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This has become so much fun for me!

It's been amazing to see so many incredible entries, and to see how much fun some of you are having! It is great to be able to see all of different animals and plants in your areas, in some combination photography!


Before I get into who won the contest last week, I’ll once again review what I am looking for by featuring some combination photos of mine.

When I say “combination photography” I mean that you should combine two elements; plants and animals. At least one plant and at least one animal should be featured in your photo. Here are a few recent examples.

Painted Turtle with Leaves

Squirrel in a Tree

Besides simply providing the images, I also require that those entering this contest provide a proof photo as well. Two main versions of proof photos exist. One kind features the same combination of plants & animals with a written paper in the photo with your username, the date, contest name, etc. to prove that you took the photo for the contest.

The other type of proof is just a selfie with the animal and plant. Here are my examples for the photos featured above.

Once you see the proof photos there should not be any doubt in your mind that I actually took the photos I shared above, because you can see me right there! The written proof works in the same way.


There were so many excellent entries once again that I struggled to make the decisions, but in the end I had to, didn’t I? The Winner gets 50% of the liquid post payout from the Week Three Post and the two runner ups each get 12.5% of the same.



18.5 SBD



9.25 SBD



9.25 SBD

Thank you everyone for all of your efforts and entries! It has been a blessing to check them all out! Although the official way to enter this contest is by including your entry photo and the proof photo in a reply to my post, I strongly encourage others to make an actual post featuring their entry as well. Sometimes people who don’t win get paid more for their post than if they had actually won!


By now you should have a clue about what this contest is and how to enter, but here are the official rules just to make sure. Enjoy, and I am looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.


  • Photo entries must be placed in the reply/comment section of this post.
  • Submissions may also be made into posts, but it is not necessary.
  • A proof photo will also be required. This can be in the form of a selfie with the subjects from the photos or in the form of your username written on a piece of paper in a photo, etc. Basically, you must prove the originality of your work. Therefore, your entry comment should include two photos.
  • Users have between now and the time of the post payout to enter this contest.
  • I will personally select one winner to award half of the liquid SBD payout from this post to and two runner ups who will each get 25% of the same.
  • Enter as many times as you like!
  • Depending on the interest in this contest, I may have it be ongoing.


If you reply to this post with a photo of a plant and animal together and include a proof photo before the post payout from this post, you may win a portion of the post payout.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Thank you!

Really loving this contest papa-pepper ! So many great and fun entries!

Your rules are also super generous. You dont require a re steem, an up vote or any special tags. I have not seen a single contest work on such perimeters. You are showing your quality yet AGAIN!

I make it a point to acknowledge your high standards of character often as you deserve it!

Here is my first entry this week. @papa-pepper Combination Photo Contest Week 4 Entry 1: ~~The King Of Bugs~~

Thank you my friend. I like running contests that way. No upvote, resteem or even post needed. People of course can, but I'll leave that up to them.

Thanks for noticing the difference!

Oh I notice MANY differences in the standards you set and exemplify here. It is very respectable and that is why I make sure that everyone knows you are a Steemit Hero for setting such a great example. Everyone on here could learn something from you in how to have truly original posts and also how you contribute to the success of so many and the community as a whole.
I recognize and appreciate.


I really like that pic with the praying mantis , it looks like he bout to beat up his meal .

Amazing shots!

Looks like the turtle wants to ask you something

Are turtles safe to handle I don't know if I heard somewhere that they can carry diseases, or is it terrapins ? Cheers mike

hey mike, it all depends on the type of turtle and your location, here in Australia you can pick them up and handle them without much risk of contracting disease but there are certain species like the snapping turtle that will happily take a chunk out of you if they get the chance so just be careful but you should be fine :)

Thank you very much for your reply, cheers mike

thx for sharing

Here is my entry sir.


Wish me luck brother...

