH! After he approached me like this from the get go your note just made me not feel like posting at all and I stated as much. I also stated that I upvoted I just don't like announcing it to the public who I upvote because it is very personal between the people one gives support to and one self. Had one asked me who in private I would have told you. And while my tone with you might have been a little rough you were not very cordial in your communication either. Also my dignity is totally intact do you really think that you have the power to blemish my dignity? If you do you might have an issue with the nature of reality. Also you are trying to distort truth here! I was never abusive and your attempt to paint what I said as such is repugnant! I guess you thought I would be scared to post our conversation well you were wrong, and once I post the full conversation here You will be blocked as well I have better things to do then to deal with ankle biting chihuahua's <now this last statement was abusive - you're welcome!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 19.43.06.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 19.43.23.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 19.44.06.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 19.44.23.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 19.44.45.png

Afterthat you unceremoniously kicked me off the server. YOu people need to stop making things up! Also if anything more that what I hear posted is presented by the person about to be blocked it is a fake ... I will gladly give my discord password to a trusted agreed party to check. As is next person to be blocked anyone else ?

P.s Also let me set one last thing straight here I was invited to your group by one of your admins so I came. I an battling a terminal illness so no i am not online all the time and you apparently do not sent your members a heads up on changes of rules do you! So after battling a relapse i went and posted my first post ever where your damn admin told me to. Then you send me this >

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 06.42.01.jpg

No, Hi do you know we changed the rules , nothing! Did you parent raise you under a rock ?

I deleted my post told you I would no longer be posting but then yo changed your tune said you wanted me to post ...

So the contest comes I post my entry as it is you contest the reason for posting is self explanatory I had the logo in it with a link to the group and writing notes (which I have since removed from the piece as you do not deserve my promotion after this!)I up vote people from your group on a daily ...why because they are talented ...i did not post it in front of the post because it goes against my culture and upbringing ... I was going to just not say anything here but you lying just takes the cake!

Why don't you share the whole thing ? and stop making excuses ? oh wait let me do it ....

I am sorry that you have a terminal case... but that does not give you the right to call me a liar ... I do not see anything offensive in my words to you... After our conversation apparently you broke the rules again... So it was enough... Rules Are Rules sry... Have a Good One...God Bless You. Peace and Love.

Sure you are a piece of work seriously if you call having a terminal illness an excuse you need to be sectioned! I read your damn rules when joining you changed them within the days I was there and as i said when I deleted my post you changed your tune -

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 06.42.01.png

Muting you now you are not even worth my time ...hope you one day find as much empathy as you put out ...

I do not see proof that I am a liar ... And you called me that 2 times .... by now ...
Also stop reading between the lines and making things so dramatic. I do not see any drama here you did not follow the rules for whatever reason than did it again ... got yourself kicked out after you threaten to leave the server... It is not like you are kept in against your will... So mute me or not this does not change the fact that you have serious problem and I truly wish you all the best ... Like I said it many times :P In my previous posts to you God Bless You. Peace and Love. ...

app sent me your reply even after mute- so i am not letting it stand - stop lying I never said I was leaving the server I just said I won't post any of my work anymore - different kettle fo fish lying again and you distorted truth the first time and made it about kicking and banning ... now I hope the damn app will mute you too. And I admittedly and unapologetically have issues but I'm not the one who's admins are saying they can't stand how you treat people so I think I am a bit better off ! So please take your fake goodwill somewhere else and your lies. In the end people will see who you are masks never hold long ...

not in a conversation with me but i am not the one that kicked you anyways so :) ... Once again just stop making false claims ... God Bless You Peace and Love hopefully for the last time.

nice edit work! on this comment - and if you do not see how your entry line is rude then you lack basic communication skills. Also I followed the rules except for blasting out who I upvoted as I find it repugnant. As is you hold your little band together with your despotism see how far it gets you. We are done here thank you for the fish and have a nice day ...and she pressed MUTE...

thank god :) Peace and Love....


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Yeah, have to take care of yourself. Just an idea: you may want to see if you have a very strong placement of the Moon in Pisces in your natal chart (astrology). People with this placement are very sensitive and need peace of mind, much more than others. If you want I can check it out for you. Let me knowhttps://steemit.com/poetsunited/@mistermercury/spu-poetry-contest-4-love-of-earth

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P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Hello people, here's my entry to the contest.

With Friends By The River

My entry

Hey, thanks for hosting this contest. Lots of great entries to be sure!

Here's mine:


Sorry @poetrybyjeremy I got this late and please make sure you take good care of yourself.... From now on an your biggest fan

This is my entry