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Hello my Friends,

i'm doing a 5 STEEM giveaway, because guess what: I am sick and tired of creating post after post of high quality content and nobody looks at it. I want to help people do great Stuff, that's why I invest so many hours in creating all these tutorials. If I need to give away my Steem to get your attention, so be it. Let's do this!

Here are the rules:

  1. You need to resteem this post
  2. You need to upvote this post
  3. You need to comment "I got you, bro!" under this post
  4. IF you like my content follow my account for more (I do a new Tutorial every 2-3 days)

Winner will be selected randomly from all the entries - Contest ends 28 Feb 10 PM GMT

Ps.: If you are a SPAM Steemian don't even bother taking part in this. You will be disqualified before you even entered. This Giveaway is only for legit content creators!

Here are my Tutorials so far:

You can also find all my videos on DTUBE:

Click to play:

Click to play:

Click to play:

Click to play:

Click to play:

Click to play:

Click to play:

Click to play:

My Text Tutorials about Design Basics:

Design Basics #01 – How to select a picture
Design Basics #02 – The Power of Color
Design Basics #03 – Learn how to use Fonts
Design Basics #04 – Using Canva
Design Basics #05 – 10 ways to max Canva
Design Basics #06 – Design YOUR Brand

As you can see, i put a lot of love and effort into my content. And i really really wish people would read it, watch it and benefit from it here on Steemit. Let's hope this works.

Love you all!


"I got you, bro!"

Thank you :) Cool username :)

Thanks ❤️ That is because my name is Barbara 😊

Do you speak a bit of german, because you might love this

Unfortunately, I choose Russian (between German and Russian) in high school and university so I don't​ know any German.
But for my luck this was easy (i understood completely​).

So funny I love it! Thank you for sharing with me <3

I got you bro -- and can totally empathize! There are some really great content creators who are whale/dolphin level, but there is a good handful of them that made it only because they got onto the platform early. By contrast, there are great content creators getting crushed. Keep doing your thing!!

Thank you :) And thank you for your encouraging words :)

You know what I am going to follow you and upvoted this on principal. I feel your pain and know exactly how you feel no Steem necessary.

Thank you :) you might as well enter. Even if you would not keep the Steem you could do a contest of your own ;)

Greed motivates enough on here. I'm good! Good luck to everyone else!

yes yes yes! AND YES.
if I win' - i'm spinning it around for others as @multi4g suggested above! I just won a logo contest and that started my little mini-mini-bankroll hehehe we can turn the tides from greed to community - i totally believe it!!! it just has to start with people who are willing to get the ball rolling. even if it's a microscopic ball LOL

I'm gonna check out your posts right now cuz i like your spirit and maybe.... who knows!

this is why i love posts like this... because people tend to flock together! That's how we can find kindred spirits hehehe

I just saw your comment and I'm curious to know more about your plan. It's sounds intriguing

awesome!!! so let's move this conversation to my post - so we aren't clogging up @multi4g 's blog :) but i do hope that he follows to - because i LOVE quality content!!! especially undervalued quality content! :)

sounds great. can you link the post, i didn't find it. :)

hahahah yes - i didn't want to post the link on your post cuz i think that's bad steemit etiquette! but with your permission - i will :)
this is one of them! :) https://steemit.com/contest/@dreemsteem/get-your-shovels-ready-x-marks-the-post-is-tomorrow

but if you look around my blog - any post that has the treasure map as the preview picture will be one associated with it!

i'm in PYPT right now -and will be doing PYPT in the evening show (7pm EST - to actually run the debut "fast and furious" hunt)

That's so true. I like your mindset :)

I got you, bro!

Spam or not
This is the closest
I ever came
To coming
to spam.

Lol, you are the spam Queen anyways ;) - Thank you :)

You're so funny, you spam-busting queen! And I see what you did there with your poem. Very clever! (What is that called again? Found poetry?) Where's @damianjayclay when you need him?

I got you, bro! (and, I feel your pain, bro!) :)

Thank you :) Let's hope this works ;)

I got you bro

Thank you :)

I got you bro

Thank you :)

I got you , Bro!

Thank you :) Keep in mind you need to upvote and resteem the post the enter the giveaway

i have upvoted the post ,folowed and resteem. I have gone as much as sharing the link to my steemit whatsapp groups

cool, thank you :)

I got you, bro!