All the best haha

This is a great contest and great idea @papa-pepper. I was hoping for an opportunity to arrive and this morning it did.
This is my first entry for this week's contest: The Monarch Butterfly

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hello again @papa-pepper
I have found another cow in nature for you here in Switzerland...
hopefully you will be receiving better quality pic as of next week with my new camera...
here is my original post: (if you would be so kind as to throw a little upvote my way, that would be much appreciated)

i really love how she disapprovingly stares as me there

anyhow, greetings from Switzerland and STEEM ON

@arrliinn: Combination Photo Entry #1

Hi @papa-pepper! It's actually a bit challenging to find animals around our area (Abu Dhabi, UAE), but here's what you'd normally find:

I chanced upon these cats flirting with each other around the desert bushes:


photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Gosh, I really need a better camera! 😅)

@arrliinn: Combination Photo Entry #2

Hi @papa-pepper! So I've been waiting for the birds to go home before sunset today. There is a big tree in front of our house where you'd see them perched in the morning and by sunset. However given that my phone camera isn't too great, I gave up. Then found them:
BIRDS on the desert sand


OMG, did they jusy fly away?! LOL. Anyway, hopefully you can still make out it was taken from the same location.

photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Gosh, I really need a better camera! 😅)

@arrliinn: Combination Photo Entry #2

Hi @papa-pepper! So I've been waiting for the birds to go home before sunset today. There is a big tree in front of our house where you'd see them perched in the morning and by sunset. However given that my phone camera isn't too great, I gave up. Then found them:
BIRDS on the desert sand

Me in my pjs. 😂

OMG, did they jusy fly away?! LOL. Anyway, hopefully you can still make out it was taken from the same location. 😂😂😂

photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Gosh, I really need a better camera! 😅)

Here's my entry this time around...a bunch of hairy caterpillars. Cape Lappet Moth caterpillars to be exact.



So cool!

@arrliinn: Combination Photo Entry #3

Hi @papa-pepper! It is my first time to join any of your many contests and I definitely enjoyed it. One, the weather here in Abu Dhabi is still pretty hot(40°C max) hence outdoors is really not our thing these days. Two, I have spent long days at home now that I am transitioning to my new job and still waiting for my work visa to be completed. So even just a few minutes outside the house really counts! 😂

After taking the pictures of the cats and the birds, on my way inside our home I found this cat lazily sitting atop a car. The way the leaves and branches of the tree framed his cuteness is picture-worthy:


photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Gosh, I really need a better camera! 😅)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks to @papa-pepper for this great contest

Combination Photography Contest Entry #1
--Jumping Spider VS Caterpillar on lemon leaf--

Visit my post here:




Very cool find!

Oh wow. That is an awesome series of shots.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)
My chicken entry! It's hard to find animals or even insect in the Middle East... We are in the middle of the desert! 😅 look at the DATES TREE... hehehe...

my 2nd entry, THE WHITE CAT in the middle east...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Here is my second entry! This butterfly is seen in the woods, on a rotting watermelon rind. I LOVE butterflies, and I love watermelon. :)




Hello steemians, hello papa-pepper,

this is my first entry in this contest. I love the idea of the combination photography. In the nature there are such great combinations to find. My pictures show an admiral butterfly on a hibiscus plant, also called rose of Sharon.



And this is the proof. I am not really talented in taking selfies of me and a butterfly but I tried my best. Please excuse my weird face expression. I was concentrating on the picture ;D


I hope you like my pictures :)

A little add on to my proof picture since it didn´t work out that well.



Again, here is my second entry for this round



Thanks to @papa-pepper for make this great contest

Combination Photography Contest Entry #2
--The Beautiful Monarch Caterpillars on Milkweed Flowers--

Visit my post here:

ula7 new.jpg

ula1 new.jpg


Here is my entry for this awesome contest


Here is my proof


Thank you

I love the idea of this contest so much!

And man, that winning photo of the mantis was very special and well captured.

  • The look on it's face as it's eating the bug and seemingly realizing that it's being photographed lol...It looks like the person caught it in an embarrassing moment or something haha.

  • Tried to get some good shots for the last few, nothing seemed good enough to enter tho.. Still working on discovering my angle for this contest. There's very little "interesting" wild life directly near me :(

I'll keep trying tho. I just don't want to submit garbage so I'll bide my time and surprise you hopefully :)

Hello fellow stemians and @papa-pepper
Here is my first entry for this round..




The last, here is my third entry for this round..



After I took this photo, I noticed a second creature hiding in the corner! It almost looks as if he was stalking the ladybug, as well. :)



This is my first time competing in @papa-pepper photography contest. Thanks for brought this contest up to us!

Combination Photography Contest Week 4 Entry #1 [.Aggresively Fire Kingdom of Ants]

(Let's macro!)

(Their environment)

(No ant hurts in the making of the pictures!)

Here is my entry @papa-pepper

Great work as usual papa, and good luck to all participants!

