Makersplace art contest: At the robo-park (my entry)

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Happy Sunday friends, I bring you today my first illustration on the occasion of participating in the activity organized by @makersplace, this time the theme is ''Fun'' so I thought it was a good idea to recreate that moment in which we were small and played in the park with anything and give a touch ''robotic'' so that everyone feel identified somehow.
Hope you like it!

Feliz domingo amigos, les traigo el día de hoy mi primera ilustración con motivo de participar en la actividad organizada por @makersplace , en esta oportunidad el tema es ''Diversión'' así que me pareció una buena idea recrear ese momento en el cual nosotros éramos pequeños y jugábamos en el parque con cualquier cosa y darle un toque ''robótico'' para que todos se sintieran identificados de alguna manera.
Espero les guste!






Proof of authenticity of the illustration on Makersplace.

If you want to participate, enter here.

Si quieres participar, entra Acá.

To see more of my art I invite you to enter my other Steemit post and social networks:

Para ver mas de mi arte te invito a que entres a mis otros post de Steemit y redes sociales:

Thank you very much for coming in friends, see you soon!

Muchas gracias por entrar amigos, nos vemos pronto!



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Very amusing and charming piece, @ferjart! This one is really cool! 😎

Thanks bro :D

Definitely match the theme well as we can see how the little bot is having a lot of fun playing kite ! :D Nice colours, bright and happy, and as usual, the step by step is presented well <3

Good luck in the contest, @ferjart !!!

Thank you so much :)

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