Thank you :)

You make really beautiful art :)

Thank you so much :)

I got you, bro
I am also into graphics, I guess I can learn new stuffs watching your videos. Thanks for both the contest and the tutorials

Thank you :)

I got you bro! And you are so freaking funny. I love this.

You're right. It's so hard to write all this great stuff and then it gets the reception of a turd in a punch bowl. Well, don't fear and don't give up! Let's all help each other! I just wish I had design skills, design sense, or even raw talent.

Well, truth be told, I started out in art and design and one day I discovered writing--my real craft--and decided to leave art and design for people who actually have native ability. But at any rate, I support you and believe in you, and I think your lessons are awesome! I have resteemed this, and if I could do so again every day to give it more exposure I would! Anyway, I will watch for your posts and resteem and upvote them every chance I get.

Thanks for this WAKE UP post. :-)

Thank you so much! That is so nice from you :) - Btw. do you want to be part of the giveaway?

Who says "no" to a give-away? :-)

Dude, I have watched many of your videos before I ever even found Steem. You're awesome!! I have learned a lot of useful things from your tutorials.

You did? wow, that's cool. I guess i should link to my Steemit on youtube too :)

Yeah I may have discovered Steemit sooner lol.

Looks like it from your account. I only started making these videos recently. Before that i wrote posts about design, but it got too complicated to explain everything in screenshots ;) - Thx for being an early follower :)

Dang, where does time go?

using Steemit is like:

I got you, bro!

Also I might be not a smartest person on the planet but I recon that if you will upload your videos to DTube not YouTube then you might have more chance to get more upvotes/audience etc. Why? because your tutorials are great but it is Steemit ecosystem and people wish to upvote videos that are in this ecosystem not on YouTube. It is just my though, I might be wrong :)

I followed you as well.

All Best!

Thank you! I also upload them on DTube, i just linked them here as youtube, because for some strange reason DTube dose not embed in Steemit posts. ;)

Ok my bad :D Now I can see that in your posts as well but if i havent realized that and I'm NEO then probably other people didnt seen it as well when theyve got a YT embed :) Just left a link straight to DTube or Steemit I recon it will be better than embed YT links but it is up to you :)

Thank you, i updated my post to include the link to my DTube channel. :)

Hey... It does embed :)
Just not the way that YouTube does...

There is some html code after you upload... I think I found it in settings??
I can help you try to navigate if you can't find it!!! Let me know :) (it took me a while to figure it out too! I was like heyyyyy why won't this look like my YouTube videos??? Lol)

Those design tutorials look interesting, I’ll have to take a look soon. Upvoted, resteemed, commented, etc....

Oh yeah and of course I got you bro!

Thank you :)

I JUST had the same thought the other day... Do I need to do contests to be acknowledged? Keep it up

Hi, no, but you need to resteem this post to be part of the contest ;)

You welcome, i really hope i win this ,have never won any contest lol

i wish you luck :)

Up-Vote, and followed. You don't owe me nothing. Keep up the good work.

Cool, thank you :)

I feel you.......... =\ Not entering, just agreeing lol

Thank you :)

I have given you an upvote and resteem, but Happy for you to share the 5 Steem with one of the other participants. I'm only a newbie Photoshopper, so I haven't taken the time, prior to this post, to view your tutorials. But these seem worth going through at some time, as I do wish to improve some visual aspects of my own blog.

Sorry my vote isn't worth all that much, but hopefully all these resteems help a bit.

Thank you :) The videos are actually about Affinity Photo, which is very similar to Photoshop, but cheaper. So you can probably still apply most of my content to photoshop

I didn't realise the Affinity Photo referred to the program. So there's something new I've learned already. Hope to get through these videos, as the topic does interest me.

That's actually a good point. I think i should say that in my video at the start. Because it looks a lot like Photoshop, so people might geht confused.

Most annoying thing in the world. Feel it every day. Spread the word, spread the love. Tutorials are always a good thing :)

I got you bro!