Those photos of winners really has high quality. I enjoy watching them very much.

I really good picture n nature, like that

Nice pict..!!! 👍👍👍👍

Great pictures everyone. I'm kind of missing the squirrel that hangs out with me for morning coffee. I guess he evacuated to safe ground.

YAY thank you @papa-pepper for picking me as one of the winners and this great challenge ,it means a lot!! congrats to the other contest winners!!

Congratulations to the well-deserved winners. Between weather and my health, I missed that round. I am hoping to be back this time!

Love that grasshopper pic.
Colors are so vibrant.

Watch out. I am coming with my animal.

Muy buena elección. Felicitaciones a los ganadores. La competencia cada vez a mas alto nivel. A seguir intentándolo.

congress to winner

Nice picture and post thank you to share this photos with us , I have upvoted you !

how in the heck do you get such great photos!

Congrats to all the winners! The bunny looks cute though :D

wow this is very amazing..... pictures.....

Wow! First i love the concept and those pix are just awesome.

Amazing photo @papa-pepper

Entered, thank you for sharing

congratulations @andesign for 1st Winner... Keep it Up,,,, Spiritt... !!!!

thanks for your support bro @kemal13 :)

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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this is a excellent idea and great photography

Heya papa pepper this is my entry to your contest
I'm hoping the additional picture of me with the crocodile when it was younger will be sufficient proof as its quite difficult to get near him now haha

Combination Photo Entry #1

Hi @papa-pepper tis is my entry for COMBINATION PHOTO CONTEST

  • Me and Canada goose


I'll definitely join this contest this time around

so cool how many animals weve caught on steemit! Ive found like hundreds maybe thousands of species just in my backyard and many types of translucent colorful crystals and plants and cactus and I should start collecting steemit users photos, i will try to get steemit users from Africa to grace us with photos of RARE exotic tropical birds wildlife etc

i have parrots wild parrots here in san diego, they spometimes hangout in my banboo i will try to get photos of them myself

heres some funny photos of the new internet animal lexicon

LOL! Too funny!

Very nice..excellent photography with so much close to nature..

@papa-pepper excellent post friend, a pleasure to share an adventure more with you, I hope someday to have a sign like that, you are very generous with your followers, God bless you!

I have no expectation of placing considering the quality you get in these, but I have fun anyway. I made a post here (which includes babbling about my "fun" on my shoot) and will put entries in replies to this comment.

Common Green Shield Bug (I think) on my husband's leeks

Spider using grass for web support. Haven't looked up species.

Snail on stinging nettles. I didn't realize they could brave those!

And finally a big fat caterpillar in my sage.

me encanto la mantis la imagen es buena en realidad seria buena idea realizar un video con las imágenes que tienes un bueno sonido de fondo y ya estaría listo un épico video la calidad de las imágenes son buenas!

Very nice idea for a contest! But above all, I find the photos of the strong points of your article, greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing this with us

Will join soon
Thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend

I popped straight out into the garden when I saw your post a few days ago and am only just getting around to posting the pics! A bit of late summer sun turned up some nice insects. I couldn't decide on a favourite so.....incoming photo-bomb....sorry!
First up, delighted to find this creeping hoverfly on my daughter's sunflower.

Then your more usual hovering hover fly!

.....and finally one of the many young shield bugs that live in the garden. I love these guys - they have such a friendly feel about them.

Quite pleased with the amount of flora still providing nectar in my meadow here too :)

Thanks @papa-pepper for the contest and for loving bugs too :)

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes steemit is now the platform to explore our own things to whole world....contest, challange, are ultimately the sharing and enploration of the talent....thanks steemit for providing a large plateform for all....and you people ,you are realy helpful...

always good sir.

Nice pictures , ,

Awesome images:)

This contest is so much fun, I was glad to find another opportunity. A little bat trapped in our house. So I took it outside to set it free and take a couple of pictures of course.

I am honored to have been chosen as a runner up in last weeks contest! Thank you so much!

My first entry this week is of a wasp mantidfly. Seriously, that's a thing. If you're interested, please check out my post on it!

My Entry:

And the proof:

Couple more entries:

Silver Spotted Skipper Caterpillar




Love to join!!! Get ready for my entry today!!!

Great! I'm getting ready!

Help post.All dollar i will earn from this post will be given to help the flood victim share among friends too.