Thank you :) you might as well enter. Even if you would not keep the Steem you could do a contest of your own ;)

Greed motivates enough on here. I'm good! Good luck to everyone else!

yes yes yes! AND YES.
if I win' - i'm spinning it around for others as @multi4g suggested above! I just won a logo contest and that started my little mini-mini-bankroll hehehe we can turn the tides from greed to community - i totally believe it!!! it just has to start with people who are willing to get the ball rolling. even if it's a microscopic ball LOL

I'm gonna check out your posts right now cuz i like your spirit and maybe.... who knows!

this is why i love posts like this... because people tend to flock together! That's how we can find kindred spirits hehehe

I just saw your comment and I'm curious to know more about your plan. It's sounds intriguing

awesome!!! so let's move this conversation to my post - so we aren't clogging up @multi4g 's blog :) but i do hope that he follows to - because i LOVE quality content!!! especially undervalued quality content! :)

sounds great. can you link the post, i didn't find it. :)

hahahah yes - i didn't want to post the link on your post cuz i think that's bad steemit etiquette! but with your permission - i will :)
this is one of them! :)

but if you look around my blog - any post that has the treasure map as the preview picture will be one associated with it!

i'm in PYPT right now -and will be doing PYPT in the evening show (7pm EST - to actually run the debut "fast and furious" hunt)

Ah, no wonder i didn't find it. I was looking for a post where you two went on with the conversation. btw. i am doing this Art Curation thing - at least that was my plan, but i didn't find time to actually select the winners on that. So maybe we can join forces on that. Here is the post about that:

That's so true. I like your mindset :)

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