Thank you. Yes, it's a daily struggle. Everyone wants to be on the stage, but no one knows the right door ;)

Hi ... well - I got you bro... hehehehe.. and i'm doing a contest tomorrow - and i'll be looking for people for next week (if it's successful)

the contest is geared towards rewarding READERS for actually reading and engaging hehehe

i DO see that you put a lot of effort into your posts... and i'd love for you to be one of my treasure hunt "hiders" .... if you're at all interested... please let me know! :) you can look at my posts over the last few day that talk about "X Marks The Post" treasure hunt :) (i didn't want to put the link here cuz that's super rude hahahaha) but i'm also on discord same name dreemsteem#0695

Thank you. That's a great idea! I will have a look at this. I was thinking about doing something similar, but i figured that it would at this point rather reach more "randoms" than reward the readers i don't have in the first place. But once they come i will do that too :)

Yeah! Definitely! If you don't feel like going through the hassle of setting up an entire hunt on your own (why did I not realize how much work a small contest was??? Lolol) then I would still love to feature you on mine...basically all you have to do is hide a secret word anywhere in your post... And all the treasure hunters will come to your post, upvote, read, and leave a meaningful comment! 🙂
As the Hunt grows... That can begin to be a lot of votes!!! (And more importantly... Potential new friends who like your content!)

So just let me know!! As soon as this Hunt is over today I'll be looking for my next "hiders" and I have a feeling after the Hunt is over and people see how many votes and engagement my hiders got... They might volunteer as tribute right away. Lolololol

If I do fill it quickly... I will still have hunts in the future! So no worries :) the offer will still be there

I got you, bro!

Followed you too as I like tutorials and learning, even more so since being on steemit. This account is for my creative ventures. So perfect I found you. :)

Thank you. Wow, that red hair is amazing. That's color or a wig? Because the color is really crisp and powerful

It was recently dyed :)

I got you, bro!

Thank you :)

Hi, you still need to upvote and resteem this post to enter the giveaway

Done . Don't know why it didn't do that before. Very sure I upvoted and resteemed maybe my service here is poor but have done it an confirmed it

Cool, thank you :)

I am sick and tired of creating post after post of high quality content and nobody looks at it.

I agree with this line and actually I am trying to figure a way around this. Good luck.

Hi and thank you. Do you want to be part of the contest? Because the didn't fill the requirements yet.

That's okay. Its better to give the prize to someone else. @multi4g

I got you bro.

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Good post, vote me acound please @muhaimin

No, also you are disqualified from this contest for being a Spammer

What did I do wrong

All your comments are public - maybe you don't know that. You are a comment spammer asking for upvotes on many posts. You deserve nothing, especially not to win this contest! https://steemit.com/@muhaimin/comments

I am new to beginner I do not know, please understand @multi4g

Well, now you know. Stop doing that. Everyone on Steemit hates that kind of behavior.

It is a tough audience out there sometimes!

It is ;) Btw. do you want to be part of the giveaway? Just checking, because you didn't use the phrase "I got you bro" in your comment.

No thanks. I was just giving out some support to you.

sorry to ask, how will the winner be selected? Just asking out of curiosity. Thanks for this opportunity. It takes faith and good courage to share

it's a random selection from all legit entries (following rule 1, 2 & 3)

I got you bro

I got you bro. This is awesome! I will eat up this content. I found you because someone I follow resteemed you. Can not wait to read it actually. I am a design fan girl who wants to know how to do this stuff. Gotta go to the paycheck job right now, but I am now following you so have a chocolate box of content to get to later. Fun idea to get yourself out there. Woohoo!!!

"I got you, bro!!" @multi4g
Have a good one

"I got you, bro!" Actually, these tutorials look pretty valuable. I haven't watched them yet, but I'm particularly curious to see how you're able to replace the sky behind those trees.

i got u bro.

Hey Multi, do you know about steemcleaners? You can report posts like this there, and they will make sure plagiarists don't get paid and the content is taken offline. Or so they try. https://steemcleaners.org/

yes, i know about them. Really cool project. :) Thank you

Hi @multi4g! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.02 SBD @tipU from @dswigle :)

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"I got you, bro!"
How do you identify the spam accounts please?

That sounds and looks all good, but what app are you using?
I would love to learn all these amazing tricks so thank you so much for sharing this @multi4g

It's called Affinity Photo and very affordable https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/

I got you, bro!

@jjb777 thank you for the upvote! You still need to resteem and post the comment "I got you, bro!" to be part of the giveaway. I hope you see this comment.

I love you bro

I got you bro ! 🌶🌶

Thank you!!!

Totally get it! Tip!

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