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Ah, the beauty of a creature out in creation!

I have always been amazed at all of the amazing plants and animals that were created to share this planet with us. The different colors, shapes and sizes are incredible, and we are truly blessed to be able to enjoy such variety. I was interested to start up this "Combination Photography" contest where other steemians around the world would be able to photograph some of their local plants and animals together. So far, I have been absolutely amazed with the results!


Many of you are fully aware that I promised a limited edition STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Silver Round to the winner of Week 10 of my Combination Photography Contest. That, of course, was the idea... but then things got hard. How could I choose from all of the amazing entries?

Soon, I realized that I needed serious help. After all, although I love running contests here on steemit, I absolutely hate choosing winners. Soon, I made my Week 10 Winners Post where I featured my favorite photos that had been submitted and asked the community to vote on which ones they preferred.

Well, that really didn't help too much either. In fact it made things even worse. So, will I still be crowing a winner and giving away one of the STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Sivler Rounds?


Actually, I've decided to give away 4 of them!


Basically, it's because "I'm like that." I've decided to award three "normal winners" that will receive the "normal" splits of the SBD from the post payouts and also 1 STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Silver Round each and a BONUS winner who will "only" get the Silver Round.

Hopefully this will make it worth the wait... for four of you at least.


As always, this was tough for me, but I have finally made my decisions. The Winner gets 50% of the liquid post payout from the Week Ten Post and the two runner ups each get 25% of the same.



10 SBD











Please provide me with a valid shipping address for your prize on either discord or I am @papa-pepper on both of those too! Once I have a shipping address, I'll work on getting a prize pack together for you and shipping it over!


First off, by combination photography I mean that you should combine two elements; plants and animals. At least one plant and at least one animal should be featured in your photo. Here are two examples.

Blue Spotted Salamander on moss

Spotted Salamander on iris leaf

Besides simply providing the images, I also require that those entering this contest provide a proof photo as well. Two main versions of proof photos exist. One kind features the same combination of plants & animals with a written paper in the photo with your username, the date, contest name, etc. to prove that you took the photo for the contest.

The other type of proof is just a selfie with the animal and plant. Here are my examples for the photos featured above.

Once you see the proof photos there should not be any doubt in your mind that I actually took the photos I shared above. All you need to do is submit your photo entry and your proof photo by replying to this post with them. Also, though the official way to enter this contest is by including your entry photo and the proof photo in a reply to my post, I strongly encourage others to make an actual post featuring their entry as well.

Even if you do not win the contest, you could still get something for your effort if you turn it into a post as well. @Matthewtiii once hit the jackpot on a post about his contest entry. His post paid out at over $200 total while he has trying to win 5 STEEM, LOL! Link here.


By now you should have a clue about what this contest is and how to enter, but here are the official rules just to make sure. Enjoy, and I am looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.


  • Photo entries must be placed in the reply/comment section of this post.
  • Submissions may also be made into posts, but it is not necessary.
  • A proof photo will also be required. This can be in the form of a selfie with the subjects from the photos or in the form of your username written on a piece of paper in a photo, etc. Basically, you must prove the originality of your work. Therefore, your entry comment should include two photos.
  • Users have between now and the time of the post payout to enter this contest.
  • I will personally select one winner to award half of the liquid SBD payout from this post to and two runner ups who will each get 25% of the same.
  • Enter as many times as you like!
  • Depending on the interest in this contest, I may have it be ongoing.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to include both your entry photo and proof photo in your reply.


If you reply to this post with a photo of a plant and animal together and include a proof photo before the post payout from this post, you may win a portion of the post payout.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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GIF provided by @malos10


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Damnnnn, those are some really really good pictures


Thank you very much :)

Awesome contest @papa-pepper ! And I love seeing all the wierd and different entries , so cool my friend !! And a big congratulations to the winners Wow ! A Steemit Silver Round , That's the best prize ever on Steemit ! I really wish some day to win one !! Hopefully there a another one up for grabs in this contest , I will try to enter , I just need to find an animal !!! 🐓🐄🐥🐦🐴🐐🐑🐕🐈🐀🐹🐩🐍🐸🐖🐵🐆🐻🐌🐊🐙🐠🐗

here is my participation for this week
I missed last week but have made a post a few days back

check out the post here

here is my entry @papa-pepper


proof of entry.


Nice Rooster!




I love his funny looking hat!


lol, also looks like a reindeer horn.


Yes I see it now! Reindeer Rooster Running Rampant!


unsa mana sir para tari nana rong pista?


pangtari nanah rong december kung naay sobra sa 13 month. mam grace

amazing post with beautiful pictures of animals keep it up

nice photography. good jobs

Congrats to all the winners, what fabulous photographs.
Once again @papa-pepper you show such generosity!

I love animal photography too @papa-pepper!
Meet my Cat 🐈 a night slut meowing every night!
Damn my Cat is hornier than me! 😂


I love photography. All photos are awesome. Congratulations to all winners.

nice post..

