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MakersPlace, represented by @rito7 is holding their first of a series of contests here on the steem blockchain. Theme is "Happy", so this one is for me :-)

At first the "natively digital" condition seemed to be a big hindrance, but after checking back with the friendly and always helpful team at Makersplace, I was told, that this was to prevent someone just taking a picture of an existing physical piece for an entry and that my collage work was indeed acceptable. Yay!

I had a kind of "cheesy" picture in mind, with really bright colors and a funky animation.


My first attempt came out a bit too silly, even for me.


I merged it into a background layer I had made from some glitched art file and chose a drawing I wanted to use for the eyes.
NikxStock.deviantART.com used for drawing reference (face)


I placed it on a separate layer and adjusted the colors to match the feel I wanted to create.


Then I masked out the mouth from another artwork and changed the colors accordingly.


Together with another glitched segment and some "earrings" I added the mouth to the file, knowing that I wanted it to swing back and forth in the final piece. On a new layer I painted some exaggerated eyelashes, which were to only flash up for moments in the animation later.


Finally I wanted some daisys to run accross the bottom of the picture.


Since I had created all the elements on their own layers in Photoshop, I could add them to a library, for easy access of all the pieces for the animation in Adobe Animate. There I placed them again on separate layers and added the movement.


After I trimmed it all a bit, I could export "Keep Smiling" as an animated gif. (Large file, may take a bit to load).


Finally I tokenized it on MakersPlace, where it is added to my store



I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?



See more of my work on BeScouted

My tokenized collectible art at on


Planet Crypto (Play at your own risk)


Hihihi - hilarious!
Your animated creations are getting wacky-crazier every time!
upvoted and resteemed - shared on Visionary Art Twitter: https://twitter.com/visionaryartcom/status/1090566459829440512

Awesome, thanks, Otto! Glad you like it. How did you do that sharing to twitter again? Trying to get my account going there... 8 years after singnig up ;-)

So greatly done and how funny ! ^_^
Would you have some animation app to recommend for someone who do not have photoshop or adobe animate..?😊

Thanks a lot for liking it.

I haven't tried any other software, so I don't know...

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Thank you very much, as always!

I have to try and find time to enter this! I love your colour here @reinhard-schmid and of course, your humour :)

Hehe... shouldn't encourage you to create extra competition, but yes, please enter. And yes, I'll be happy for you, if you win! In the meantime, maybe you could give a vote to your favorite on the contest page?

Ohh this is cool! I love the aesthetics and colours of this

Thank you! Looks like both chose flowers for a symbol of happyness :-)

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