🔥Digital Art Contest - 70 Steem🔥 [Contest #4]

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Hello Steemians! MakersPlace is back with another, fun and exciting, digital art contest. You do not need to create a new piece of work, just for this contest.


1st place will win 70% of the post rewards, and 50 Steem from MakersPlace.

2nd place will receive 20% of the post rewards, and 15 Steem from MakersPlace.

3rd place will receive 10% of the post rewards, and 5 Steem from MakersPlace.


Theme: "Colors"

Make a piece of digital art that relates to the contest theme "Colors". You may submit as many pieces as you want, but you will only be eligible for one prize. For example, if you submit two pieces of art, you cannot win both 1st and 3rd prizes. Only one of your pieces will be selected to win a prize. So submitting more art may increase your chances of winning a prize, but it's impossible to win extra prizes.

Publish and protect your art piece on the blockchain, so that the authenticity, and ownership of your creation can forever be verified. You can use the free MakersPlace service to do this, by registering at https://makersplace.com/register using the invite code:


Make a Steemit Blog post, including your art, and link your entries' blockchain Proof of Authenticity (Ie. https://makersplace.com/authenticity/0x2d9e5de7d36f3830c010a28b29b3bdf5ca73198e/1346/)

Be sure to add the following tags to your Steemit blog post: 

#cryptoart #makersplace

Submit your entry by leaving a comment on this post. Be sure to link to your artwork.

Promote your submission to friends and followers, to get more upvotes!

If you have any questions about the contest, or want join a community of artists to chat with, feel free to drop by the MakersPlace Discord Channel.


  • The art must be digital
  • The art must be your original work. We will be conducting searches to check.
  • The art must be published to the blockchain, so that the authenticity, and ownership of your creation can be verified. You should get into the habit of protecting all of your work.
  • You must Upvote and Resteem this post to be eligible to win.
  • You must submit your creation as a post on your Steemit blog
  • You must submit your creation by leaving a comment on this post, linking to your artwork.
  • Submissions are closed once this post pays out in 7 days.

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What is MakersPlace?

MakersPlace is a platform that makes it easy to create and sell unique digital creations, using blockchain technology.We believe the digital world of the future needs more empowered creators (artists, photographers, musicians and more). We’re helping creators take full advantage of blockchain technology to better protect their work from day one, and ultimately make more money by enabling true ownership and scarcity of their creations. We also want to help get creators more visibility, by distributing their creations to our marketplace partners, and through our social media/newsletters. To learn more about MakersPlace, check out the following links:

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I like your art style, and color must be something that describe most of your art work 😀 very cool and sweet entry 😍

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it is true that I can not do without colors...😉
0j80yx95jt.png @norwegiansteem 😊

Color madness

Pretty abstract colorful macro shot of a flowers. Stunning bokeh of manual focus vintage lens combined with shallow DOF on open aperture make it look almost like a painting

Enjoy the closer look :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


And proof: https://makersplace.com/authenticity/0x2d9e5de7d36f3830c010a28b29b3bdf5ca73198e/2985/

Beautiful shot @axeman ! 😊

Colorful & hypnotic @bidesign ^_^

Looks great! Thanks for participating

😊thanks for opportunities. Hope i made all rules

glitteringly lovely @norwegiansteem ! 😊

Thank you 🙂

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Dandelion Universe

Another colorful shot from Dandelion series. Taken last summer just at my yard. Amazing vintage manual focus lens brings a lot of fairy-tale feeling into final picture

Color grading and retouch in post-processing (LR+PS)

Enjoy the closer look :)



Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


Mixed light art fashion portrait shot at small, but quite beautiful old manor in Sveksna, Lithuania. Designers dress and beautiful model combined with rich deep red colors of the interior do the trick, grabbing attention of the viewer

Enjoy the beauty!



Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


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Hi there, please be sure to follow the steps for the contest, in particular, Step #2.

Hi there, please be sure to follow the steps for the contest, in particular, Step #2.

Thanks, but I have a store on MarketPlace.
My accaunt name over there - Gerdana Neis

That's great! Next step would be to publish your work to your account, so that you are protecting it.

Thanks! I'll do!

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