Wow amazing photos

Good photography
I like you post
Succes always for you @papa-pepper
I upvote and resteem

🌟OMG! I'm so excited!🌟

This is so awesome. I just... I'm actually speechless. 😳
That just doesn't happen...😏

😍Thank you! 😍Thank you! 😍Thank you!😍


Congrats for successfully 'hunting' those deer! It paid off!


You and your husband, and perhaps more him so far, have been raking it in on my contest posts! Congrats!


I know! We have been going pretty hard. I've won a few things this week! Feeling pretty good.

Thank you again! 😍


Very nice pic, the flower is elegant and the butterfly is beautiful, great great pic....awesome....

4?!?!? That is generously amazing! Congratulations to the winners!!!


Yeah, it was easier that way!

Actually looks beautiful this post



here's my entry @papa-pepper.
Just as I finished reading this post I luckily found that moth perching on the apricot so I hastily get my camera to capture those photos above. I hope you like it


Very cool apricots :) I want to plant some trees like this now!

Nilgiri Tahr in Eravikulam National Park – Kerala INDIA @papa-pepper




Video link

That coin looks fantastic man, and i personally think that in the future it will have a pretty big value, make more of them please.


This was a limited edition minting made by @phelimint and @sevinwilson if I am not mistaken. Only 1500 were minted, but that doesn't mean they can't make another edition in the future. Either way, Papa will probably not make more - but he sure seems to like giving them away! Keep your eye on his future posts and I'm sure there will be another opportunity.

photography contest r u win i hope carry on friend @papa-pepper

Congratulations to all winner


Thanks, they did a wonderful job!

nice photography

Hello @papa-pepper what kind of animal your holding? Is that a lizard?


I think it is
Blue-spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale)
Amphibian, no lizard :)


:) no problem


Way to be helpful!

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Congrats to the winners and thank you @papa-pepper for just considering my photo for the last contest. There's always next time

Niceeee wording like it


Oh! Thankyou

Rats & Birds • Combination Photography Contest
My 2 entries for week 11 are... a rat and a bird in Central Park!

A city rat wanders into the park...

A dirty cardinal wanders around the park...

Proof of city...

Proof of city boy...

My Combo Photo Contest Post:

My Central Park Post:


nice pic.



Excellent post, I invite you to visit my blog, greetings

Foto-foto binatang yang sangat bagus...

Firstly, I appreciate the person who bring this amazing competition @papa-peppers thank you for opportunity given to us to show case of work.

I am really so gland and appreciated this.

My mood now like:

I can't forget to appreciate communities who support us with their vote. I thank you all
I remember mostly @xpilar my steemit mentor , @hich and @sultan-aceh , @dabbey and my crypto mentor @pivi and the rest who I didn't mentioned.

Lastly I want to congratulate we the winners:
Winner - @okylxx
First Runner Up - @davidad
Second Runner Up @carrieallen
Bonus Winner - @tojukaka

We all submitted amazing photos.

To those who participated and not win, believe me, this week 11 might be your turn, never relent.

Thank for fair judgment @papa-rapper honestly it's not easy to crown the winners when one look at those amazing combined photos submission.


Thanks so much for participating and having fun! If you get me that address in private, I will send you your gift!


now you make me curious, how do you send private messages ? sorry it has nothing to do with your post or contest, but i miss that private button ?



yes found the way a few days back :-)


I had sent it through
You can check it.

Thanks @papa-pepper

Nice ! :)

Thank you @papa-pepper


NO my friend! Thank you!


Congratulations man.!


congrats man! you won the 1 oz round steemit silver..

Here is my entry for this week

Good luck everyone

Here is my entry, combination photography contest @papa-pepper.




nindot na nga picture sir


Salamat mam,,,

if tomorrow were to be the end of the world, i will spend my today looking at beautiful pictures like those.
nice post @papa-pepper 1❤ for that
and congratulation to the winners 🙌

I don't know about carrot juice, but my dog likes carrots!


I guess she thinks she is a rabbit? Silly dog!

@papa-pepper such an amazing contest.

Here are my first set of pictures for your contest:


Oscar on his first walk to the park!



Beautiful horse and I!


IMG_6487.PNGFavorite donkey ever!IMG_4348.JPG


and I think this is the last one, but I have to look into some older picture!
I don't know if it's eligible because there is only some grass in the back.

Dubai desert


Here is my first entry Papa




Nice look


Yes, monkey is very handsome! 😁😁😁


Haha.. do you finally shake hands with that Monkey ?


Noup.. He just eat from my hand. So adorable. entry



..heres the proof



mam kadaghang patotinonon ana puhon.


ayaw saba sir muna muna nako ug ali ana para makahulagway ko


Kadaghan sa etik mam, nindot na himuon nga patotin igka dagko...

...heres my entry moth on a weeping fig plant proof of entry

ka cute, cute pa sa person. hahaha

Here is my entry for this week
Photo: 1

Photo 2:


Proof photo:

Proof photo 2:

Link to my submit:

Thank you @papa-pepper
Have sent my address to you through
For my to receive my Steem sliver

Thank you @papa-pepper

Hello @papa-pepper. I was wondering who are the winners of this contest? Congratulations for this awesome contest! have a wonderful day! thank u